normani is not impressed

But first let me take a selfie
  • Original is by frenchmctana on Wattpad!
  • I just thought it would be funny to put it here lol
  • ------------------------------
  • Fifth harmony taking a selfie:
  • Camila: Dinah, you take the selfie you have long arms
  • Dinah: Okay, Okay, everyone ready?
  • Ally: What pose should we do??
  • Lauren: Fierce. Everyone do our fierce impression.
  • Normani: Wait Wait!!
  • Dinah: What, Mani?
  • Normani: Use Chrome filter! I look ugly on that one!
  • *Dinah changes filter to Chrome*
  • Camila: No! Ew change it back to the other one DJ!
  • Normani: No! that filter is good! leave it there!
  • Camila: I look like a snowman! change it!
  • Normani: No!
  • Camila: Yes!
  • Normani: No!
  • *Lauren snatches phone from Dinah*
  • Lauren: If this two are going to be fighting for what filter we should use, how about we go with the 'NO FILTER SHIT' and go naturally? You two are beautiful, so shut the fuck up and smile to the camera now.
  • Dinah: Oh damn! The Jauregui wanna go natural. what a babe.
  • Camila:
  • Normani:
  • Ally: Cheese!


OMFG I can put the whole transcript of this thing bec i love every second of it!!

“Are you bald?”

“I heard her say bye bitchessss”

“she can’t write” “Lauren shut up”

“That’s not how you spell choke”

I laugh every time at that Normani clip!!! I am on the flooor!!

and the Dinah impression lol.

“why is she still talking like she’s relevant?”

anonymous asked:

Honestly, I think that it could go either way! All three of them have a good chance. Though I believe It's a coin toss btw Shad and Mani

I said this last week too lol but if Normani’s fans pull this off I will be v impressed