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Jesus Christ this fandom…“Normani’s 19th Birthday Edition”…Part 111/? 🎉💃🏻#⃣1⃣9⃣

Congratulations to the Season 24 Champions of DWTS!! They both deserve it, whether it was them or Normani & Val, I would’ve been happy. I’m so so proud & happy for Emma. She’s long paid her dues on this show & she took a great opportunity & partner & ran with it all the way.They both really deserve it.

I can’t ignore how messed up Normani & Val placing 3rd truly is. A real travesty, she should’ve at least placed 2nd. She got Chelsea Kane’d..

  • Ally: That's a mean question! I'm not answering that!
  • Normani: Come on, it's just a question. If you had to punch someone in the group - if you HAD to - who would you punch?
  • Ally: I'm not answering that! We're all friends, why would I punch anyone?
  • Normani: ...
  • Normani: It would be Camila, wouldn't it?
  • Ally: Yeah but I don't know why.


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The truth of the matter is that not all Harmos were voting for Normani like they would if 5H were nominated for an award. That's just how it is with this fandom. Each of them have a girl they love the most so when it comes to supporting them individually not all of them will come through with the votes. Plus most OT4s are busy Keeping Up with Camila so there's that 😅

I actually think the Harmos voted their asses off, but DWTS is rigged, it’s not a secret

Ally: Guys, what the hell is going on?

Dinah: Me and Mila saved the day.

Lauren: Mila and I.  

Lauren: And no, you plugged ten fax machines into one outlet and caused a fire.

Dinah: But I pointed to the fire extinguisher and was like, “The fire extinguisher’s over there.”


Worth It/Trini Dem Girls
Fifth Harmony feat Nicki Minaj
Worth It/Trini Dem Girls

Worth It x Trini Dem Girls Mashup | Fifth Harmony & Nicki Minaj feat LunchMoney Lewis 

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