norbuck: And so my journey with PRETTY LITTLE LIARS has come to an end. I have completed my final episode. I am so grateful to these five ladies and the entire cast, to all of the writers, to all of the crew, to my entire PLL family. During the most difficult months of my life this wonderful group of people showed up for me in my time of need. They surrounded me with so much love, lifted me up, and reminded me that I have a most fortunate existence. I will miss seeing everyone on this show in this context, but they are my family. I love them all with my whole heart! I hope I will continue to see everyone down the road for many years to come. And now onwards!

[SUMMARY: Mindy is one of Negans wives, who comes to Alexandria with Negan to collect their share of supplies only to end up secretly hooking up with Daryl.]


Daryl and Mindy.

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“Daryl is one of the only people in that group that Carol can really, really be vulnerable with like that and to say, "no, I’m not okay,” and to see that mask really go. It’s great to see them together in this episode because we haven’t seen much interaction with them through this season, very much. Part of that, I would imagine is, well, for Carol it would be very hard for her to wear that mask that gives her some comfort right now and she can separate herself from the dirty deeds of killing she’s had to do. IT’S EASIER DOING THAT WITHOUT DARYL LOOKING AT HER. He doesn’t really known this one and to see him looking at her with the cardigan and all that, it would make her very uncomfortable and difficult to wear that mask.“

-The brilliantly talented and truly sublime Melissa McBride on Carol and Daryl in S6.

Melissa GETS her character and Carol’s relationship with Daryl in such a beautifully stripped down way, it makes my heart ache.