28/hopeless romantic/Lawyer (I like wearing suits. Just fyi If thats what you’re into)
My romantic soul is about to give up. I have been hurt a lot and i need someone who wants to settle down and have a serious long term relationship.
I sometimes write poetry so I will probably write about you. I like horror things, animals, conspiracy theories and Disney. Im only into femme girls, who like to be the little spoon type and i like when they’re super affectionate. You will be Minnie, I will be Mickey.
I need someone who is genuinely interested in getting to know me and have real conversations.  Im from Mexico, so, something important is that you dont care about distance until we can figure something out that will bring us together, because i think my soulmate can live anywhere in the world and it would be stupid of me to think she only has to live close to me.
I promise i will protect and love every part of you, the good, the bad and the things you´re self conscious about. Let me be the stars to your galaxy?

To read more exactly about what im looking for, go to my blog  http://loz452.tumblr.com/ or my insta www.instagram.com/lizselbor/


Bottlenose Dolphin July 21, 2016 Gulf Stream - Offshore Hatteras, NC by Kate Sutherland