A collection of images from an event last month, celebrating the 90th birthday of the Tuck Museum in Hampton, New Hampshire. We entertained as historic educators, displaying combat and customs of the Vikings, those same warriors and explorers. Local legends claim that lost or isolated bands of Vikings sailed as far south as New Hampshire, or landed here when they strayed off course from Vinland.


Thor (or Donar) is the god of thunder and the first son of Odin. His mother is the giantess Jörd. He is the protector of Asgard and Midgard.

His personality is rather fiery since he is quick-tempered, determined and quickly flies into a rage. These character trades are reflected in the names of his sons: Magni (power) and Modi (rage).

His most powerful weapon is his hammer Mjölnir, but he also has iron gloves and Meginjardar - the belt of power - which doubles his power.

Thor owns a chariot which is pulled by two boars named Tanngnöstr (teeth grinder) and Tanngrisnir (snarler). He is living in an own empire named Trudvang in Bilskirne, a vast hall which is the largest house that is known to men.
Thor’s biggest enemy is Jörmungand, the Midgard serpent. He fights it at the end of the world, at Ragnarök but collapses of its poison during the fight. Hence his sons continue his duties in the Golden Age.

Thor’s day is Thursday.


The eight legged horse of Odin, the Allfather of the Aesir. The horse is also a child of Loki along with Narfi, Hel, Jormundgandr and Fenrir.
One time, in Asgard the gods decided to get a wall built around Valhalla. A Jotun offered this service, and he wished nothing in exchange, except if he could have the wall finished in relatively short time, he’d want Freya as his wife. Loki agreed upon this without the other gods consent, as he believed he wouldn’t be able to.
When the gods found out the terms, they were pissed with Loki. He had to explain and they didn’t believe he’d finish up in time either.
This however, did almost happen, as his horse was magical. His horse was incredibly strong so the wall was built really really fast.

When the construction neared its end, the gods told Loki to fix the mess, as Freya wasn’t pleased with the agreement.
Loki’s only choice was to transform into a female horse, and lure the Jotun’s horse away, and thus became the mother to the eight legged horse, Sleipnir.