normandy sr 1


Always strikes me as incredibly sad to go back and see all this wreckage on your own. No squadmates with you, not even those who were in the Normandy SR-1, which makes it even more meaningful and heartbreaking. 
You’re just this lonesome N7 figure looking for the dog tags of people you failed to protect (that’s how my Shepard sees it at least). 
It’s probably the first time since Cerberus and the Suicide Mission came into his new life that he’s looking back at the old one and realizing exactly what he lost.

me/a timeline

2129:  Alec Ryder is born on Earth.
2148:  Mateus Silva & his team discover the Prothean ruins on Mars.
2149:  The Charon Relay is found; Jon Grissom leads a team through it.
215x:  Alec Ryder took part in N7 training.
2154:  Shepard is born on April 11th.
2157:  The First Contact War/Relay 314 Incident is fought at Shanxi.
2163:  Sara & Scott Ryder are born on the Citadel.
216x:  Alec Ryder is assigned to the Citadel as a military attaché.
2170:  Mindoir is raided by Batarian slavers.
2176:  Elysium survives the Skyllian Blitz.
            The Andromeda Initiative is founded.
2177:  Colonists & Marines are killed by thresher maws on Akuze.
2178:  Slavers are routed at Torfan in retaliation for the Blitz.
218x:  Sara & Scott Ryder enlist in the Alliance military.
2183:  Saren & Sovereign attack Eden Prime.
            Shepard becomes the first human Spectre.
            Sovereign is defeated during the Battle of the Citadel.
            The Normandy SR-1 is attacked & Shepard is killed.
2184:  The Andromeda Initiative begins recruitment & orientation.
2185:  Shepard is revived as a result of the Lazarus Project.
            Shepard goes through the Omega 4 Relay & defeats the Collectors.
            The Andromeda Initiative departs for the Andromeda Galaxy.

➝ Alec Ryder’s N7 training likely took place after the Charon Relay but before the First Contact War (per AI briefing).
➝ Sara & Scott Ryder likely enlisted when they turned 18 in 2181 (typical enlistment age for ME characters, time for training + eventual assignment before officially joining the Initiative).

➝ Alec Ryder wasn’t assigned to the Citadel until the late 2160s (per AI briefing) but the twins were born there in 2163.
➝ Alec Ryder was only 20 when he went through the Charon Relay.
➝ And 28 when he fought at Shanxi.
➝ The twins were 13 when the Initiative was founded.
➝ And they are 22 when the Initiative launches.

shepard-alenko  asked:

For the writing prompt: MShep and Kaidan post-Citadel date where Shepard wants to buy Kaidan a small gift but is too stubborn to ask Kaidan what he wants. (Psst, I've missed your writing too!)

Liara is humming her dissent, and before she even makes enough sound to respond in words, Shepard is shaking his head.

“No, no,” he says, “That’s a bad idea too, isn’t it?” Liara doesn’t say anything, just looks at him apologetically and sidelong, and Shepard knows he’s right that he was wrong about it being a good idea in the first place.

“I am not sure I would say a… bad idea,” she says comfortingly and only partially confirming that it was indeed a bad idea, in her Liara way. “It is merely… not a good one.”

Liara purses her lips and Shepard looks at the table.

“Blasto,” Shepard says.

Immediately, “No.”

“Something wrong with Blasto?”

“You once called him a ‘big stupid jellyfish,’” Liara reminds. “Twice, perhaps.”

“You think Kaidan might think it was a dumb idea? Getting him something I made fun of in person?” Liara doesn’t respond, and Shepard knows once more that he might be right about that. At the very least getting something Blasto-related might be a little confusing… but maybe also funny?

“Asking him may help solve your problem,” Liara suggests, and Shepard shakes his head. That would make it too easy, but more importantly too obvious.

Shepard purses his lips and Liara looks upward toward the Citadel sky.

“Is it a bad idea?” Liara looks at him, her face asking him to clarify. “To get him a gift.”

“I think it is a rather nice gesture.” She tilts her beautiful blue head and Shepard can’t quite tell if she’s kidding or not. Knowing Liara, probably the former rather than the latter. “Perhaps something you both enjoy, or something you have experienced together.”

“I got him whiskey before, which I think counts as both,” Shepard supplies, and Liara laughs her little amused Liara laugh. Even if he can’t come up with a solution, that made him feel better.

Then, it occurs to him. It makes him a little sad, but it occurs to him, and he stands up suddenly from the table, “I should go.”

Liara merely smiles at him, permission granted, and he leaves her to her tea still warm on the table.

- - -

“I brought you something.”

“Flowers? For me? You shouldn’t have,” Kaidan jokes, his voice and his laugh gruff but cheery.

“Not flowers, just…” Shepard trails off a moment, suddenly a little nervous. “Something I should have given you a long time ago.”

Kaidan takes the proffered wrapped rectangle, examining it carefully and turning it over in his hands. “Definitely not flowers,” he chuckles, mostly to himself, and Shepard wants to live off that sound.

Then he starts unwrapping it, and Shepard wonders if it really was a good idea after all. Maybe he really should have asked Liara for full confirmation before just running off. Maybe this was another one of his bad ideas. Maybe–

Kaidan pulls off the paper, flipping over the rectangle to look at the other side, and slowly, so slowly that Shepard thinks he could pass an entire lifetime of breathless adoration watching it happen, a small smile creeps over his lips.

“Normandy SR-1,” he reads off the the thin rectangle, brushing a thumb over it, over the thin glass holding a thin piece of paper inside it, barely protecting its contents from the harsh outside world, and Shepard’s stomach is doing covert loops and dives that he has to try pretty hard not to convey its tumultuous journey inside him. “It’s… it’s beautiful, Shepard.”

Shepard lets out a quiet breath he didn’t realize he was holding. Kaidan likes it.

Kaidan laughs a little, stunned. “I forgot we took this,” he says, and then tilts the frame so Shepard can see too: a variety of people of a variety of species standing in front of the Normandy, all smiles and arms around each other. Well, ‘all smiles’ if you can count Wrex’s huge expression as a smile, or Tali’s helmet. But he’s pretty sure they’re all smiling. Pretty sure.

“Ashley looked so nice that day,” Kaidan says, pointing to the dark-haired and tanned-skin woman who has her arm around Kaidan in the photo, on the opposite side from Shepard, his arm also around Kaidan. Suddenly, Kaidan sighs. “I miss her.”

“Me too,” Shepard says, and they’re both quiet for a moment, admiring the colours representing their lost friend.

“How did you even get this, Shepard?” Kaidan asks, astonished again and looking over the photo with a sad but relieved smile. “I thought everything burned with the Normandy, when you–”

“It did,” Shepard admits, cutting Kaidan off. Kaidan then turns a quizzical eye to him, and Shepard thinks he might be blushing as he continues, “I had it saved in my helmet, to one of the mini hard drives in there. I didn’t think it survived either, but I found it while digging through some things Miranda had recovered when she, uh, found me.”

Kaidan makes a face too complex for Shepard to read, but then he turns and places a hand on Shepard’s.

“Thank you,” he says, “I love it.”

Maybe not all of Shepard’s ideas are so bad after all.