norske folkeeventyr

anonymous asked:

Hey do you know any tumblr/blog to read poems in Norwegian? Also, I was trying to find books about vikings, trolls and northen gods but I haven't find it yet. Tusen takk!

Hey there! c:

I don’t really know any specific blogs for that, but I did some digging around and this is what I found:

(keep in mind that the language used in older poems can be very outdated and probably won’t help much if you want to learn new vocabs etc)

Poems: (a norwegian site; might be hard to navigate)

heltgreipoesi (also in norwegian, but just click the green links and scroll down and you should be able to read the poems!)

poetricpoems (a tumblr that posts norwegian (and english) poems – they seem pretty good from what i can tell!)


For books, I’d just try to find some authentic Norwegian books - now I’m not saying every single English book about vikings/trolls/norse myths is horrible, but the majority of them can be filled with a lot of misleading information. Books from other Nordic countries are probably great, too, but keep in mind that a lot of the legends/stories/fairy tales vary from country to country. 

That being said, if you can get your hands on Norske Folkeeventyr, that would probably be a great place to start! <3 It’s mostly filled with old Norwegian fairy tales, so you might not find much about Norse myths or gods, but there’s an abundance of fairy tale creatures (like trolls!). (tho maybe i’m a liiiiittle biased - that was my favorite as a child ///v\\)