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Ive seen a lot of people make art and talk about the Wendigo creature, so I thought I would make a brief post about the history behind it for anyone who’s interested….

The Wendigo, Is a monster or evil spirit that comes from Algonquin tribe and is native to the northern forests of the Atlantic coast and Great Lakes Region of both the U.S and Canada. The wendigo may appear as a monster with some characteristics of a human, or as a spirit who has possessed a human being and made them become monstrous. It is historically associated with cannibalism murder, insatiable greed, and the cultural taboos against such behaviours.
People Shouldn't Buy the Right to Steal Your Land
Native Americans have seen this monster before.

The involvement of the indigenous populations in both the United States and Canada in the opposition to various pipelines, including the Keystone XL, should come as no surprise.

As we have said, the abuse and misuse of the eminent domain process in the construction of the pipeline here has been an effective organizing tool to bring together environmentalists and ranchers to oppose the project. And if it is nothing else, the history of the native peoples on this continent is the greatest example of eminent domain abuse in human history.

They know better than anyone the feeling that greater forces from the outside can overwhelm and threaten long-standing ways of life.

On Tuesday, in a basement ballroom of a downtown hotel, the Ponca, Santee, Omaha, and Winnebago peoples organized a treaty among themselves, and several other tribes, expressing their opposition to the pipeline.

From the start, here and in Canada, the indigenous peoples of the continent have been at the heart of the opposition to projects like this one, most visibly during the extended confrontation over the Dakota Access pipeline. In Nebraska, the alliance between Native Americans and ranchers, particularly over issues of eminent domain, not only was shot through with remarkable historical je ne sais quoi, it was a pragmatic decision based on common interests.

People shouldn’t buy the right to steal your land. The Native people are familiar with this phenomenon and with how angry its victims can become…

A Hillary Clinton Administration

The US wouldn’t currently be engaged in an escalating cycle of nuclear rhetoric with North Korea for the consumption of respective domestic populations

Because we’d already be scrabbling in an apocalyptic hellscape wasteland having pre-emptively nuked Moscow, just to be on the safe side.

Let's live! PSA! This is very important! This is not a drill!!

See this post? Great!! To people around this world :

A. Please plant daisies, sunflowers, bamboo(I don’t know if water bamboo help), amaranthus, cockcomb, field mustard, marijuana(rumored to be eating away nuclear waste), ocimum sanctum, adiantum, aloe vera, rubber plant, asparagus, ivy, cactus, chlorophytum, clivia, monstera, pachira, snake plant, cactus, narcisscuss, spider plant. For water or river please plants or farms : Water Hyacinth, grass, reeds, sorghum, irises, willow, grass type shoreline plants, water lilies, etc (maybe your native plants help!).

Those plants can absorb radiation, nuclear radiation(from sunflowers-pachira), phone radiation, absorb carbondioxide and release oxygens and keep water under the ground, filter soil, air and water ofc. I really recommend all of you to plant as much as you can in open green space (example: Forest, street park, park, etc), indoors, outdoors, house garden. It is for your own benefits and others also living things. You can give these plants recommendation for ‘decorated parks for tourism and city aesthetic’ thing.

B. If you have house in the city or suburbs. Please dig hole for bunkers or hiding place. Observe the soil advantages and disadvantages, law (make legal proposal or organized movement to urge mayor to make some in your area), completely covered thick wall (52 inch or more). Make it as mold and leak free as you can. This is my own idea If it is possible dig lowerer ground for making designed water turbine underground room and with pipes that will make water run between turbines to keep electricity on.

Please don’t forget to store water bottles or tanks/huge container enough for all , food like snacks or canned food, can openers, plants seeds to be planted once the soil is all healed or already grown plants are more than ok, ph meter, iodine, DIY or purchased water and air filter, flash light, AA/AAA batteries, oxygen tanks, knife, guns+bullets, crossbow, rope, anti radiation mask, aspirin, basic medicine kit, bandages, honey, penicillin, packed tents for all people or atleast 4 people each to live outside, inflatable boats for escape, hiking kits, baby milk (if there are babies ofc), helmet for protection. Bunk beds made from iron or steel structure(not the bed ofc) also what I think as necessary for if the roof crashed down there are plenty room under the 2nd or and 3rd bunk beds. Keep 4-5 huge capacity powerbanks for phone, accu or generator if you can. Electricity is vital. Bring matchsticks and candles too. Glow and the dark stick and paint is good for keeping things viewable if all electricity is failing or to make tracks for escape so others can follow. We all human here and we just want to survive.

Also yeah make other room for eatable or non eatable animals too. For avoid extinction.

Once again, this is just my idea as unexperienced person. If possible, Make route for underground well shuttered garage or basement for cars or motorcycle, don’t forget to keep mechanics tools, type of fuels. It will be easier to relocate everyone to somewhere else safe. School bus might be good too..since it fits lots of people. Just modified the cars ok, you all smarter than me. Keep vehicles few by few each day before ultimatum or types of declaration of war into underground to avoid sudden traffic and mass death on nuclear outbreak day or months.

For more eco friendly type solution, make water catcher, biopori, worm compost, organic compost to fertilized and enriching soil to make plants growth even faster! If you live in cold area just make green house!! Or underground farm! Keep updated with plants technology to make things more efficient and fast!

We, the ordinary citizen of the world can only do this much for helping humanity to keep on living. (I know this from various sites (still on 1st google page anyway)). I am as inexperienced as some of you are.

I hope all of us the good non radical/extremist thoughts people in this world can survive and invent new moral based ideologies and countries types that improve humanity and united us all, new practice, new culture, countries from aircraft carrier, artificial land or empty lands, etc. I believe countries should stand to protect the people, not the reverse. If the people change so is the country have to, everything keep changing and we should break old no longer fits for society kind agreements and make new agreements, treaties, alliances and many else.

“Bury down history’s ego , make the best in present time, hope and suit ourselves for the future. ”

I am a bit of anxious like stay alert without my will most of my time and I might overdid this please forgive me. Go ahead improve this post, print it, make it as proposal content, just anything really.

Fun Fact 115

It is believed that Canada’s name comes from the Iroquois word kanata, meaning village. When French explorer Jacques Cartier first arrived in modern day Quebec, indigenous people used the word to direct him to a village. To explorers, the village - and later the region - became known as Canada.