nornheim's gnashing teeth

Nornheim's Gnashing Teeth

Two days of riding toward the mountains seemed a lifetime to Sif, if only because expectation coursed through her in shots of adrenaline. The man they’d brought along to take charge of the mounts once they had to continue upon foot was long gone, and they were well within their first leg of the journey into the mountainous border between Nornheim and Asgard.

Loki and Clint both seemed to be lagging behind a little, but Loki less so than the Midgardian she’d asked to come along with them. She’d assumed that he would have it a little harder, however, and had planned for it. Still, she wished to cover a little more ground before nightfall.

The shield maiden hacked at some underbrush with her sword, ducking under a low-hanging branch as they went. 

“There is a glade ahead where we can stop for a breath,” she told the two following behind her, tone all business.