normandy sr 2


Greetings and Happy N7 Day!

This’ll be my first N7 day but I wanted to do a lil something since I’ve been enjoying the games so much. So enjoy these “postcards” of everyone’s favorite two vehicles. Shepard probably sends them to everyone. The aliens don’t understand and the humans wonder why the Commander uses such outdated forms of communication.

(also, thanks to everyone helped pick out a favorite color scheme!)

Confession #001

[Picture of the Normandy during the “Normandy Reborn” scene in Mass Effect 2][Text: I love the Normandy. Both of them. And let me tell you, when Cerberus was like, look, your favorite pilot, it was like, Hey Joker :) (don’t get me wrong, I adore Joker), but then he showed me the SR2 and I just felt this warm overwhelming feeling of coming home.]