Lauren 😔Why is she worried she looks fucking amazing all the time no matter what she’s a fricking Goddess


Leave Lauren alone!
When your career is based on your looks this is a 100% understandable concern. Don’t tell me you can’t relate to this or understand her. stop the hate


“But you know what? We’re so happy, and we moved forward, we’re in a good place, and we hope she’s in a good place, and that’s really what matters”. - ….. I’M SHATTERED again 💔💔💔💔💔 It still hurts, you know what i mean?

I need a Lauren Jauregui in my life.

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  • Normani: How come it's always Camila who always uses pick up lines on you, Lauren?
  • Lauren: That's because every pick up line I use, she takes it seriously and doesn't get it.
  • Lauren: Just watch.
  • Lauren, while signaling Camila to come: Hey, babe?
  • Camila: What's up?
  • Lauren: Sexy dress, Camz.
  • Camila: Thanks, I got it at 50% off? Its alright I guess.
  • Lauren: Well, I'd like it better if it was 100% off.
  • Camila: Stores can't just give away clothes for free, Lauren.
  • Lauren: ... That's not what I-
  • Camila, ignoring Lauren: That would just be an awful way to run a business, Lauren.
  • Lauren, while looking at Normani: I told you!