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There’s nothing Muslim about the informal enslavement of south Asian/south east asian/east and north/east african men and women in Dubai and Qatar and all these other Khaleej/UAE countries boasting their luxurious lifestyle. I despise that these are the countries people look to as examples of ‘advanced’ Muslim countries. Their skyscrapers are built on the backs of entrapped, hardworking migrant workers subjected to inhumane, lethal conditions.

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The Bedouins are an Arab ethnocultural group, are descended from nomads who have historically inhabited the Arabian and Syrian deserts. Their territory stretches from the vast deserts of North Africa to the rocky sands of the Middle East.

The Bedouins live in Sudan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Kuwait, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, Mauritania, Bahrain, Lebanon, Qatar, Palestine, Oman and Western Sahara.


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A soldier of the Polisario Front holds her child and a rifle during training in the Western Sahara, December 1978. The Polisario are a Sahrawi liberation movement who fought against Moroccan control of the Western Sahara from the 1970s to early 1990s. Female soldiers were key to defending the the Tindouf refugee camps during the conflict and today the women’s wing of the Polisario contains around 10,000 members. 

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Hey I'm an American studying French and was wondering if you have any tv/movie recommendations ( preferably with poc)?

i dont really watch french tv but the tv show “marseille” i heard was really good

“bande de filles” -all black girls film
“la source des femmes” -north african women
“MAROCK” -soap-y romcom about the relation between a muslim girl and a jewish guy in 🇲🇦

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I dont know if my earlier comment was rude but I didnt mean it to be so. Africa is a huge and diverse place so obviously it makes sense people of west african decent dont feel properly represented by Bedouins and deserve a character that represents them. I didn't mean to imply that wasn't a totally valid feeling. I just thought it wasn't right to erase north african women as black. (And to say they aren't "confirmed" ethnically north african is silly)

It was a little near the end, but isn’t the worst message I received in regards to that post.  No one is saying “We don't’ feel represented by Bedouins”, they’re saying they don’t feel represented because there are no recognized black female adults characters on the roster, and its a part of a larger pattern of ignoring black women in the industry.  I never said “they aren’t confirmed as North African” I said “They aren’t confirmed as *black*”.  As in racialized as such.  People of “West African decent” (I am a little confused on why you’re applying that to me when that part isn’t relevant to the issue) would be happy if these women were just confirmed to be black and recognized as such by the canon, them being Bedouin, Egyptian, etc. wouldn’t get in the way of that because black women in those groups aren’t represented *at all*.  There’s a reason why people aren’t arguing over the blackness of Lucio versus Doomfist, because the game itself affirms their racial background.  That’s the standards I am using for Ana and Pharah.  

I never erased all North African women as black, but not all North African women are black or identify as such (and there are so many problems with giving “black” identities to anyone who lives in a region regardless of histories of anti-blackness and colonialism), and unless they say “these women are black” than I can’t say they are.  If they can work hard enough to assert the ethnic and racial identities of these other characters than they would have asserted that these women were black instead of people speculating based off of assumptions of who lives in that region. 

I’m not saying “they’re not black because they’re Egyptian/Bedouin/etc.” because I already know black women can belong in those groups.  I am saying that they aren’t confirmed as black in any material by the devs or the fandom, so those same people turning around and saying “they’re black” to people like me is a cop out meant to derail from the real problem, which is the erasure of black women all together. 

It really does feel like you’re misreading what I’m saying because you keep saying I’m erasing black North African women when no one did any of that.  I think you should also be taking this issue up with the fandom and the devs, since they’re okay recognizing their Egyptian heritage but not in a way that affirms any blackness.  If their blackness is being erased it is only by the canon material and the devs, the rest of us can only go off what we’ve been given.