Beloved comic actor, favourite of the Royal Family and notorious for pushing the boundaries of protocol, Sir Norman Wisdom causes mischief during Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to the Isle of Man in 2003, where he spent the last three decades of his life. 

The cheeky 88-year-old comedian convinced the Queen to pose with him in front of photographers and also suggested that she try some cheese, to which she declined and showed him a sample that she had been given as a gift. Determined to have a longer chat with the Queen, Norman later crept up and touched her arm, breaking royal protocol in doing so, and kept a firm grip of her hand… for a good while.

(Norman Wisdom: His Story)

When he went to get his honour, Prince Philip met him and everyone’s waiting in this big room for the Queen to appear. And Prince Philip came over to us and said “Hello Norman, how are you doing?” […] then all of a sudden there was a [fanfare]. You know, the trumpet going off. And Norman said “What’s that?” and Prince Philip said “Oh, that’ll be the Queen”. And Norman said “Bloody hell, she can’t half play that trumpet, can she?”
—  Ricky Tomlinson, actor best known from The Royle Family, and friend of Norman Wisdom.