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Top 10 Things To Remember Before The SDCC 2015 - The CARYL Edition

10. The SDCC is a PR Event, specifically set up to garner attention, buzz, talk, controversy and stir up the masses. It’s essentially a semi-organized show used to cater to fans in a more personal way and using its spoils to celebrate the fan experience. Its not specifically for TWD and while AMC is most likely supporting it, the decisions and the event design is not strictly controlled by them. 

The reason that’s important to know is because it indicates that what goes on there doesn’t have much accuracy when it comes to future storylines and therefore things that could imply spoilery indications are more than likely not. AMC and TWD guard spoiler information vehemently and go to great lengths to deflect from CANON prior to the season airing - the SDCC is not a place they would risk giving too much info to. 

*That means that certain characters grouped at panel is not a hint of a Season 6 love affair or conflict between them. 

9. Specific questions posed are always answered ambiguously without a definitive answer AND absolutely nothing you see and hear is 100% accurate or meant to lead towards certain CANON moments. 

It’s a game of the deflective lies instead of blatant ones because they want the element of surprise and they want the fans to think one way so they can shock them with the opposite. 

*In fact if they focus on something or talk about it too openly then it’s even less likely to be seen on screen. 

8. The cast answers question with TWD SHOW agenda in mind, therefore personal connotations towards the actors playing the characters are unfair and really help no one. What’s worse all it will do is make this fandom even more difficult to maneuver through, for US the fans. 

These people are there to promote their “job” and are not responsible for plot lines or details created by TPTB and more than likely controlled through work contracts. Their answers and/or statements are set up to engage the fans in TWD world and get the masses interested, hyped and excited about what could be coming up next without actually revealing what the “next” actually is. 

It’s a PR created MIRAGE. 

*Personal behaviour is completely separate and since it’s not something I am too familiar with, I refrain from commenting on the subject because I don’t know or follow most of the actors outside their TWD characters and therefore I feel like my interpretation would simply be way too wrong to be helpful. 

7. The grouping or pairing up specific actors together or apart is not a product of chance but meticulously designed by TPTB to both get people talking about a possible storyline or to deflect from the certainty of another. 

Everything is controlled and even the seating arrangements have known to be pre-arranged and used to serve a marketing agenda. 

Last year EK was attached to NR at the SDCC to both promote Beth’s 5A storyline and Daryl’s search for her after the kidnapping. 
Also last year, during the main panel the cast quite obviously had pre-arranged seating based on the mini groups scattered after the Prison was destroyed in 4B. 

Maximize exposure and maximize association for the buzz and talk to continue throughout the hiatus. 


6. The sheer number of media coverage and other projects the cast might have going at the same time and at the same event, also influences the way the pairings end up at the end. 

Having Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus so separated during the SDCC last year obviously had no bearing on their screen time because despite the ‘disconnect’ there, Carol and Daryl were practically joined at the hip in Season 5 and their storyline overlapped more than ever. 

*That being said McReedus did release a few rather delightful backstage “personal” pics on the way to SDCC and then on the way back as well. 

5. The trailers can be extremely misleading and since the main trailer is usually based on the first 2-4 episodes, the lack of “inclusion” of certain characters in it, doesn’t mean that our favourites are being purposely 'hidden’ or that their absence is to be taken as a negative. 

With such a large cast and limited amount of material used there just might not have been enough scenes to splice and feature them equally OR they might not have had a big part in that particular episode. 

*Last year Carol wasn’t very prominent in the Season 5 trailer and when Gale Anne Hurd was asked she directed the fans to enlarge the still images because Carol was definitely in the shots (parts of her!) but perhaps was missed by us in the midst of so many action shots. 

“If you are able to blow [the video] up, I think you’ll be able to see her, or at least part of her,” she says.“ Gale Anne Hurd  

After Season 5 I think it’s fair to say that Carol had a huge presence and was involved in almost every major storyline TWD had, which is something the SDCC trailer several downplayed. 

4. The promotional material for TWD, including the trailer and the posters, are designed to create an impression or an overall theme to the Season. 

What that means is that the connotation of the scenes they chose to use or images they chose to "advertise” with are usually manipulated and given a certain tone to reflect the message the audience is suppose to get. Innocent scenes and interludes flashing on the screen can easily be taken out of context and are known to set off a chain of assumptions and predictions that usually completely wrong or off-base. 

*Remember in the Season 4 trailer we were shown a scene where Michonne gives Rick the razor and says “You are losing the war”.…..which actually ended up being a joke about Ricks “no shaving” policy and not an actual “war” most people predicted… 
They messed with us and many of us bought it hook-line-and-sinker! 

**My policy is to always only trust what you see ON-SCREEN but the SDCC is a vehement exception to the rule. 

3. The Season Of TROLLING Begins! 

This is the part that usually causes the most conflict and the most contention within the fandom. The SDCC is the epicentre and in a way represents the start of the" trolling" period, designed to torture, frustrate and confuse the heck out of all us! 

It’s easy to say IGNORE and advise people to brush it off BUT I know that no matter how many times I try to remember that, my emotions eventually get involved and the annoyance creeps in. 

*Fortunately I have actual examples to think about to make things a bit more reassuring; 

Last year the SDCC was a cesspool of trolling connected to the other ship and that pattern continued throughout the hiatus as well - things like “getting closer”, “something special could be happening” or that GN interview, sent rather unpleasant shockwaves around here. 

What we didn’t know then, we all know now and that is that all that “possible romance” talk resulted in 0 B*ethyl scenes, no emotional revelations on either side and a reunion consisting of a shoulder pat….basically nothing! 

*I am hoping that this year that particular experience will help us remember that if “trolling” occurs during the SDCC (regardless of the pairing) that the chances of any of it actually making it on-screen are slim to none. 

2. Norman Reedus IS NOT Daryl Dixon (repeat bazillion times) 

Norman Reedus has a playful personality and he for better or worse tries to cater to the fandom as a whole BUT unfortunately that tends to blow up in his face often and in his quest to please everyone, he ends up pissing off a huge chunk of the audience… 

He likes to tease, to play things up and attract attention with the things he does and says. The majority of what he alludes to, hints or interprets doesn’t play out the way he says it should on-screen AND therefore I tend to take pretty much everything he says with a grain of salt. 

Just remember he is an actor on the show, meaning that while he can somewhat influence the storyline, he doesn’t dictate it and he is not the final authority on the subject. 

Chances are he might end up teasing or “trolling” at the SDCC once again but just like with the other “trolling” incidents, WE have to remember that on-screen CANON moments are not going to come from Norman at a panel or an interview. 

They aren’t allowed to. 

*Norman Reedus has said himself that Daryl romance has become a huge deal and when he is asked about the possibilities the responses are always open-ended - NEVER SAY NEVER! 
It doesn’t matter if they ask him about Carol or Michonne or Aaaron or even Eugene - he can’t tell the TRUTH and chances are he doesn’t even know! 

1. Keep Things In Perspective 

The SDCC is an event meant to get fans excited, whip them into a frenzy and promote EVERYTHING! None of this is personal and we can’t take it as such - pure PR Marketing at work and seeing glimpse and pieces trickling in on the internet, is not really enough to judge the situation or the decisions being made there. 

We don’t have the whole picture and therefore we shouldnt worry ourselves with it. 

This is a fan celebration and a chance to see a little more of our favourite characters before the new season starts - we can’t let negativity and people who will undoubtedly try to use the “trolling spoils” to cause drama, ruin or upset our excitement to enjoy something we love. 

It’s all pretend anyways - it’s a MIRAGE peeps! 

*Also if NR says CARYL is going canon I quit because if it comes out at panel like that, we are pretty much guaranteed to never see it on screen…