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Hi :) hope you are open otherwise just ignore it. Could you write one with Charlie (from hp) who is in love with the best friend of Fred and George (she is the same age of the twins) but doesn't really know what to do because he is older and thought of her like a sister during years. And she loves him since a few years but didn't say or try anything because she thought he see her only like a little sister. (Hope it's not to confused) Sorry for my English it's not my native language.

Hi it’s the anon who asked a Charlie Weasley request. Sorry I didn’t tell which type of request it was :x could you make an one shot or headcanon if possible. Like you prefer. (Or both ;) )

A/N: Hi, this wasn’t confusing at all,your English is excellent (thank you for translating it into English for me!). I did this as a one-shot as it was easiest for me - I wasn’t sure how to make it as headcanons. I hope that this is all right for you.

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