norse knife
Barbarian Dagger, Cimmerian, Scythian knife, forged steel, Conan
Barbarian Dagger Persian style barbarian daggers, these blades are hand forged from EN45 steel, and feature recurve blades, sabre grind bevels, Polished and buffed Oak handles and mild steel pins. These blades are full tang. There are three available. The inspiration for these daggers came mainly from the Conan films and Robert E. Howards books, I wanted to create something small that could be tucked into a barbarians girdle, a last resort, a claw for when the wolves were at your heels. These blades have been triple normalised to reduce grain size and remove any stresses from forging, then they were quenched at critical temperature in sunflower oil, then tempered to around 200C to remove brittleness and allow sharpening. Specifications; Overall length- 8 1/2 Blade length- 4 1/2 weight- just over 1/2 a lb Over 18s only

I feel like no one ever talks about the guy at the beginning of Gylfaginning that’s juggling knives. Sure, we’ll talk about Gylfi, we’ll talk about Har, Jafnhar, and Thridi, but no one questions knife dude? Why is he juggling knives in front of Odin’s hall? Is he hired? He broke from his knife juggling to bring Gylfi to the hall, so evidently he’s not all too dedicated. Is he a god? A spirit?
Who is this knife juggling man and why don’t we ever talk about him?