Hope For Marijuana Reform.

My 65 year old female AMH 2010 teacher notices my NORML t-shirt and asks me if weed is “normal” at UCF. I proceed to explain that NORML stands for National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and that the shirts come from the UCF student chapter. She then says that she admires my bravery in wearing the shirt because more students should stand up for what they believe in and proceeds to explain to a class of 35 students that Marijuana should be legal and regulated. Students then demand that I stand up to show off the shirt and share more info on NORML. I gave an impromptu speech on when NORML@UCF meets and what we’re all about. It would have been very scary to be called out by my teacher in the middle of class for being a Marijuana supporter, but everyone was giving me looks of encouragement, not disapproval.

A 65 year old baby boomer female, statistically speaking the least likely person to use marijuana, and my peers praised me for my courage to stand up for what I believe in. Today gave me hope in the fight for Marijuana reform.