Seven Amoo Norooz

Amu Nowruz or Amoo Norooz (Persian: عَمو نوروز‎) is the “Uncle” of Norooz, the Persian New Year. Along with his side-kick Hajji Firuz, Amoo Norooz ushers in the spring time every year according to Persian tradition. On the eve of spring equinox, when the Persian New Year is celebrated, Amoo Norooz brings children gifts, much like his Western counterpart Santa Claus. Along with Amoo Norooz and Haji Firooz, the Persian New Year mythical characters include Naneh Sarma, sometimes called Lady of the Cold Spells, or Grandma Frost.
Haji Firooz is the announcer of Norooz’s arrival while Amoo Norooz is more of a respected—almost always older—character who gives the gifts of Norooz. Haji Firooz is young, playful and clownish, dancing, chanting, and playing his tambourine to bring good cheer. Amoo Norooz, on the other hand, is more of a wise historical presence who passes the old story of Norooz to the young, thus giving the occasion the respect it deserves. Also, Haji Firooz demands Aidee while Amoo Norooz is the giver.