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SSV Normandy SR-1 Still Images Tour
Command Deck | Crew Quarters | Engineering & Storage

I’ve often wished for some high-res stills of the Normandy for reference. Hopefully these might be useful for other folks too - art, writing, whatever!

Screencaps taken from Mass Effect 1 with MEUITM mod installed.
I adjusted the lighting levels for clarity, but left all the native colors alone.


A Remastered Mass Effect Trilogy Could Soon Be In Development

A remastered Mass Effect Trilogy could soon be a reality! In contrast to their past views, Patrick Soderlund, the vice president of EA revealed in a recent Game Informer interview that the company is actively looking into creating remastered versions of their games. The high demand from fans and the first installment’s success as an Xbox One backwards compatible title could lead to a remastering of the Mass Effect trilogy. Here’s all the info!

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there’s a lot of reasons you shouldn’t believe bioware’s canon timeline but the biggest one is that the ssv normandy sr-1 was commissioned, designed, tested, built, and ready for deployment in less than a year

like this isn’t just a flaw that i notice cause i’m an aerospace engineer this is a problem where i tell my friends who don’t even need more than gen ed math for their major and they go “yeah that’s not possible” the canon timeline should always always always be taken with a very large dose of salt because only maybe a third of it would actually make sense in real life