Bike Class Trips: 

So in the past two weeks, I have gone on two bike trips with my classes.  The first one we explored a very large area of the city.  We went through Vesterbro, Frederiksberg, and Norrebro.  It was a GREAT trip.  I havent been to any of the areas we biked through so it was very interesting and a fantastic way to see the city.  Vesterbro my teacher describes as “more pit bull than poodle”, while frederiksberg, its neighbor area is “more poodle than pit bull”.

Vesterbro is a lively ‘young people’ area of the city, that used to be the red light area and somewhat seedy, (red light is still there but the whole area is much nicer now and much more colorful and cultural).  We saw some interesting parks, side streets, and in general just meandered through the city.  

Then we transitioned into Frederiksberg which is an enclave completely surrounded by Copenhagen, and a 'richer’ area of the city.  Also a very nice area and we biked along a tree lined wide avenue, than went up a hill !!! (hills in copenhagen !?, although very gentle and shallow), which ended at the entrance to a large park and palace that I am really anxious to return to.  The weather has been great, and this day was absolutely clear and a little crisp, very fall like.  

After Frederiksberg, we went on the 'green bike route’ and old rail track that connects interior areas of the city, and traveled through Norrebro, before ending back at 'the lakes’ in the city center.

My other bike tour also went along the 'green route’, except we spent time sketching things and analyzing the spaces, including the new 'red square’, soon to open (the very red and purple picture).  Norrebro, is a little bit more coarse and less polished than other areas of Copenhagen but has a fantastic character and charm.  Lots of interesting food places (also cheaper!), small cafes and in general neat areas of the city to further explore. 

On the weekend, some Cal Poly friends from Stockholm came to visit.  We went around the city, seeing the major sites, and walked a lot.  We went to Tivoli before it closed for the season, which was really fun.  I was able to have some German beer and a German pretzel YUM.