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‘Medical Cadre’, The Jes’ Folks Revolutionary Printerz Commune, The Jelly Roll Press, Oakland, California, [ 1969]. Information on medical issues related to the New Left such as treating wounds from police brutality, tear gas poisoning, and keeping activists healthy for many future revolutionary battles. “Dedicated to the physicians of the people - Che Guevara, Norman Bethune, Franz Fanon”


The miracle is this - the more we share, the more we have”.   – Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy, a longtime friend and supporter of Sundance Institute who is best known for his iconic role as the always pragmatic “Spock” in Star Trek, passed away Friday morning. He was 83.

Leonard Nimoy and his wife Susan Bay Nimoy (pictured with Norman Lear during a Sundance reception) are ardent supporters of the Institute’s Women’s Initiative, a joint effort with Women in Film Los Angeles and a group of allied organizations in the field of women and media aimed at fostering gender equality in American independent cinema by supporting women filmmakers. Leonard Nimoy most recently attended the Sundance Institute New York Benefit, pictured above with actor Zachary Quinto, who has portrayed “Spock” in the film reboots of Star Trek.

Sundance Institute thanks Leonard Nimoy for his invaluable and selfless commitment to the organization and offers its condolence to his wife Susan Bay Nimoy.

Photos by Michael Rababy and Stephen Lovekin / WireImage

Closed Bates Motel RP with Jigsawpiecesandincorporated

It all happened quickly. One day Mother received a call about an offer to purchase a motel. A long car ride ensued.

“Welcome to White Pine Bay, Norman!” I heard my mother say in a sing song, cheery voice. I shook awake groggily.


Let’s try this again! Morning Tampa! :)

- PF