north afrika

One StuG III Ausf. F / 8 * (late production) of Panzerjäger-Abteilung 90 of 10.Panzer-Division in Tunisia.
North Africa, January-May 1943.
* 8th version of Panzer III hulls (J/L), thus the designation “F/8.”


I’ve made a startling discovery. I found what i guess would be the original of The famous photo (2nd) of Marseille and his black friend Mathias. What was the need to ruin a great photo with a lovely background just to get rid of some random guy?

Yet again to my knowledge i have not seen it before on Tumblr in the past Year+ so hope you enjoy this discovery :)

Erwin Rommel on the ‘Via Balbia’, the road to Egypt.

Built under the rule of the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini in colonial Italian Libya in the 1930s, it was named Via Balbia’ (or Litoranea Balbo) in honor of governor-general Italo Balbo, but renamed to “Libyan Coastal Highway” after independence and enlarged.