For the past couple of days, Normani Kordei of Fifth Harmony has been the latest victim of extreme racially-charged cyber bullying from fans of one of her bandmates, Camila Cabello. The above post is her response. I’m not going to post the pictures but if you want to see: They made edits of her being lynched, made series of “massa” jokes, said all the variations of the n-word. Camila has vaguely tweeted about this by referring to Normani as “anyone”. Most of these people, she follows and has been following for years. I just wanted to shed some light on this.

So in recent events there’s been a lot support for Normani Kordei having to deal with one of her band mates racist fans, which I am extremely happy about because Normani deserves the world. One thing that shouldn’t be taken lightly is the actions of her band mate, Camila Cabello, which lead to these attacks on Normani starting with how she attracted these racist fans.

Around the age of 14-15, Camila herself used to have a racist troll account that includes her retweeting racist jokes about Zayn Malik’s ethnicity and her using the N word multiple times despite her not being black:

Tweets of her using the N word:

This was a tweet that Camila made to her best friend who has also dropped the N word multiple times despite her not being black:

Following this Camila was hacked by fans recently who exposed her Facebook messages from her earlier X-Factor days that she sent to her best friend where she refers to Normani and her other band mates as n****rs, these were the alleged messages:

Camila confirmed that the tweets were at least real with this apology after it was exposed:

Recently when Camila put out a single without her group it caused a noticeable friction which led to her fans making very direct and racist tweets towards specifically Normani.

When Normani was asked in an interview very recently to describe her band mates she described Camila as “cute and quirky” and the media tried to paint Normani as the villain for not being as lengthy in her description about Camila as she was about her other band mates:

Before this Camila’s fans were tweeting their dislike of Normani causing her to defend herself:

When Camila’s fan became dissatisfied with Normani defending herself and describing Camila as “cute and quirky” they made a photoshopped edit of Normani’s face on a slave that was hanged from a tree (which I won’t post because I don’t want spread it around). Following this Normani decided to take a break from twitter and Camila chose to address the situation by making it all about her instead of defending Normani against her fans racist comments by A) not acknowledging Normani was the victim of the attack B) making it about what she finds acceptable C) not unfollowing the fans that she has clearly seen making racist jokes about her band mate since she made it be known that it was on her timeline:

The indirectness of Camila’s tweet caused celebrities like Gina Rodriguez to misread the situation and stand with Camila instead of the actual victim which was Normani:

This post was basically to let it be known that I won’t allow the media to vilify Normani and I won’t accept Camila’s actions in the past and the little she’s done to take responsibility for her actions and the actions of the racist fans that she attracted over the years who she chooses to follow. Normani is always painted as the villain in the situation and Camila gets off free cause the media refuses to report the full story.


Normani is cut from a different cloth, baby lol

I cannot explain how important this is.  Fifth Harmony has literally faced every hurdle possible for an artist to reach success.  Firstly, they’re a girlband, which makes it a million times harder than being a boyband because they aren’t liked just for being ‘hot boys’ like many boybands are.  Secondly, just being talented singers apparently isn’t enough if you are a group of girls.  You have to be pretty, fashionable, know how dance well, and even then it is STILL hard to achieve anything in the music industry.  Thirdly, ALL of Fifth Harmony are women of color, unlike the largely white boybands that are popular at the moment.  They have expressed their deep support for the Blacks Lives Matter campaign, even posing in pictures with the catchphrase and tweeting about it numerous times.  For many children, this is first time they can relate to someone in a powerful role.

If this hasn’t convinced you to vote yet, I should add that Fifth Harmony is an avid supporter of the LGBT community, performing for LA pride, constantly proving their support on twitter and tumblr, and even dedicating a video to a transgender girl who happened to be their fan.  On top of this, they are involved in many campaigns to protect animal rights, and they themselves started a #5HGirlsCan campaign in support of girl positivity.  All five members self-identify as feminists, with band member Lauren Jauregui relating in a HuffPost interview that “A huge part of [feminism], I think, is the coming together of women… [It’s] supporting each other and not breaking each other down, and kind of sending out that message and making sure women know that doing this together is going to be so much more effective than trying to tear each other down.“

This isn’t just about Worth It being the song of the summer, it’s about bringing awareness to these amazing five individuals who are going to change to world in a positive way.  Currently, they are losing to boyband 5 Seconds of Summer because of a voting limit set by MTV.  If you care about the future and about any of the issues PLEASE vote for Fifth Harmony by using the #WorthItVMA hashtag on twitter.  You can do up to 12x a day and it would make the world of a difference not only to these 5 girls, but for a whole generation.

waakeme-up (Camila) ssweet-dispositionn (Lauren)

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