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(Hello Fish, I know this is you hehehe norwegianpancake

Romano knew it was ridiculous to be so drawn to a person who had a demeanor icier than his own.

He couldn’t help it though. He admired Norway’s calculated and cool composure in all situations and his voice of velvet that was never raised, or even used, beyond absolute necessity. The slope of Norway’s throat was too delicious to resist staring at, especially when slender fingers curled loose hair around his ear then trailed down his neck before his hand once again fell out of sight, disappearing somewhere behind them.  His eyes were framed by pale lashes that fanned across the expanse of his cheekbones as he leaned over Romano’s shoulder, pointing to something he deemed important in the book on his lap. Romano frowned deeply at how his heart seemed to race off without his permission when Norway’s shoulder brushed into his. He smelled nice, Romano thought, and sniffed in disdain. Like coffee and pine and sea spray, like something he wanted to put his mouth to and savor.

“Don’t get haughty with me, South Italy,” Norway scoffed, “you’re the one who asked me to-”

“Yeah, yeah, you bastard,” he spat, cleverly covering up the nervous lilt in his voice that was threatening to crawl up his throat.  He felt Norway’s steely gaze lingering on his face longer than was necessary and he hoped the heat of the blush he felt creeping up his neck wasn’t painfully obvious.

“You know,” Norway drawled, leaning close again and trailing the pad of his finger down the page, not pointing to anything in particular. Romano glanced at him out of the corner of his eye in time to catch the faint upward tilt to Norway’s lips, “…if you’re not even interested in Scandinavian mythology, you could have just asked me to coffee.”

Guys, I just found out that Germano and Normano are given names here, in Portugal. And then, I’m just imagined myself give those names to my children.

When the day that they ask why I choose thats names, I will just…

“Germano, Normano… I’ve something to tell…. You(r names) are come from….Ships!”

To the one who don’t understand: 
- Germano: GERmany x roMANO

- Normano: NORway x roMANO (Please, tell me that someone ships this ship like me ;3;)

Hetalian ships, babies.

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okay but what about this; norway can't hold his alcohol at all and he ends up making out with romano while dennor is a thing and denmark sees and enjoy the drama dear child

*gasp* what have you done!? My otp of otps and my rare pair fav!? Hnng.

UHM UHM OKAY, …Im adding Spamano to this as well, since I’m trash.

The scene: Nor and Romano sitting on a couch during some sort of house party (engaged in polite conversation, drunken on Nor’s part), Den leaning against the wall nearby, probably chatting with others while keeping an eye on Nor, who has begun to show signs of too-drunk. The house is crowded and loud and smells faintly of cheap beer and popcorn. WHEN SUDDENLY, Nor grabs Romano by the back of his head and kisses him deeply. Too deeply…

At first Den would be 1006% shocked. His mouth would just hang open as he stared on, wondering if he was drunk enough to hallucinate. 

It wouldn’t last long, not with a surprised Romano being one of the involved parties - once he realizes what’s happening and can shove Nor off him with one hand and cover his mouth in shock with the other. Nor, meanwhile, looks quite smug. Do you know how often he has to hear Spain brag about Romano’s ‘fantastic kissing skills like omg I’m the luckiest guy on the goddamn planet!’

“Oi, SPAIN!” Nor would shout across the room and over the din of the party (he’s a lot more vocal when he’s had too much copious amounts of alcohol in his system)

“Yes?” Spain would materialize seemingly out of nowhere, grin plastered to his face, Den is still nearby looking stunned. 

“Romano,” Nor would point accusingly, his speech is very slurred, “is a bit like kissing a limp fish.” (Romano: WHAT?!) “It probably wouldn’t be half so bad if he didn’t taste like he licked the top of a dingy bar.” (Romano: Th-THAT’S YOU, YOU BASTARD!) 

Spain would throw his head back and laugh heartily, Nor would blink slowly, Den would make a strange noise in the back of his throat, still too shocked to pick his jaw up off the floor, and Romano would be shaking with rage - he does not take kindly to being kissed by surprise and then have his prowess insulted.

Romano would, of course, grab Nor by the collar of his shirt and drag him in for a very passionate, not-a-surprise-to-Romano kiss. 

Spain would give a low whistle and chuckle, Nor would take several moments to realize what’s happening before returning the kiss quite happily.

Den would… Den would blink many more times before finally snapping back to reality, especially when Spain looks so unconcerned and Nor and Romano are showing no signs of slowing. In fact, when Nor and Romano start to tip over sideways on the couch, Den jumps to his feet and launches himself between them, Ripping Nor from Romano’s wandering hands. 

Spain laughs again, slinging an arm around Romano (who stands to join his bf), Romano is the one that looks smug now, Nor is smiling lazily, rather unfocused, and Den is shaking in rage. 

“Alright,” Nor would say, allowing Den to pull him to his feet and hold him protectively against his chest (because one, he’d probably fall over if left to stand by himself and two, only Den should be allowed to experience those passion-filled kisses from Nor…!), “I can admit when I’m wrong. That was a much better performance. Well done.” Nor would laugh then and Den would be quite conflicted if he should feel enraged or delighted that Nor laughed. Before he can decide what to feel, Nor would speak again, “take me home, you idiot.”

And he would. Not before throwing a very dark glare at Romano and the ever-laughing Spain (Spain, you see, has a good sense of humour and knows there’s nothing to worry about. He allows Romano his small victory).

And then Nor has a lot to make up for, having made Den disgruntled almost beyond repair. And a killer hangover. And more apologizing and probably death-by-embarrassment. 

Nor would vow to steer clear from Alcohol. Den would suggest he steers clear from Romano. Spain would have flowers delivered to Nor’s house (signed very evidently in his own hand, “I had fun last night, xo Roma”). Romano wouldn’t react at all, except to look entirely too pleased with himself every time he saw Nor at a World Meeting. 

Inspired by the Name

I see a lot of people saying they’re in a rut or bored of their games, so here’s a challenge for you - dust off your sim-making shoes and create sims inspired by the names on this list:

A - Allegra

B - Bo

C - Cordelia

D - Dorian

E - Emayatzy

F - Franz

G - Giselle

H - Hector

I - Imani

J - Jeroen

K - Katarzyna

L - Lambert

M - Mariko

N - Norman

O - Oksana

P - Pieter

Q - Qareema

R - Raphi

S - Salome

T - Titus

U - Ulianna

V - Vidal

W - Wilhelmina

X - Xy

Y - Yazmin

Z - Zaque