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Badass Mythical Women and Creatures →La Llorona

In Mexican folklore, La Llorona (“Weeping Woman”) or the “Lady in White” is a recurring ghost near lakes and rivers. According to legend, La Llorona was once a beautiful woman named Maria. Her husband either cheated on her and, in revenge, she killed her two children or her husband/lover didn’t want children, so she killed them. After drowning her children, she later killed herself and was stopped at Heaven’s gates and asked about her children’s whereabouts. She was banned from entering until she finds her children, and now wanders the earth in search of them, wailing “¡Ay, mis hijos!”

La Llorona is rumored to steal away children that resemble her own, ask them for forgiveness, and then drown them in place of her lost children. La Llorona’s story is used to curb kids from going out after dark nowadays. She is also seen as a bad omen to many people, predicting ill fortune and even death (much like the Irish Banshee).

Day Two: Top Five Mythical Creatures of North America

Sadly, I don’t have pictures for these ones. I’m going to focus on indigenous peoples for most of these posts; unfortunately, there wasn’t much information on Inuit creatures that I could find, and most of what I did find for Inuits came from Greenland (which for the sake of argument, I’m not counting as ‘North America’.) So these are all from non-Inuit natives.

Horned Serpent
Generally associated with rain, storms and water, descriptions of this creature vary, though it is a common theme within several Native American cultures including Cree, Shawnee and Choctaw. Some tribes assume the serpents were destroyed. Some say they are ambivalent creatures, while others feel they are malevolent.

Resembling gray humans with more prominent features, pukwudgies are troublesome little creatures, known to kidnap people or kill them. Related heavily to a creation myth in Wampanoag stories, they are devilish creatures who became jealous of the affection the natives gave the creator and tried to have him killed.

Well-known to nearly all native cultures, thunderbirds are said to reside on the tops of mountains and control rainfall. Some legends indicate the ability to become human and have been assumed to have married into families. Other stories tell of the thunderbirds destroying the populations of horned serpents.

Also known as an ‘underwater panther,’ this creature is a large feline covered in scales, and directly related to the underworld. They are frequently called the masters of all water creatures and guardian of precious metals, opposite thunderbirds. Most traditions describe them as malevolent, able to cause storms and bring death and misfortune.

Always described as malevolent, wendigo are spirits of famine that humans are said to turn into if they ever resort to cannibalism. They are usually depicted as ashen-faced and stick-thin, with an insatiable taste for human flesh. Frequently, the wendigo legend would be used to keep people from the serious taboo of cannibalism, and if they showed symptoms of ‘wendigo psychosis,’ they were usually executed

reasons u should watch No Evil:

(which can be found here)

  • the first 20 episodes together only amount to about 95 minutes total like this is not a series thats gonna take you too long to catch up on its not a huge time sink i promise 
  • its been going on for years tho its an animated webseries thats lasted more than 3 episodes!!!! 
  • its largely based in north american mythology like from folk tales to the mythology of the native peoples; a lot of characters have names that sound very aztec and theres lots of folksy music and its GOOD its got a rly cool feel to it 
  • the characters are a ton of fun and the writing is rly witty 
  • quetzacoatl “corn” the rattlesnake is my son and i love him 
  • the story’s legit fascinating? like i have no idea where its going next and its all super interesting
  • “you’re not gonna invite me to supper are you? i already ate this week” -corn the rattlesnake
  • “it’s not a love triangle, it’s a love line segment with a very ambitious point” -kitty the fox who is having none of this tropey nonsense 
  • theres a rly cool song thats a triad sung by the voice actors and done WELL and is an eerie mashup of “poor wayfaring stranger” and “aint no grave” and i cannot get it out of my head its so good  
  • pls watch it its super good 
  • look at my son

anonymous asked:

Besides Native American myth, what other cultures does Wilde Life draw from? I'm guessing at least that Barbara Yaga sounding like Baba Yaga isn't coincidence

There’s a few things from around the world, but mostly I’ve used Native American/First Nations, Ozark, and other North American mythologies. The next few chapters will really start delving into more of the creatures, and learning more about things we’ve already seen.

Once writing about it stops being spoilers, I want to do some features on which legends come from which places or tribal nations. I really think American mythology is underutilized/appreciated, so that is definitely the focus.


My tenth piece is of Bast, the cat goddess of Egyptian mythology. She is commonly referred to as the protector of Pharaohs. She is also the goddess who is locked in struggle with the snake, Apophis (the enemy of Ra) the glowing hieroglyphs are her name.

My eleventh piece is a Jackalope… I had to… ‘nuff said XD

The final piece of my concentration is of the Billyo of Australia. It is pretty much an antelope that runs through the desert/scrub area and at night (normally on the nights of full moons) They have glowing blue streaks following them as they run.


My Jackalope speed drawing I did as my eleventh piece for my Art concentration on mythological creatures around the world~ Enjoy~ ^^

Teen Wolf Villain

I agree that the Doctors  - the figures in the plague doctor outfits - are going to be similar to the Oni and the Berserkrs. 

They’re going to be the faceless foot soldiers to the actual villain. 

Who they are and why they look the way they do is going to be window dressing for the Plot. Similar to the Oni and Berserkrs, they might even be reanimated or blank corpses.They have no free will. 

Kate said  that she didn’t create the original Berserkrs, that they were waiting for her. Someone else was manipulating Kate the whole time. On a rainy night in a car, Kate gets a tape of (Dr. Fenris) laying out the fact that the Hales had a talisman to help control. The tapes were a Benefactor thing, but this one was tailored for Kate to trick her into opening the vault so the money could be stolen. The money is taken by someone who uses a smoke canister, and wears very nice shoes. Although Brunski is revealed to be the low-tech tape maker, it makes sense for someone else (Danny) to be involved as the Technology expert and the actual person who took the money.

I still believe that Teen Wolf is essentially a chess game, and we haven’t who the true Players are yet. (We may have seen them as they are current characters, but they were not revealed.) 

List of possible Big Villains for Season 5:

  • Dr. Valack
  • . The most obvious villain, and we also know he showed Deaton an image of the Berserkr room. Although we don’t know what type of doctor he is (medical, psychiatrist, paleontologist) he fits the theme and we know he’s going to be an important part of Eichen House. 

  • Dr. Fenris.
  • He was the doctor who was treating Jackson for wolfsbane. Scott and Stiles visited him after Season 1, and Scott confirmed to him that werewolves were real. He has been obsessed with the supernatural, and we now know that he is working at Eichen House itself. 

  • Dr. Deaton.
  • Honestly, I just don’t personally like the theories that Deaton is the Big Evil but I will accept that he is trying to keep the balance and stay Neutral, to avoid from going too far into one side. 

  • Gerard Argent.
  •  He was ready to become supernatural himself in order to gain health, so I think we can see him accepting his daughter as a werejaguar. His big deal was that Kate’s death justified anything in retaliation, but we honestly don’t know how much he would have justified even without her death. He’s alive for a reason, he’s old, he’s powerful and he’s still doing the black blood thing
  • without dying
  • . He makes a point of telling Chris that Deucalion Bit Alexander in 1977, almost gleefully. He was the one who attacked Deucalion and took his eyes, and is partially responsible for the start of the Alpha Pack idea. 

  • Void/Faceless Evil
  • . The idea that Void is separate from the nogitsune, and piggy backed on Noshiko’s request. She asked for a dark spirit, the nogitsune heard her but on the way it was hijacked and pushed into Rhys. The duo moved into Jennifer and Stiles. Void itself is inside someone else, any range from Valack to Parrish. Similar to the First Evil from Buffy.

  • The Coyote and Raven
  • . The Desert Wolf, I still think may be Liam’s unseen but deliberately referenced mother (in disguise - housewife assassin who loves her son? Yes please). Malia is also a coyote, and her name has seemed to be important. Lydia whispers it eerily and Void vomits out Stiles. Malia has a connection to Eichen House, enough that she’s wandered around the locked wards. We haven’t seen actual ravens, but we have seen the more common crows. Although Norse mythology, referenced in Teen Wolf, has them as symbols of death Ravens are also considered in a very positive light in NA. Coyote and Raven could be the North American mythology, neither good nor bad but depending on the circumstances. They would have to be part of a larger plot, maybe just one that wants to move pawns around the board.

  • Deucalion
  • . He was left alive. He had a PLAN that included gathering a Hale Alpha and a True Alpha. He most likely left Satomi alone because she wasn’t “special” enough. It just doesn’t make sense that he would gather power just to what – sit on it? Know he’s the coolest wolf in the US? No, he was preparing for something.
  • I still believe that he and Gerard could be playing opposite sides of the chess board.

  • Julia Baccari.
  •  Her understandable personal vendetta pretty much came about, so this would be more of a type of deal where she throws her power/knowledge in the ring to back up someone else. 

  • Peter Hale.
  • Honestly, I think he’s out. I think he was important to tying the Desert Wolf’s children back to the Hale family (which grants them access to the vault.) He’s just a connecting villain who thinks he is the Big Bad. I suppose it’s still possible that he set up Kate with the Berserkrs, but I think Peter had to originally learn about them from SOMEWHERE ELSE and that somewhere else/SOMEONE ELSE would be taking over for Peter’s corner.

  • Professor Harris.
  • It’s been suggested he might be related to the Chemist. Brothers who were both interested in science? He knew about the darach, he helped Jennifer, he knew about Peter - or at least werewolves, he was never found. He would be a mid-level villain, as someone else would have had to grab his dead body and possibly reanimate it for him. Like Jennifer, he was particularly unsettled by Stiles. An added touch would be Scott’s father/Stiles killing the Chemist. 

  • Danny Mahealani.
  •  If the narrative flat out tells you “Everyone loves Danny”, I’m suspicious. He was arrested at 13 for a technology crime, which allowed him to low level hack into Nurse Jennifer’s text message. He was best friends with Jackson who believed that Lydia’s proximity was changing him - it could have been Danny as well. He tried to turn in the telluric currents for homework credit, to Professor Harris. His technological background makes him perfect for being the Technology part of the Benefactor Plot, as far as who sent the messages and who turned on the printers WITHOUT POWER. Danny’s power would most likely be logically (pseudo scientifically) based in electricity or wireless waves, not just technology. Danny being a villain waiting in the wings really works for me. I still believe this is the true reason that we see him parallel running with “holy crap I’m fast as shit” Kira in the woods, with that parallel scene where Scott has to swing Kira around to catch her and Danny and Ethen collide violently as if werewolf!Ethan had to really sprint to catch him.

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