Molly tries casual dating during season four
  • *end of a rather nice dinner date*
  • Guy: I'd like to do this again some time.
  • Molly: *smiling* Yeah, me, too.
  • Guy: How about a film this weekend?
  • Molly: Oh no, sorry, I have Rosie this weekend.
  • Guy: You have a child?!!
  • Molly: Goddaughter.
  • Guy: Oh that's nice. Are you very close?
  • Molly: Yes... erm, I'm helping her father out a bit... you know... his wife... my friend, she died... recently.
  • Guy: Oh God, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to upset you... Cancer?
  • Molly: Err yeah no, she was actually... shot.
  • *guy stares open mouthed*
  • Molly: That's kind of a ... long story. what if I tell you on our next date? *hopeful*
  • Guy: O-Ok.
  • *awkward pause*
  • Guy: Ok good. What about next Thursday?
  • Molly: Yes! Wait, no. Damn, I have Sherlock duty next Thursday.
  • Guy: Sherlock duty?
  • Molly: I'm helping... a friend.
  • *doesn't mention that she incidentally still loves said friend*
  • Molly: He had a bit of an... addiction problem. It's actually not that different from the babysitting. I just watch him so he can't take anything or cook up anything weird in his lab, you know?
  • *guy stares even more open mouthed*
  • Molly: Ok, you know what? Jonathan, it was nice to meet you. I hope you have a good life.
American Indian tribes plan to make marijuana a cash crop
As more states legalise the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana, American Indians are looking to grow the crop on tribal land

From The Telegraph​, “American Indian tribes plan to make marijuana a cash crop”.

Due to tribal land’s unique legal status, many Native American tribes are now looking to grow and regulate cannabis through the same mechanism they can operate casinos.

Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director of NORML, is quoted in the article saying “It is certainly significant, America has seen some tribes go from being economically disadvantaged to becoming powerful economic and political players through the introduction of one industry, gambling. Now the same could be happening with marijuana.”

Do you think this is a good development for legalization? Tell us in the comments!

anonymous asked:

It's interesting that you see turning your wife into a pornographic object as a problem because that seems inherent in having normal sex. Most people I think love sex bc they get to enjoy a physical body , therefore treating it like a pornographic object. I think you need a relatively unusual perspective on sex to not treat your partner as an object. Just to clarify I don't think this is a problem if both parties consent. But you treat this as a cuck problem idk how to reconcile this w norml sex

i never said turning your wife into a sexual object is the central issue with cuckoldry. if anything the real risk comes in objectifying the bull, which is FAR more common and insiduous because theyre frequently black. also theres a difference between being turned on by someone and objectifying them and that difference is pretty crucial to any sex, vanilla or otherwise. anyways please stop messaging me about Cuck Discourse
We survived after all - Chapter 1 - Ultimate_Bitch - Be More Chill [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Be More Chill
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jeremy Heere/Micheal Mell, Richard Goranski/Jake Dilinger, Chloe/Brooke
Characters: Jeremy Heere, Micheal Mell, Richard Goranski, Jake Dilinger, Chloe, Brooke, Jenna Rolan, Christine Conicula, Madeline (mentioned), The SQUIP
Additional Tags: Gay, gays in love, Gay Nerds In Love, my first fic in this fandom, i love them all so much, chatfic, sort of, like half chatfic half norml fic, Chatting & Messaging, Group chat, Brooke and Micheal are both super gay for their best friends, where will this go? Only the tides will tell, Slice of Life, Getting Together

Jenna Rolan decides it’s a good idea to add all of her friends into a group chat.

Somehow, she ends up being sort of right.


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Little ref from my Terror!Papyrus

Papyrus got his scar from Sans as they both had a fight wich wasnt just something norml between brothers. Undyne had to get them away from each other before someone got really bad injured.
Papyrus is a part from the royal guard and fights normaly with bones. But If he really gets mad he also uses a gaster blaster (mostly he doesnt needs more than one xD )

Terror!Tale AU by me Bloodcreeper