noro (king)

eto, the one-eyed king, and the book of revelations

at the beginning of the “exterminate tsukiyama operation”, ishida sui may have foreshadowed not only eto’s appearance as the one-eyed owl, but her overall role within the series. although eto is hinted and referred to as the one-eyed king, there is a possibility she is not the actual king, as a key figure in the book of revelations may be the actual source of her character’s inspiration.

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So seems like there’s a logic in the cards:

Ace: Main characters? (HIDE!!!) Kaneki’s harem?
Number two: Aogiri members
Number three: Quinx
Number four: Precious babies? Must protect?
Number five: Secondary characters?
Number six: Precious babies? Must protect? 2.0
Number seven: Former (???) CCG members?
Number eight: Clowns
Number nine: CCG members
Number ten: No ideas
Jack: No ideas
Queen: Maternal figures? (Noro???)
King: Paternal figures
Joker: White haired dudes

Some random questions.

tokyokushujason said:  hi^^ I enjoy ur blog vry much! But i have a small question… if a ghoul attains a kakuja through cannibalism,,, fr example, like kaneki,,, and he stops eating ghouls, then,,, does he still have the kakuja in him?

I think it’s impossible for RC levels to go down. It is implied by Doctor Shiba that if the Quinx’s RC level rises too much, they’ll be unable to eat human food again:

gradexol10 said: Wait, so it isn’t confirmed that eto is the one eyed king? So she may not be the leader of aogiri and it may be someone we haven’t seen yet?

Well, so far everything points out that the One-Eyed-Owl and the One-Eyed-King is the same person, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

hazerwell​ said: Is it possible for noro to be uta?

I don’t think so. Uta fought against him with Tsukiyama and Yomo:

sadghostx said: do you know what does shachi has to do with rize?

I made a theory about that here.