Ti snorted as she walked across the practical wasteland of metal and dust. Her hand gripped a metal carrier on wheels, feeling the comfortable thumps as she walked, tapping a gun on her left thigh. “Any clues?” she asked aloud. 

“You mean as to where we are? Not exactly.” Her mouth seemed to respond, but anyone who really knew what she was knew it was the alien creature living inside her head that had responded. 

“You’re so helpful, Norpo,” the woman muttered. She ran a hand through her dark-brown hair with her left hand, the gun still in it. She dropped the hand back to her side, thumping the gun against her leg rhythmically. 

(This is set during the war right. Tobias doesn’t have his morphing ability, at least not at the start of this)

Tobias rode the thermals as he waited for the others to get out of school. Tobias had thought that trapping himself as a hawk would remove his problems. But that had just added to them.

He had recently accepted the hawk mind alongside his own, but he still missed being human from time to time. Especially now when boredom set in.

Tobias remembered that Ti and Norpo, Voluntary Host and Yeerk, would be free today. He started to fly towards some of their spots. Tobias knew Yeerks were the enemy and that they could lie. But Ti and Norpo were different even if the others didn’t agree, especially Ax who was a new addition to the group.

Tobias continued to fly around and look for the pair.