25/03/2017, @gradblrchallenge day 20 

Morning work: Some reading and paper edits I should have finished yesterday but didn’t because my mood was crap and my PMS was acting up. I did end up reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell instead of Lord of the Rings, but my decision to ignore my work in favour of self-care and rest was still the best decision I made all day yesterday. 

I’m nearly done with all my really urgent tasks, which is good because it’s museum night in the nearby city and I’m going out with friends later to see dinosaurs! (And lots of other things/museums. But I’m particularly looking forward to the dinosaurs. :D) 

Susanna Clarke, the author of JONATHAN STRANGE AND MR NORRELL has written a 15 minute story set in Neil Gaiman’s STARDUST world. 

It features the Duke of Wellington, no less, who unwittingly crosses the gap between the village of Wall and finds himself in the magical land of Faerie.

It’s only available for a limited time - until the 16 January 2017. 

Listen here - 

The Gentleman with Thistle-Down Hair, drawn in PS.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of the gentleman with thistledown hair from the BBC’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Portrait is from the waist up. The gentleman is dressed in a pale blue courtly Georgian-era jacket with a silk brocade waistcoat and a white cravat, all trimmed in silvery lace. His hair and eyebrows are white. Soft candlelight glows from the right. The background is dove gray.]
5% Alcohol, 95% Historical Drama, a playlist by llvioloncello on Spotify
A playlist featuring Hans Zimmer, Martin Phipps, Dario Marianelli, and others

Hi everyone, here’s another playlist I made. The alcohol and percentages in the title are in reference to the fact that this turned out to be a rather effective playlist for doing my chemistry homework.

Hopefully it also helps you all cope with the Victoria hiatus.

Enjoy :)

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