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In the halls of higher learning there is much more that takes place than mastering the eloquence of crafted prose and the memorization of physical constructs. The true education takes place in growth and understanding of a world which extends far beyond the boundaries of our youth. It’s in these halls where we can begin the process of discovering the unique roads meant for each us. It’s a great beginning to an amazing adventure.


This is Sky. I rescued her in an airfield, in the country, contacted the rescue I work for, and we were on our way to the ER Vet. She was very anemic. Gums as about as white as herself. So dehydrated. She could barely stand on her own. Every single bone in her body was visible: hips, ribs, spine, you name it.

At the vet, she got an immediate blood transfusion and fluids. She was so anemic because she had - literally - 1,000’s of ticks attached to her, 90% of them full of her blood. She weighed TWENTY FIVE LBS, when we believe she is a husky/lab mix, she should weigh at LEAST TWICE that amount. Our hearts were broken.

Sky is now drinking on her own (without added food!), after refusing to drink water unless we soaked her food. We are feeding her small meals every two hours and she is now able to stay out longer to go potty, rather than going out to pee, maybe poo, and then collapse of exhaustion. Please pray for Sky! She is the SWEETEST, and will be available for adoption through Annie’s Rescue Foundation in Norman, Oklahoma when she is healthy and ready. If you would like to donate to her care, you can message me personally. - Taylor

Myself and a friend about to go out to the Norman Renaissance Fair last April (2011). I made the drow (dark elf) costume myself from a pattern, making a few alterations. The rest of it I pieced together from stuff I already had. It was my first attempt at sewing so I think it came out rather nicely. I’m cosplaying my original character, Shyntana. :)

Shyntana Gode'ar © to Cari Jo Elliott

“So, on a scale of one-to-ten…?”

“Oh, this is nothin’. This is just tricky because of the way the truck is balanced over the culvert.”

“So this isn’t bad?”

“Nah, I’ve seen loads worse than this. I’ve had jobs where all we could do was to wrap chains around the body and pull. Wrecks are usually bad; fatalities are the worst.”

“What’s the best part of the job?”

“Well, I’ve been doing it for more'n a decade. I mean, it’s been a good profession for me. No two calls are the same. You get to use your imagination a lot on a vehicle recovery, like this one.”

“What’s the hardest part?”

“Well, you never pull up on someone havin’ the best day of their life…”

“By the end of the Seven Years War British infantry regiments had cemented their long-standing reputation for being among the most formidable practitioners of fire tactics in Europe. Yet against the shaky American rebels, Crown commanders instead relied overwhelmingly upon shock tactics to deliver quick and cheap tactical decisions. This meant that British musketry was most commonly delivered in combat in America in the form of general volleys, which the troops threw in immediately prior to the bayonet charge.”

- Matthew H. Spring, With Zeal and with Bayonets Only (Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 2011), p. 214 - 215.

wherethewavestakesme  asked:

I'm from a really conservative country but this year I'm going to Uni. in Portland, Oreg. which is pretty liberal. Any tips on how to make the transition of having to continuously hide to being a lot more open and comfortable with myself? P.S. Thank you for making me feel like I was normal when everyone around me was telling me that I wasn't :)

Oh my gosh how exciting!! Congrats on the move and going to University!

When I fully came out I had just moved from Norman, Oklahoma back to my hometown of Dallas, Texas. 8 months after that I moved to Los Angeles, California… doesn’t get too much more liberal than that. So basically I could not relate more to your situation.

It was such a huge change and such a FUN change. I know I’ve said this already in the Q&A but be patient with yourself. It’s okay if it takes you some time to ease into just being fully open. Most of all.. embrace it. You’re so lucky to get to see a different part of the world, it’s going to open your mind so much, not only to who you are but to so many other beautiful differences that make humans human. I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

The Front Door


In the early fall of 2010 I moved in with two of my good friends into a small house located directly on the second busiest street in Norman, Oklahoma. The house was tiny, only about as big as a combined kitchen and living room in a standard lower income home. The house had two bedrooms on either side of the living room, one bathroom in one of the bedrooms, a very cramped kitchen and no hallways. In fact, the house was so small that if you turned on the light in the living room you could see very clearly in all of the other rooms. I immediately hated this house, but knew I would either be staying there or be forced to move back to my hometown, something which, at the time, I was vehemently against.

Of course, it was only about a month after moving in that I would end up changing my mind about my hometown.

It was around two in the morning and I had just been dropped off by some friends from a party. One of my roommates was already home and in bed, the other was staying at his girlfriends place and his door was closed, and so I was left alone in my living room/bed room. I decided it might be a good idea to go to bed, seeing as I had work the next day, so as usual with bedtime ritual I turned on the T.V., stripped down to my underwear and laid down. In what seemed like a second I was dreaming.

In the dream, I was laying on the couch just as I had fallen asleep. Everything in the room was an exact copy of how I had left the room when I had fallen asleep, this even extended to the way my keys were positioned on the table, the only difference was that the TV was off, causing the room to be completely dark except the glare coming from the streetlight outside. I quickly decided to rectify this and reached for the remote, pressing the on button, there was no response.

I checked the back of the remote to make sure the batteries were in, they were. I pressed the on button again, no response.

I quickly pulled the back flap off of the remote and switched the batteries around. Pressed the on button again, no response.

Finally, I decided to get up and turn the television on myself. This is where the dream started to get troubling. I was for some reason rooted to the couch, as if the couch itself were stitched to my body. I pulled and pulled trying to remove myself but it wouldn’t give. This is when I realized that I was dreaming, so resigned to my fate I decided to just settle in and let it take me where it wanted to.

I laid there for what seemed like hours with nothing happening just counting staring at the ceiling. I was about to close my eyes as hard as a could, a trick that I had used as a child to wake me up from lucid dreaming, when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. The front door had begun to open very slowly, I focused my eyes onto it, it seemed like minutes as the door made it’s slow trudge. Then I began to notice a hand, at the very top of the door, pushing it very slowly until a leg emerged into the frame. The door began to move much quicker then, the leg was quickly followed by another and then the body.

I stared in horror at the creature in front of me, it was large, stooping to move into the door way, it’s thin hand pushing on the wall and the door to move the rest of itself into the house. I was whimpering by this time, even though I knew I was dreaming I could feel tears running hot down my face. Finally the creature was able to make the final push as it’s face came into view, and though I can’t remember it, it must have been truly terrifying because a scream was ripped from my body, shaking me all through.

I awoke to a slamming as my roommate ran into the living room brandishing an old axe handle, he looked terrified as well, staring at me. I thought my screaming must have been the cause so I began to sit up to apologize and that was when I noticed the large, framed poster that had hung by the front door had fallen and the door was swinging back open as if it had just been slammed.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 9/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!
What was the Tarascan Government like? • /r/AskHistorians
What were its subdivisions? Were posts hereditary? Was it centralized or more of a tributary system? I couldn't find much information on each of these on the internet.

My fellow West Mexican grad student, Ucumu, answered this question today.

We have piecemeal information from historical and archaeological sources. It changed over time from a loosely organized hegemonic power to a centralized state with a large bureaucracy.

Before the Empire

Prior to the formation of the empire, P'urépecha governments were organized around units roughly equivalent to city-states. The indigenous term, according to Gilberti (1983) is ireta, and the ruler was known as the irecha. Each ireta was composed of smaller units variously called “barrios,” wards, districts, or neighborhoods. The indigenous term for these units was uapátzequa (singular), or uapatzéquecha (plural) (Gilberti 1983; Van Zantwijk 1967). The uapátzequa was a political unit below the larger city-state government that included both nobles and commoners. Membership in them was likely hereditary (it is among modern P'urépecha, see Van Zantwijk 1967). Lesser levels of the nobility may have been heads of the uapanéquecha. A key insight made by some colonial administrators in the Relaciones Geográficas is that the P'urépecha, like the Aztecs, may not have differentiated between rural and urban components of city-states. So a uapátzequa may be a neighborhood within a city, or a suburb, or a completely separate town on the outskirts of the city’s territory. Regardless, each had its own local council that managed local affairs such as marriages between residents or land disputes.

Smaller informal subdivisions likely also existed within the larger neighborhood-level units. Additionally, there were also likely some form of trade guilds that managed the production of certain crafts like stone masons and the weaving of reed mats. These kinds of organizations exist today within modern P'urépecha villages (Van Zantwijk 1967), and there are similar organizations implied in the Relacion de Michoacán (Acalá 2013).

The ruling dynasty of each ireta was inherited patrilineally. The royal lineage claimed much of their authority from control over sacred religious idols of the city’s patron deity (Beltrán 1982). The actual position of Irecha was likely elected among the dynasty’s heirs (Beltrán 1982). As depicted in the Relacion de Micoacán (Acalá 2013), the second most powerful ruler of the city was the petámuti or high priest. The priesthood was also hereditary (Warren 1985) and had their own bureaucracy, although the relationship between the priesthood and neighborhood institutions is poorly understood.

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