Log #17:
Normans powers seem to increase and fluctuate the most while he’s sleeping. Most noticeable changes seem to be “floating” with his favourite pillow And sometimes small mirrors or alarm clocks seem to levitate off the table and begin to move around his sleeping form as if he is the centre of the rooms gravity.

I’ve also learned that when things are dripping in this “spectral energy” it’s best not to touch it. (Still recovering from second degree burns… On my chest.)

Was going to have a short story with this, but I’ve been sick like a dog for the past few days… so I’ll post the illustration now and then maybe later when I’m feeling better I’ll finish the story.

Also I feel its important to say that though I drew this, my lil sis @pathetic-rainbow coloured it in. I think she did a pretty good job! 👌🏻

More Than Lucky

Disclaimer: I only own the story and my OCs.

Lucky. That’s the word the twelve-year old medium would use to describe his situation. Really, there is no other word that fits his current state more than lucky.

Just a few years ago, he is a freak, an outcast, a loner, a weirdo. He has no (living) friends, every bully in town picks on him, even his own father doesn’t want to even begin to understand his gift. But now? Now, you could say that things have gotten a little better.

Okay, a lot better.

Now, he is sitting on a worn old couch, in one of the hottest day of the summer, inside a tourist trap run by a greedy old man, situated in a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a bunch of kids that he met a few weeks ago. And he hopes he will keep meeting them till the day he dies. Maybe, even beyond.

He sweeps his gaze across the tourist trap’s living room, watching the antics of seven pre-teens, remembering the events of that fateful day with silent gratitude. All eight of them met through not-so-conventional means; four of them broke down just outside a sleepy little town, two are chasing an evil mastermind to said town, and two are staying in said town when they are attacked by said evil mastermind.

Yeah, nothing conventional about that.

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tomriddlery-blog  asked:

so in my environmental science class we got a pet comb jellyfish and we are in the process of naming it. my teacher want to name it something relating to jelly or combs. i was talking to a friend and the only things we have so far are "google chromb" and "sean combs" but then we were like "sonnet likes puns! let's ask her!" so i was wondering if you had any ideas for comb jellyfish names?

Combstuck is all I got I’m sorry 

normanbabcock replied to your post: Do you have a gf? Or a girl you are crushing on?

is this really how you are going to break it to me, your loving niece, that you and my other aunt have divorced? i’m upset. who will take christmas card pictures with us now?

I have an idea: let’s keep family matters to ourselves and not ruin your aunt’s chances of leaving single life behind in a dark alley to die… as my niece, you have to try and keep things on the dl. <3 

i felt like there are so many people who deserve kudos for being so great and lovely and awesome, so i’m making my own follow forever. you guys really make my dash a place that i can truly enjoy and i don’t know what it’d look like without you! i included new and old mutuals alike, as well as a couple non-mutuals, just because all of you guys come together to make my dash what it is.


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🎁 The Gifts that Keep Giving: People Who Deal with Me More Than I Deserve 🎁

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