north american bus tour

We’ll be back soon

As many of you know, towards the end of our North American Eclipse tour we were involved in a serious tour bus accident that left members of our crew and band as well as myself, injured. The injuries vary from minor to very serious.

Recently I had reconstructive hand surgery and have begun physical therapy. I’m working hard to regain basic function in my hand and to get to a place where I can play an instrument again.

The tricky part of being involved in something like this is that certain injuries creep up on you long after the accident. Recently I started experiencing pain in my left knee and went to see a doctor. Upon reviewing my MRI the doctor found a tear in my PCL and Meniscus.  Fortunately, surgery can be avoided with physical therapy and limiting the stress I put on my knee.

Doing shows at the moment would put me at risk of not fully recovering and needing knee surgery. As a result I am sad to say that we need to cancel the remainder of our shows through mid-August.

Taking this time to heal is important for everyone affected by the accident. We plan on being fully recovered and back on the road by mid-August. Thank you to the Twin Shadow family and those of you who continue to support us.

Shinya interview Ongaku to hito Feb 2014

What kind of year was 2013 for you?

Shinya: 2013… The year before that we ceased activities and then continued again right? And…  It was a year I put into action all the things I had been thinking about wanting to try in that time.

Speaking of that, in your previous interview as well you said that you re-looked at your style of playing.

Shinya: Yeah. At many minute things.

What kind of year do you think it was for the band?

Shinya: For the band as well, I think that during our break we each re-looked at ourselves. Then all of us coming back together after having gone through that I think we went forward holding a new power.

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