north american f 86a l sabre

Five North American F-86A Sabre fighters of the 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing on the flight line at Suwon, South Korea, in June 1951.
The F-86As were F-86A-5-NA:
49-1158 was damaged by a MiG-15 on 23 September 1951;
49-1276 of the 336th FIS was shot down by a MiG-15 on 22 June 1951 (pilot Lt. Howard Miller made POW but died in captivity)
49-1251 was written off on take off from Kimpo K-14 on 29 May 1952. (pilot Jimmy L. Schneider ok)
49-1261; fate not known
49-1236 of the 334th FIS was shot down by a MiG-15 near Sinanju on 24 October 1951. (pilot Lt. Bradley Irish made POW, repatriated 1953)

(Source - USAF : HD-SN-99-03072)