north and south quotes


He said to himself, that he hated Margaret, but a wild, sharp sensation of love cleft his dull, thunderous feeling like lightning, even as he shaped the words expressive of hatred. His greatest comfort was in hugging his torment; and in feeling, as he had indeed said to her, that though she might despise him, contemn him, treat him with her proud sovereign indifference, he did not change one whit. She could not make him change. He loved her, and would love her; and defy her, and this miserable bodily pain. North and South, Chapter 26.

  • Asians: hey... do you feel weird all of a sudden...? Like... it all suddenly gotten quiet...
  • Oceanians: wait... what's today's date?? Someone check it right now!
  • South Americans: it's only May 8th-... wait... something is supposed to happen soon... right...?
  • Africans: ... oh my God!!! Everyone duck and cover, it's going to happen!!
  • North Americans: They're going to ERUPT!! It's almost-
  • Europeans: EUROVISIONNNNNNN!!!!! *run past everyone*
  • Australia: Mate I'm going too! *runs after the european's*
  • York: From now on, we'll be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One.
  • York: North is "Been There, Done That".
  • York: Carolina is "Currently Doing That".
  • York: South is "It Happened Once In a Dream".
  • York: Wash is "If I Had to Pick a Dude".
  • York: And CT is...
  • York: Eagle Two.
  • CT: Oh, thank God.