💙❤️ This is still one of my favourite vines 😭credit: Fifth Harmony Clips (on vine)

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in which normani's the real ms steal yo girl

disclaimer: gifs aren’t mine and if you made them and wanna be credited just let me know

ok so normani’s got game

look at this little shit she knows what she’s doing

and her smug little smile when she sees how delighted Dinah is “she said yes” of course she did you dumbass, you’re “her lover” remember?

ok so onto another member bc normani kordei Hamilton spares no one

look at her she thinks she’s charming lauren don’t play this annoying kid’s game

fuck jauregui what did I just say? btw lauren is really appreciative of normani's hotness but i won’t talk about that here

i mean




ok lauren it’s ok it’s not like you wanna date her or something

oh well..

at least ally knows better right? right?

wrong she’s just as smitten as the other 3


so much game u could call her nintendo
her favorite person to flirt with is camila bc camila “what even is flirting"cabello is the second biggest casanova in this group

look at her face she’s so happy with herself i can’t stand her

smooth mani smooth

yes she is but u love it don’t front

conclusion: hide your kids, hide your wives and your  husbands cause normani’s a playa and everybody loves her