noro (king)

eto, the one-eyed king, and the book of revelations

at the beginning of the “exterminate tsukiyama operation”, ishida sui may have foreshadowed not only eto’s appearance as the one-eyed owl, but her overall role within the series. although eto is hinted and referred to as the one-eyed king, there is a possibility she is not the actual king, as a key figure in the book of revelations may be the actual source of her character’s inspiration.

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Eto and the Cordyceps fungus

The Aogiri tree(Chinese parasol tree) is actually  considered a horrendously destructive pest in a lot of countries.

‘’ Drought tolerant and cold hardy, this messy deciduous intruder quickly spreads, becoming so dense in just a few seasons that what from only a few feet away looks like a healthy forest is in fact a single species monosystem’’

This tree is an aggressive invader and that would be a similiraty with the Cordyceps fungus a group of parasitic fungi.

When a Cordyceps fungus attacks a host,the hyphae grows rapidly at the expense of host tissue, The conidia are generated through the cellular process of mitosis.The two new haploid cells are genetically identical to the haploid parent, and can develop into new organisms if conditions are favorable, and serve in biological dispersal. this is a form of asexual reproduction.

Eto shares parts of her kagune with other ghouls, they are hosts for her.  

The Cordyceps species are able to affect the behaviour of their insect host, it can change its victim’s behaviour. The cordyceps impels the ant to climb up a stem where it dies. The Cordyceps are also the source of cyclosporin—an immunosuppression drug helpful in human organ transplants, as it inhibits rejection, and is also effective in accelerate nerve regeneration.

Just like when Eto controls the behaviour of Kanae and also gives her hosts their regenerative abilities 

If Eto is in fact a Tree that canot bear fruit. As an hybrid she cannot reproduce. Trees that can not produce seeds are grafted, this is a technique where tissues from one plant are inserted into those of another so that the two sets of vascular tissues may join together.

One plant is selected for its roots and this is called the stock or rootstock. The other plant is selected for its steams, leafs, flowers and fruits, and is called the scion or cionThe scion contains the desired genes to be duplicated in future production by the stock/scion plant. the scion and the stock have to be compatible for this to be possible

Also Cordyceps is a genus of the Ascomycete phylum of Fungi , they have both asexual and sexual reproduction.

The sexual part of the life cycle commences when two hyphal structures mate. In the case of homothallic species, mating is enabled between hyphae of the same fungal clone.

Fusion of the paired nuclei leads to mixing of the genetic material and recombination and is followed by meiosis. This is the origin of a new individual.

The next step in evolution.

Kaneki may be the door Eto was looking for, thanks to him now the Tree is able to bear Fruit.

Some random questions.

tokyokushujason said:  hi^^ I enjoy ur blog vry much! But i have a small question… if a ghoul attains a kakuja through cannibalism,,, fr example, like kaneki,,, and he stops eating ghouls, then,,, does he still have the kakuja in him?

I think it’s impossible for RC levels to go down. It is implied by Doctor Shiba that if the Quinx’s RC level rises too much, they’ll be unable to eat human food again:

gradexol10 said: Wait, so it isn’t confirmed that eto is the one eyed king? So she may not be the leader of aogiri and it may be someone we haven’t seen yet?

Well, so far everything points out that the One-Eyed-Owl and the One-Eyed-King is the same person, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

hazerwell​ said: Is it possible for noro to be uta?

I don’t think so. Uta fought against him with Tsukiyama and Yomo:

sadghostx said: do you know what does shachi has to do with rize?

I made a theory about that here.