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me/a timeline

2129:  Alec Ryder is born on Earth.
2148:  Mateus Silva & his team discover the Prothean ruins on Mars.
2149:  The Charon Relay is found; Jon Grissom leads a team through it.
215x:  Alec Ryder took part in N7 training.
2154:  Shepard is born on April 11th.
2157:  The First Contact War/Relay 314 Incident is fought at Shanxi.
2163:  Sara & Scott Ryder are born on the Citadel.
216x:  Alec Ryder is assigned to the Citadel as a military attaché.
2170:  Mindoir is raided by Batarian slavers.
2176:  Elysium survives the Skyllian Blitz.
            The Andromeda Initiative is founded.
2177:  Colonists & Marines are killed by thresher maws on Akuze.
2178:  Slavers are routed at Torfan in retaliation for the Blitz.
218x:  Sara & Scott Ryder enlist in the Alliance military.
2183:  Saren & Sovereign attack Eden Prime.
            Shepard becomes the first human Spectre.
            Sovereign is defeated during the Battle of the Citadel.
            The Normandy SR-1 is attacked & Shepard is killed.
2184:  The Andromeda Initiative begins recruitment & orientation.
2185:  Shepard is revived as a result of the Lazarus Project.
            Shepard goes through the Omega 4 Relay & defeats the Collectors.
            The Andromeda Initiative departs for the Andromeda Galaxy.

➝ Alec Ryder’s N7 training likely took place after the Charon Relay but before the First Contact War (per AI briefing).
➝ Sara & Scott Ryder likely enlisted when they turned 18 in 2181 (typical enlistment age for ME characters, time for training + eventual assignment before officially joining the Initiative).

➝ Alec Ryder wasn’t assigned to the Citadel until the late 2160s (per AI briefing) but the twins were born there in 2163.
➝ Alec Ryder was only 20 when he went through the Charon Relay.
➝ And 28 when he fought at Shanxi.
➝ The twins were 13 when the Initiative was founded.
➝ And they are 22 when the Initiative launches.

Sun bonds with Castis Vakarian by telling him about her people’s tradition of family shrines, and how it seems similar to the family spirits turians honor in their day-to-day life. Tells him about the one she’d kept on the Normandy SR-1, devoted mostly to her parents, and how devastated she’d been the first time she walked into her cabin on the SR-2, when she’d remembered that all she had left of her parents–a few pictures, a necklace, and a bonsai tree her mother said had been passed down several generations–were all gone now, lost to fire and the cold vacuum of space.

Then she offers him a little pink bonsai, young but blossoming. 

“While I was back on Earth,” she explains, “before we came to Palaven, I made a visit to my–my homeland, I guess you could say. I knew I couldn’t replace that tree that my mother gave me, but I can start the tradition over again. So I bought two, with the intention of giving one of them to you.”

They’re standing in the backyard, Castis having asked Garrus and Solana to go get lunch ready as a guise to get her alone (or so she assumed). A gentle summer breeze floats through the garden, and the little pink blossoms move with it as he looks down at it.

“Why?” he asks finally, tracing his thumb on the edge of the pot the plant sat in.

Sun smiles a little and shrugs. “It’s custom in my culture for someone to bring their potential spouse’s family members gifts upon their first meeting. I gave Sol hers the first time I met her, but this is my first time meeting you so…”

He laughs a little, and Sun hears something of Garrus in his rough voice. “I meant, why the plant?”

“Oh! Oh, well, I don’t know if it’s really tradition or anything, but my mother always made a point to–share something, with people she cared about. Said it connected the home and brought good luck or–or something like that. It sounded nice and when I asked my godmother about it, she said it was a good idea.” Sun bounces on the balls of her feet, suddenly nervous even as the warm breeze twists her skirt around her legs. “If I’ve stepped over a line or you don’t like it, I’ll just–”

“No,” Castis replies evenly. “No, it’s–a very thoughtful gift. I’m just a bit surprised is all.”

She’s not sure if that’s better or worse. Smiling hesitantly, she asks, “Didn’t think humans had it in them?”

He looks at her then, finally, and Sun is struck again by how similar he looks to her husband, blue Vakarian marks clean and undamaged, like Garrus’s when they first met. Flaring his mandibles in a smile, he says, “I was worried Garrus had lost his mind, when Solana told me he was dating a human. Now I realize I was mistaken.”

Her entire face goes hot, and she smiles so widely that she feels her scars pull a bit. “Thank you, sir.”

“At least he brought home the savior of the galaxy, and not an elcor or something.”

She snickers as they turn to walk back inside–catches a glimpse of two blue marked faces ducking behind the curtains–and says, “Or a hanar.”

Spirits,” Castis groans, making Shepard laugh a little more, “I don’t think I would have been able to handle that.”

Garrus and Solana look more than a little worried when their father and Shepard come back inside giggling to themselves– “This one feels their boyfriend’s father doesn’t like this one,” while Castis snorts and shakes his head–but Sun just winks at them both.

Garrus calls her magical, later that night, but she just grins and says, “Turians and humans have more in common than either of us would like to admit. I just had to find common ground.” She pauses, and then adds, “Besides that, I am an absolute delight.”

Garrus laughs and pulls her into a kiss, and Shepard feels a little more at home, here on this unfamiliar world.

MERWeek Day 1 (Late): The Day We Met

All I had growing up were models, you know? Some came painted, others I had to do myself. I’m not much of a painter, but to twelve year old me? They were beautiful.

I got to watch ships taking off from the station regularly. Gave my mother quite a few scares sneaking off to the docking bays to watch them, too. Wish I could go back to Arcturus sometimes, but..yeah.

Anyway…I’m sure you’ve read my file. Raised on the station, enlisted there, all that jazz. But not everything gets said in Alliance files. It never mentions the time I stared, palms pressed to the glass window, at a frigate almost dancing through space as it wove around other incoming ships. Never talks about how I whispered that one day I’d be flying one of those…only for a nearby soldier to laugh at me; at the crutches that were holding me up.

I proved them all wrong, but it still hurt. To know what you want most might never be possible because of something you couldn’t change.

I knew at first sight she’d be mine. Sleek, sloping curves, the way her engines purred. Right then and there, I knew the Normandy was the one. And that I’d have her one way or the other, at least once.

Guess it didn’t turn out too badly, did it? So yeah, you have a lot to live up to. So what if you aren’t the same? So what if you’ve got a different paint job?

You’re my girl, the same as she was.



Successor to the Normandy SR-1, and built by Cerberus, the SR-2 was recovered and upgraded by the Systems Alliance. In spite of its relatively small size, The Normandy is capable of enormous offence feats, equipped with Javelin Torpedoes, GARDIAN lasers, and the Thanix Cannon, a Reaper-based weapon.Even though defensively great, thanks to multi-core kinetic barriers ans silaris ablative armour, its strongest defence is based on its state-of-the-art stealth systems. Coupled with the tantalus drive core, and its Enhanced Defence Intelligence (EDI), The Normandy is the fastest, deadliest, and most advanced vessel in the Citadel Fleet. 

Day 2: Pictures Of You 

So of course we had to throw some angst in there.  Here’s Kaidan mourning Shepard after the Normandy SR-1 is destroyed.  I actually wrote a song at one point (because I’m a nerd like that) about the concept here, where Kaidan is basically drinking his sorrows away because he knows that, no matter how much he misses Shepard, they’re never coming back.  

Also I do have Day 3 written and I’ll post it in a little bit.

He still remembered the fire.  The explosions.  The screams and the blood, the bodies of their friends lost among the wreckage and floating freely in the nothingness of space.  

And Shepard.

It had been a year, and Kaidan still remembered them like it was yesterday. The shape of their face, the tone of their voice, the warmth of their skin…

But they were gone now.  Lost to the stars.  

He pulled out the hologram he kept of the two of them, a selfie taken in a quiet moment after they’d stopped Saren and Sovereign.  They both looked so happy there, at peace and in love.  

The fuzzy outlines of the hologram didn’t do Reyne any justice.  They were an awe inspiring figure and commanded respect from all who met them.  Kaidan never expected to fall in love with them, and he certainly didn’t expect that someone like Shepard could ever love him back.

He reached out toward the edges of the image as if he’d be able to touch Reyne again, feel them one last time.  He’d give anything to do so, or to hear them say his name, or see the constellations inside their eyes.  

But they were dead.  And they weren’t coming back.

He clicked off the hologram and put it back in his pocket.  

“You want another one?”  The bartender asked once he noticed Kaidan’s attention was no longer on the picture. “You look like you could use it.”

He nodded, and the bartender slid him another whiskey, which he downed in a single gulp.

“Why don’t you just leave the bottle?”  Kaidan asked. “I think I’ll be here a while…”

The Party

This is my first ever Mass Effect fan fiction, so please try to not be too hard on me, haha :)

Things to keep in mind:
•This takes place after the Destroy ending, but in this version the non-reaper synthetics survived.
•Shepard survived the Destroy ending, she was picked up by the Normandy and healed at Huerta Memorial.
•Thane is still alive, his story follows the PC Thane Mod’s story where his Kepral’s syndrome was treated and he received a lung transplant. However, Shepard has not seen or been contacted by Thane since the transplant & since Earth.
•The party that takes place in the Citadel DLC is happening now, post-Earth instead of before it.
•This story contains a tiny bit of cursing.


She glanced up. She had been standing silently, arms crossed, leaned up against the wall near her desk. Her gaze never left her private terminal, pleading internally that she would see that green light blinking.

“You’re missing the party, Shepard. Come out and join us.” Garrus said.

This party had not been Shepard’s idea, but for some reason several of her friends absolutely insisted on it. Shepard reasoned it must be to get her to socialize after everything she had been through.

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