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Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain (by Aitor Borruel Garate)


Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP) is a penitentiary for men, located in Del Norte County, near Crescent City California. Roughly half of the inmate population is housed in general population, but the facility is infamous mostly because of its designation as a supermax prison facility. The Security Housing Unit (SHU) was designed to hold “the worst of the worst” in the California corrections system, which houses inmates convicted of the most serious and violent crimes, as well as inmates who have committed acts of serious violence while incarcerated. The SHU is a cluster of cell blocks made of poured concrete, surrounded by an electric fence. Cells in the SHU at PBSP are 8x10 feet wide, do not have windows, and the only natural sunlight comes indirectly through a perforated steel door, which faces a concrete wall.Cells are illuminated by fluorescent lights. Inmates are housed in solitary confinement for at least 22 hours a day, and are delivered meals through a slot in their door. Inmates are allowed up to ten hours a week of outdoor recreation, which takes place in a concrete yard. Most of the outside yard is roofed in, but a small portion allows inmates to view the sky.

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Mexico- mexico city child, can you give your mothers a hug please QwQ Norte- mexico city do you need anything? are the people treating you right? Do you need us to kill anyone? *has wip ready to fight*


//Colored version of Mexico city will probably be posted as soon as I finish my homework lol.//


Spanish Duolingo: Directions
  • el lado - side
  • la izquierda - left
  • el centro - center
  • la derecha - right
  • la posición - position
  • la entrada - entrance
  • el exterior - outside, exterior
  1. Yo camino a su lado. - I walk by her side.
  2. Me gusta esa posición. - I like that position.
  3. Voy hacia la derecha. - I am going towards the right.
  4. ¡Veo un barco a la derecha! - I see a ship to the right!
  5. Estoy en una posición única. - I am in a unique position.
  6. Los Martes la entrada es libre. - On Tuesdays the entrance is free.
  7. El parque está en el centro de la ciudad. - The park is in the center of the city.

  • el fin - end
  • la salida - exit
  • el tráfico - traffic
  • el viaje - journey
  • la llegada - arrival
  • la búsqueda - search
  • la orientación - direction, orientation
  1. ¡Buen viaje! - Have a good trip!
  2. Estoy en un viaje. - I am on a journey.
  3. La salida está aquí. - The exit is here.
  4. Él perdió la orientación. - He lost his direction.
  5. Él es un policía de tráfico. - He is a traffic officer.
  6. Tu viaje empieza aquí. - Your journey starts here.
  7. Hasta la llegada del animal blanco. - Until the arrival of the white animal.
  8. Salimos juntos cada fin de semana. - We go out together every weekend.

  • el sur - south
  • el paso - step
  • la señal - sign
  • el norte - north
  • el rumbo - course, direction
  • la dirección - direction, address
  1. Vivo en el norte. - I live in the north.
  2. No vi la señal. - I did not see the sign.
  3. Este es el último paso. - This is the last step.
  4. Esto es una buena señal. - This is a good sign.
  5. La ciudad está en el sur. - The city is in the south.
  6. Es una ciudad en el norte. - It is a city in the north.
  7. Oigo los pasos del bebé. - I hear the steps of the baby.
  8. ¿Cuál es la dirección de su casa? - What is his home address?
  9. Ustedes pueden mantener la dirección. - You can maintain the direction.