Ok, so imagine what kind of a man Mon-el would have been right now, if he hadn’t been brainwashed by Daxam social norms for more than twenty years. Only 9 months of Kara and others influence and he went from a selfish asshole to a sweet, decent guy. We all are products of the society.

You know, I’m starting to think that Kara hasn’t really changed him, but  simply showed him who he always was, deep inside. And he just followed her example and slowly unveiled his true self.

If it’s not a beautiful message, then I’m freaking Queen Elizabeth.

Octopus Emoji Review

very shiny !! she is incredibly shy and her appearance is off-putting, but she is very friendly and trying her best, 10/10

a silly boy!! loves to party and is an excellent dancer, 10/10

calm and kind, probably a librarian, loves kids and likes to stay indoors on friday nights, mild but wonderful nonetheless! 10/10

pink!! so pretty!! a little bit odd and lumpy looking, but a wonderful friend, 10/10

very small, very quiet, makes people uncomfortable but tries to be better about participating in conversations, actually quite funny and charming once you get to know them! 10/10

a blue gal!!!! she loves punk aesthetic and breaking away from the norm, and is very friendly and sweet, 10/10

very handsome and cute!!! a detailed and realistic yet simple fellow!! very curious about the world and loves learning!!! 10/10 an absolute treasure

another cool colored octopus!! a bit spindly, but helpful and agreeable, 10/10

chubby and cute, a little dead inside, but has a lot of personality and is very loyal to their friends! 10/10

scary at first glance, but very happy to see you! look, he’s waving! hello! 10/10

look at that smile!!! she likes bubblegum and flowers, and is great at pep talks, 10/10

noot noot 10/10

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I kinda see why we can't be a part of lgbt+... I mean if you're an het ace you kinda are straight... I kinda understand too that why we should be a part of lgbt because of some struggles some of us have... I don't know I just want this discourse to stop ;-;

Heteroromantic aces aren’t straight, though. They may not always suffer the explicit oppression of attraction to their same gender, but that is far from the only criterion one must meet to be accepted by Straightness and have unconditional access to its privileges. Failure to demonstrate and act upon normative levels of attraction to a binary opposite gender is sufficient in itself to cause exclusion from Straightness, which defines itself and maintains its hegemony with exhaustive lists of requirements. There is ample evidence of Straight people forcibly and violently excluding aces, and to erase that is exactly the problem

Asexuality is non-straight in itself, and asexuality is a significant and meaningful part of people’s identity. We cannot find acceptance, support, or the resources we need if we continue to cling to the heteronormative erasure that relegates us to our romantic orientations or discounts the role our asexuality plays in our understanding of ourselves, our experiences, and our relation to society.


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Why are you right in your psychological theories and believes/norms? And why is everyone else wrong?

not so much “right” as it is i strongly operate off the principle that harm is a negative experience and you should not harm.

at the core of life is an aversion to harm. we avoid danger, developed ways to heal when it could not be escaped, form lasting memories of what has hurt us. a single celled organism flees from hostile environments. a dog would rather flee than bite, and cries when their tail is stepped on. a person usually wishes to live in comfort.

like, it’s a pretty complicated thing to just try and boil down to a “solid” summary. a lot of people sympathize with both the desire to do no harm and not be harmed. and, like, logically the principle holds up.

examine a behavior. consider the repercussions. who is impacted. how are they impacted. i’ve come to the conclusion that things like sexism and racism have a history of harm. by not adopting those behaviors, i cause less harm. and by fighting against the further development of those behaviors, i prevent further harm.

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Hello! I was just wondering if you knew any spells or rituals that would aid in memory, aka helping me to remember my lines for a musical I'm in. I still have a bit of time left, however everything is coming so quickly and I just need an extra boost of confidence to be sure of myself and my lines. Could you please help? Thank you so much for your advice. ☺️🌸

OH HONEY! Let me tell you about an old trick I used to use.

When you’re running your lines, chew a particular flavor of gum or nom on a hard candy. Make it something different from your norms if you chew gum or eat hard candy on the regular.

Then when you go to get ready for the musical, chew the same flavor or gum or have a piece of the same candy during your warmup. Brings everything right back. :)

By the same token, wear a new scent when you rehearse, and then make sure you wear it when you go on stage. Smell in the sense most strongly tied to memory, and it really helps.

Also - rosemary. Rosemary sprigs in your pocket.

The hardest work can be recognizing how one’s own life is shaped by norms in ways that we did not realize, in ways that cannot simply be transcended. A norm is also a way of living, a way of connecting with others over or around something. We cannot ‘not’ live in relation to norms.
—  Sara Ahmed, Living a Feminist Life (43)

Northern Lights shot with a Drone from O Z Z O Photography on Vimeo.

While we’ve seen countless images of the Aurora Borealis, OZZO Photography’s take is a bit different than the norm. Rather than use a still camera on a tripod, he sent his drone flying through the green-tinged world of Reykjanes Iceland for a unique and immersive perspective.

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The fact that you have embraced yourself and chosen to remain single is really comforting. I feel the same way. I dont need a romantic interest and no one can really handle me at the place i am in. I wanted to thank you for being so honest about it cuz everyone around me is weirdly obssesed with being with someone and i felt out of place before.

Oh yes honey! Coming from me a LIBRA RISING a VENUS dominant woman. As a kid i was obsessed with finding a love interest for no reason but because thats what i saw in movies and shows. Especially as little girls we are forced to believe we have to marry we have to cook and clean we have to search for good man and do things for him while he works on his career. I am thankful my parents are not like that and did not teach me in that way. My Mom acts like a father would and my Dad acts like a mother would. No norm in my household tbh. BOTH my parents taught me to not look for anyone at all. THEY TOLD ME I DONT NEED NO MAN. they taught me I need to get my education, get my job, be single all my 20s travel and do everything i want to do before settling down. I do NOT crave romance I do NOT want a relationship. I want money I want good grades I want a career I want to travel and I want to learn languages etc. A partner can wait thats far from what i am looking for. It is tiring seeing ppl so dependent on finding a love interest on the internet which is why i have to take a step back, it is annoying how prevalent it is. it is glorified and its the only thing ppl think life is worth. Its not at all. its not. I am young, i am happy I have fallen inlove with many people: My dog, my family, my friends, my art, my knowledge . That is all i need in life ❤️


For anon…enjoy!

You clenched your jaw when you saw Cassian alone in Medbay. He wasn’t hurt, but he was alone. Considering he seemed to be avoiding you the last few days, that was all you needed. You stalked into the ward, already irritated. Cassian set down the datapad on the desk before turning around. His eyes widened when he saw you standing in front of him.

You nodded. “Yeah. It’s me: the person you’ve been purposely avoiding Captain Andor.”
The man swallowed. “I, uh, need to-”
“What? Check reports? Eat? Turn off your dorm light again? What excuse have you come up with this time?”
He remained silent. You sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose.
“Look, I don’t what I did to make you hate me, but the least you could do is be professional about it. We aren’t in the academy where passive aggressiveness is the norm, okay-”
“You think I hate you?” he whispered.

You eyed the man, genuinely confused. He seemed in slight pain at the suggestion. He lowered his gaze, swallowing.

“I…I don’t hate you,” he murmured.
You took a step closer. “Then why are you avoiding me?”
“I’m jealous,” he admitted with a breath.
“Jealous? Why are you-”
“Because you’re with Ketter. I just…I really like you and,” he paused, “I guess I was upset that he got to you first.”

Softly smiling, you cupped the captain’s cheek. He kept his gaze off you, afraid of seeing pity. You pecked his lips, effectively shocking him. With furrowed brows, he studied your smirking features.

“I am confused,” he admitted after a long silence.
You smiled. “Ketter and I had one date, that’s it. I never thought of going further than that with him because,” you paused to chuckle, “I like you too, Cass. A lot.”

The smile that spread across the man’s face was enough to rival the gleam of the sun. Gently, you pulled the man in for another lingering kiss.

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You wouldn't walk up to a person who you knew was cis and ask about their genitals. It's gross how people think, just because someone is trans, their body is on display for all to question. We're often set into this category of 'other', where certain societal norms don't apply to us. I wish society could just let everyone exist as who they are, without questioning or prying. Just my two cents. Have a good night, Elzéar.


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Question: Do men moan during sex? When Manon says something about how loud "they" must have been... I know a woman is mostly likely to moan...but do men? Oh... And how loud DO you think they were? 😉💀🗑😌

BAHAHAH! YES. MEN MOAN. But gender norms in force the idea that women should be very loud and orgasmic, and men should be grunt/moan quietly. I don’t think either of them was screaming out loud, but I guess I think they were both panting and grunting and moaning and groaning. And I guess I think that their bodies were making noise. So their saliva and lips, but also the sounds of sex itself. The slipping and sliding. And I’d wager that the bed (probably bolted down cuz it’s a boat, but also made of wood) probably groaned a bit.

So while I didn’t think they were super loud, I do think they sort of forgot where they were and made noise as they normally would. And because the Fae have super duper hearing, it wouldn’t have mattered how quiet they were. They would likely be overheard.

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A, B, O and Z for Zen please! ❤

Z for Zenny, haha!

[A] Aftercare

Zen is a big romantic, and a big sweetheart. If the two of you did anything rough, or out of the norm, right after he is quick to cuddle up and whisper so many praises in your ear. Telling you how wonderful you are and how great you sounded, and how amazing it felt for him.
[B] Body Part (their favorite of theirs & their partner)

He’s in love with his face (jk), but sexually on himself, he loves his dick. On his SO, it’s so hard for him to pick a part, but most likely the ass. Zen is definitively an ass man.

[O] Orgasm Denial (how do they do it, do they like it done to them)

It’s not something he’s personally into. If you wanted him to do it to you, he’s hardly be able to pull it off the first couple of times, and get confused that his light teasing isn’t what you wanted, but after a few times he’d get it down pat enough to have you aching the next morning.

For himself? Nothing he would do unless you wanted him to, and he’s whining the whole time, quick to beg and jerk his hips any time you even try to tease his cock.

[Z] Zzz (how quickly do they fall asleep, do they snuggle, etc)

Definitely snuggles. He doesn’t want you to feel used after sex, and will only not snuggle if you request it, but he’ll at least want to hold your hand.

But as soon as aftercare and cleaning up is done, he is out like a damn light.

carylers can never provide concrete examples of there being something more than just friends. now everyone is all butthurt because there is no scene between them in the finale when that’s nothing more than a big shut down from the writers themselves. if they were romantic, there would be something. there is something with her and morg and her and king though. interesting. they are building up her future relationship with king at the kingdom. quite obviously and dryll is obviously staying at alexandria. it’s more proof than ever that they were never nothing more than just friends with a mom-son bond and they have drifted apart. episode 10 was literally just a son finding his mom just like Norm said.
and you cant expect buff darl would date older carol. it just does not fit. if it happend id still watch but like? itd be weird and they all know that hence why it has not happend.

dont hate the messenger for giving the truth it isnt like i was being mean. im giving my piece nicely as i do.

the worst thing about Bacon Culture is its pervasiveness, participation in Bacon Culture is the default, it’s just assumed that when someone starts talking 2 you and they go “bacon bacon bacon bacon!” that you feel the same way when really you’re just chuckling awkwardly and not saying anything because you don’t even eat bacon but you would never reveal that 2 anyone and risk the social isolation that comes with not being Bacon Normative

the funniest thing about terfs creating “terf friendly spaces” is that their logic is because a few communities are becoming more accepting of trans women that their spaces are being invaded when in reality most spaces are exclusionary to trans woman anyway so creating these spaces is redundant since its the norm lol

I had a presentation and i was sweating so much from anxiety and simultaneously felt like i was in hell or not even among all these people. My face was dripping with sweat which never happens. And then i cried on the bus bc even tho i have meds i still am a mess and every future day feels like smth i dont want to do. I would honestly feel content if i could retire from society all together, except my loved ones. Everything else is hell. I dont want this normative experience of young adulthood. I want to live isolated and only focus on films, books and music.