norse mythlogy

goddess of beauty
goddess of war
queen of valkyries
the woman no man can resist

you are all of the above
nothing more
nothing less
and you won’t let them forget

your laughter sounds
like desire
like gold
like death

you’re danger
the most dangerous of them all
you like it

you protect your sisters
because nobody else will
because men will always use them
because you can

you fill valhalla with the souls of women
warriors, all of them,
who fought war, illness,
childbirth, abusive men

you are many things
daughter sister lover
goddess queen warrior
but most of all you are your own


Freyja // EC

Wer steuert zum steilen
Strand die Flotte?
Wo habt ihr, Helden,
das Heimatland?
Was bleibt ihr harrend
in Brunawagar?
Wohin führt euch
euere Fahrt?
Wo hast du, Held,
Heerkampf geweckt
und Hilds Vögeln
Fraß gespendet?
Wie ward die Brünne
mit Blut bespritzt?
Was eßt gerüstet
ihr rohes Fleisch?
—  Die Edda: Die ältere Dichtung von Helgi dem Hundingstöter (German, V. 5 u. 7); Sigrun