norman, oklahoma

“The OU water tower, at sunset.”

I get some pretty specific requests.

Are you a transplanted Okie? Are you from somewhere else and just have a really nice memory about your stay here? Let me know. If I’m nearby and your request doesn’t put my life at risk (within reason) I’ll be happy to see what I can do for you.



We are looking for someone clean, friendly, and not likely to harvest our organs, to move in at the beginning of August at The Edge in Norman. This apartment is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom place. It’s also a CO-ED apartment, and you must be comfortable living with an adorable well behaved cat.

The rent is $340 + utilities for your bedroom.

Washer/dryer, dishwasher available in unit.

Swimming pool, hot tub, exercise room also available.

Spitting distance from campus.

If interested please contact Chris ASAP by calling or texting xxx-xxx-xxxx (call any time after 4pm on weekdays and any time on weekends).

(Fireplace not included).

Let the roommate search commence!

One glance at the (old) entrance to the Bizzell Memorial Library and there’s no question as to how it was named one of Campus Grotto’s “Most Beautiful College Campus Libraries” right along such notable competition as Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and Johns Hopkins University. With its striking Gothic architecture, the old library entrance is framed is gorgeous, historically relevant statues. 

In the center, above the door, stands William Bennett Bizzell, the university’s 5th president, arguably the most prolific builder in the school’s first century, and also from whom the library takes its name.

To the left of the door stands Jesse Lee Rader, one of the founding members of the Oklahoma Library Association, and the man responsible for proving the need for and laying the foundation of the university’s School of Library Science.

To the right of the door stands Doris W. Neustadt. With her lifetime interest in education she was instrumental in establishing the Neustadt International Prize for Literature, and in her honor the recent addition to the Bizzell Library at the University of Oklahoma was designated as the Doris W. Neustadt Wing.


I drove to Norman, Oklahoma.

I had Jasmine tea.
I went on a lovely walk holding hands with a fine example of a human
Had kisses in a richly book populated library built in an alleged “Cherokee Gothic” style of architecture.
Played around with some willow trees.
Visited a grocery store called “The Earth” where I picked up some skullcap, turkish figs, and Nag Champa(also had some kisses there).
Walked back to a lovely and beautiful home not far from there.
Enjoyed some Yerba Mate tea while my host made a delicious curry and veggies.
Got a little bit sick(from celiacs disease stuff which I’m use to) and cuddled for a good couple of hours until I felt better.

Yesterday was all enjoyed in the Autumn air with a kind hearted fellow.

That was the best start to a week I’ve ever had. 

Norman Regional Hospital, Oklahoma

Incredibly rude, cissexist, and ableist. Several trips to the ER complaining of chest pains only invited suggestions that “the pain was in my head”, made up, or that I was craving attention. They do not run vital testing and instead try to rush you out as soon as they decide that there is nothing wrong with you. On one occasion, I went to go see my grandfather in the hospital (a victim of two major strokes, so he’s usually unresponsive and not able to form words or complain), and found that they had left a tourniquet on his arm for five hours. If you are in the Oklahoma metro area, I suggest you make the drive up to OKC and go to Saint Anthony’s or Presbyterian, or Children’s if you’re under 18 (they’re fantastic!)

Call for Queer and Woman-Identified Artists!
Norman Queer Alliance is organizing its annual Queer and Women’s Art Show and we are looking for artists who want to put their work in the show! The tentative details: November 11th (which will take place during the 2nd Friday Art Walk) at Downtown Sound. We need all artists who would like to be involved to give us a short artist bio by October 15th for the brochure we will have at the show, so that is the deadline for artist commitment. Please e-mail us at as soon as possible if you’d like to participate and we’ll contact you with more information. We can’t wait to hear from you and eventually see your awesome work! Make sure to tell your friends who may be interested, as well!

5️⃣things you may not have known about Dr. Martin Luther King 👑 Jr. #MLK @history (at Norman, Oklahoma)

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“My grandmother has been an amazing influence on every part of my life. She’s always been this driving force in our family. When her Alzheimer’s set in, it hit me pretty hard…”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, I look a lot like my grandfather and I sort of triggered negative emotional responses from her, so I was told I shouldn’t be around her. Several years passed and they thought it might be okay for me to see her.”

“What happened?”

“She didn’t recognize me. At all. She could name off 15, 16 of my relatives in the room with us, but not me. She said she felt sad because everyone tried to tell her who I was. She came up to me later and said "I’m sorry I don’t remember.” “It’s okay.” I replied. Then she stroked my face and said, “Such a handsome man. I hear you have a cafe. I know some recipes you should have.”

Looking in Oklahoma

Location:Oklahoma City
Role:Daddy Dom
Preferred role of your partner:submissive/Babygirl 
Preferred age of your partner:18-38
What you’re looking for in a partner:Irl and local…my forever Babygirl 
About you:I am looking for a sweet babygirl or little that is from Oklahoma ages 18-38. Preferably local,meaning Moore,Oklahoma City,Norman. Any place that’s not ridiculously far away. I am very much wanting a serious relationship and am looking foward to getting one. Message and add me and we can talk.
How to contact you:Add and message me.