north american robin

I was musing about robins a while ago. Growing up, I always thought that Christmas card artists had never seen a robin before (UK vs US robin), but now I realize that many English-speaking countries have robins.

Birds are to scale, eggs are not.

Aspec ABC’s U is for...

There are no a-spec identities that start with the letter U so we once again are going to have a vocabulary lesson.

Unnecessary: Many people feel that a lot of a-spec labels are unnecessary whether because they feel they are too specific or just describing the natural variation in human sexuality or whatever other reason they have

Maybe they are unnecessary in the same way that having a highly specialized taxonomy to name and organize every living organism in Latin and English and whatever other languages you want is unnecessary. Not everyone needs it, but there are people who do and who rely on the highly detailed taxonomy and ability to classify things based on small details and differences.

You might do just fine calling every bird you see a bird, but some people might like to call them a robin or a pigeon or an eagle. And then some people might like to call them the North American Robin, Rock Pigeon, and Bald Eagle to differentiate them from the European Robin, A Dove, and the Golden Eagle. And then some people might want to go Even Further and give the Latin species name to say exactly what kind of bird it is.

Just like it’s important for people to have highly specific words to describe specific things, some people find it necessary to have highly specific words to describe their sexuality. You might not need it, but it doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t.