The Walking Dead MBTI Personality Types (x)

Rick, ISTJ: Seek to maintain a stable and secure life for themselves, they are exceptionally loyal, they are responsible and strong-willed, like to create and embrace order and will make sacrifices if necessary

Glenn, ISFJ: Always willing to lend a hand, sympathetic and self-sacrificing, usually patient, good with their hands and hard workers, they are observant, as well as sensitive and friendly, they don’t mind working behind the scenes without recognition

Michonne, ISTP: Usually quiet and reserved, but can surprise with moment of excitement and spontaneity, they are fearless and risk-takers, extremely faithful to loved ones and personal values, but less so to society’s rules and regulations

Beth, ISFP: Compassionate and observant, they avoid conflict and focus on supporting others, they are artistic, imaginative, and enjoy beauty, they work well in any group and are sensitive to the needs of those around them

Carol, INTP: Incredibly competent and logical thinkers, they are capable and honest individuals, they are driven by the pursuit of knowledge, and make decisions without involving emotions, neither a leader or follower

Daryl, ESTP: Bold, honest, and adaptable individuals, they love action, adventure, and are outgoing straight-shooters, they are risk-takers who like the get their hands dirty, extremely loyal to their loved ones, but view rules as merely a guideline

Carl, ESTJ: Strong willed, they fiercely stand up for their opinions and like to take charge, honest and direct, they focus on results and work hard to defend their loved ones, value practicality over theory

Maggie, ENFJ: friendly and charming, they get along well with others, they dislike impersonal analysis and are charismatic and are idealistic leaders, live to develop strong, intimate relationships