I am just so fucking tired of how much....

This fandom hates on Camila. The girl can’t do anything without being hated on by her own fucking fans. It makes me sick. We are supposed to be the ones who support and love her, not the ones who bring her down and make her feel like shit.
Camila does everything to make us happy, she has always a genuine smile on her face every time she sees a fan, she loves us unconditionally. And how do we pay her back, hating on her.
You know, it sucks when you get hate but it must suck a whole more when it comes from your own fans. Y'all need to get your shit together and stop hating on one of the best things to ever happen to us.
You can’t just trend #WeLoveYouCamila and two days later hate on her again for something. You love her? Fucking prove it. Support her.

Camila is a sensitive girl this kind of shit gets to her. Y'all making my baby cry and that’s not fucking cool.