"Between Two Brothers" Chapter 1

You may remember that I recently flailed over this fan art by the amazing NormanZombie, that I was shocked and appalled that there wasn’t a fanfic to go with this. Well, let’s just say I am working on a remedy for this problem. ;-)

I just posted Ch 1 of my fic, “Between Two Brothers,” over on It starts off recapping “Beside the Dying Fire,” but will be more original in the next chapter. I’m really excited about this fic because it’s been a LONG time since I’ve written anything, especially something I was this excited about.

A special thanks to my betas, my bff Lexcade and my awesome husband, who doesn’t quite get my obsession, but loves me anyway, lol. <3 And a HUGE thank you to NormanZombie for inspiring me to write again. ^_^

My fic is rated M for future chapters, but the current chapter should be safe for all audiences.