I will continue to support Dinah Jane Hansen, Ally Brooke Hernandez, Normani Kordei Hamilton, Lauren Michelle Jauregui, and (Karla) Camila Cabello. It were those five girls who made me fall in love with the group that is Fifth Harmony, nothing else. Before the name existed, before they released any songs, before management and label had their claws in them, it were those five girls that influenced me more than I ever thought possible.

I did not support a name, I did not support a manufactured girl group - I supported five incredible voices, five astounding personalities, five of the sweetest and caring young women I’ve ever seen. I watched their journey and I always supported each girl and will do so in the future. No matter what the media or a management team or a label is going to tell me.


Fifth harmony little rant

Honestly I don’t know what to believe. In the three statements that have been released in the span of two days their are a lot of flaws within them. I truly don’t believe something until I see it said by the people involved. So I hope their is an interview in the near future with the four girls explaining this shit because body language doesn’t lie. It just a lot he said/ she said bull going on and I don’t like it. Just be upfront and tell the truth and I know people’s contracts may be permitting that but damn this is getting to be a bit much.

ugggg  wtf fifth harmony

Now im just annoyed as hell.


what is the truth??

what is going on with your management.

what has the rest of fifth harmony’s relationship been with camila this whole time and now that this is occurring.

when did they really know about camila leaving fifth harmony.

Did/Does fifth harmony have a plan going forward.

and finally was the last message posted on all the rest of fifth harmony’s Instagram accounts really written and posted by them.



im just checking out right now

this is just to annoying and difficult to follow

I hope they are okay

this is just not enough information to draw really any sort of conclusion from.

I refuse to choose a side until we get some real info.

omg why do I have to stan people and get my heart broken all the time it would be so much easier if I was obsessed with something like knitting or doing cocaine idk

I honestly have soooo much to say about this whole 5H situation. Camila leaving the group I seen that coming, did I expect it to happen so soon, HELL NO! I feel like Fifth Harmony was doing amazing things and were on the rise and I think Camila left at a terrible time. As a fan I wish this whole situation was different because it seems like a “her against them” type situation. As a fan you want more answers from both sides but mainly Camila and eventually I think that’s going to happen. As a fan I believe the remaining ladies are about to boss up and make a bomb ass 3rd Album. You can clearly see they are way closer as friends and meshed together better and Camila was kinda on the outside. Hopefully this situation will bring the four closer and united them and not divide them. I think their next album is about to be super lit! It’s going to give them each a better opportunity and to shine. With Camila, who knows how her solo career will go. She did pretty good with her first two solo project but those were collabs with other big name artists. I excited to see how her, by herself, SOLO career and album will turn out. I hope it’s amazing and worth it. She’s following her heart and you can’t be mad at that. I wish nothing but the best for her. I can’t call myself a Harmonizer (someone who loves Fifth Harmony and support and love EACH girl) and not support Camila. With that being said, I’m rooting for 5H. And know they are about to Rise up and Shine!

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When you love their ninja turtle dress,that you do a video about it. 😂

So this actually happened 😣😣😣😣but then he deleted it when the group statement was posted…… Everyone who is not the girls themselves should just stfu and not add to this fucking mess. Management has clearly got an agenda and the girls are the only ones who know the full truth. Fuck Maverick and fuck this whole fucking heart gutting mess. The fact that those related to or associated to the girls, are throwing shade or talkin shit is so fucking frustrating. Everyone just needs to stay fucking mute. We all need time to process whatever has happened already, like ffs give us fucking time to breath. It’s like just when we think we are coming to terms with this whole fuckfest, someone comes along running their mouth or being a shady sob. Fucking let us heal a minute before you go fucking shit up again (this is to those throwing shade, associated with the girls)….I needed to let this out!!!!

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I have a question. Why is it that Camila’s contract expired earlier than the rest of the girls? Didn’t they get signed basically at the same time? Or did the others’ expired too, but they simply just renewed?

I’m asking, because if their contracts expired all at the same time, then the other four must have renewed theirs. And as adults, especially after Lauren ranted about contracts, they are in fact willingly getting signed to their label again. It just so happened that Camila opted out of the possibilities of a renewal. That means, if 4H willingly signed a renewal, then I guess there’s no need for the #free5H movement? Because they’re all mature adults, and they know what’s happening within the group and they willingly signed themselves to their label. So yeah I’m curious about that stuff. I’m simply wondering if Camila’s expires earlier than the others.

This is so sad 😭😭😭😭 they are really trying to screw Camila over because she was smart enough to get out, to save her soul they are trying to destroy her using her former band do it and worst the woman she loves Lauren. I can’t even begin to imagine how these four girls must feel having to say shit that’s not true dragging Camila’s name because it’s what is demanded of them this fucking hurts not just my Camren heart but my 5H one I just hoped Lauren atlease warned her personally before posting that shit. Camila’s letter was written herself not some damn management behind her that came from her heart but 4H that’s pure management you can’t even feel the emotions of the words these girls need out before they lose themselves completely I’m so disappointed seeing there names been used as puppets is it so hard to speak out and say fuck you I won’t do that? This is not them cause a rift speak up about the injustice it may be what’s needed to be freed of them. I don’t know anymore I just know they want to hurt Camila and having Lauren post that is a sure dagger to her heart.

Let’s spill the tea, shall we?

When the news that Camila was leaving surfaced yesterday, I was devastated, because a band that I have grown to love since 2014 was starting to end. Now I’m not sad, I’m fucking RAGED – and I’m gonna explain why.

Yesterday Camila posted a letter, which I talked about on this post. It’s something that was clearly written by her, with a lot of feeling and truth (and tea too). Then we waited the whole day for the girls to say something, and when they do, they post a statement that can be resumed in a few words: it’s all Camila’s fault. I bet anyone that read those paragraphs would believe it, except that we, the fans, are practically CSI and we know our band too much to just buy that, so I’m just gonna point out some stuff I got from that letter:

  • First off, management wrote it. Simple as that;
  • Second, how could four girls that are in different states and time zones, spending time with their families and friends after not seeing them for weeks take time off to coordinately post something literally at the same minute?
  • Lastly, on the first statement they said they were just told by Camila’s “representatives” that she was leaving, next thing they say she let them know in November. Don’t you think that if they knew that was their last concert alongside Camila, it would’ve been way more emotional and meaningful?
  • They signed a contract that says that management have full access to all of their social network accounts (twitter, facebook, Instagram, tumblr, etc.) and are free to post (or delete) whatever they want there.
  • Update: Ally just unfollowed the 5H account on instagram?

Now let’s make a few judgement calls:

  • A few weeks ago, Dinah posted on her Instagram story videos of them (Camila included) goofing around the car singing and laughing like a group of good friends would. For those who have watched the videos, they didn’t seem like the same people that where “informed via her manager that Camila was leaving the group”, did they?
  • Just this week, Dinah posted a picture of her and Camila goofing around and wrote “Don’t matter what they say, don’t matter what you do . I am so proud of you . I mean it . I love uuuu’s”, which Camila answered with “LMAOOOO this picture is classic us. thank u so much girl. this means more than u know”. Also this week, she posted multiple snapchats of her watching Camila perform with MGK with a proud mom smile on her face, followed by a snap of them hugging and she telling Camila how proud she was. Now, does this seems like the same Dinah that would agree to throw Camila under the bus so easily like they did?
  • Just yesterday an audio of Lauren venting about their management to Ally was leaked, in which she said “They make decisions on regular basis, to fuck us over, to make us literal slaves, like, literally slaves, Ally. We’re doing labor every day and we see nothing” Does that sound like the girl who would agree to post that letter as well?

It’s unlikely to all of them to throw Camila under the bus like that. A band that’s been together for almost four years and a half to treat one of their friends like a stranger they can blame? This is not the Fifth Harmony we have grown to love. This is not their doing. They have no choice but to just sit back and do nothing because they can’t simply break a contract.

In conclusion, what hurts me is not the fact that Camila left the band – in fact I’m glad she left after all this mess, or that the girls posted those notes – I didn’t believe for one second that they wrote it. What hurts me is knowing they’re stuck in an environment they can’t leave because of a contract that allows Maverick, Epic and Syco to do whatever they want regarding their public image.

They want to throw Camila under the bus because they know that if she wanted she could just tell us everything. They want to turn the fans against her because maybe she was the one that got tired of all the bullshit and didn’t sign next year’s contract. Say what you want about their relationship, that they don’t get along behind cameras, that they hate each other (which they clearly don’t), but the one thing we know is that they would never write something that would compromise their bandmate’s career like that.

I feel and fear for our girls. They are five young girls trying to live their dream and this is what they get. They don’t deserve any of this.

Someone please save my children.


Next year I will be an adult and I was not born yesterday to think not to believe that the music industry as much as anything else can be dirty when it involves their interests. They are people who think only of themselves and hurt without pain. Camila, Lauren, Ally, Dinah and Normani were just other artists who went through slave labor because their dream is to write songs that will touch hearts. This is ridiculous, no one should get through it. Having her names at the top does not mean that Camila, Lauren, Ally, Dinah and Normani are less human and are immune with pain.