Open Your Eyes: Pt. 2

Summary:  When the reader gets hurt as she and Daryl Dixon attempt to find the missing Beth, it’s up to him to save her, but he just can’t get her to wake up.  What he doesn’t know is that she can hear every word he says as she sleeps.  When he makes a surprising confession, will she finally open her eyes?

Pairing:  Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings:  Language

Author’s Note:  This is a second part to my original one-shot as requested by @cutiepiemimi13 - I’m sorry it’s taken so long and I hope you like it!

‘Can we get a part 2 on this like making it back to the group or something just fluff‘

‘We need to go.’

Daryl was sitting on the window ledge, staring out into the early morning gloom when your voice broke the silence, dragging his attention to where you lay on the bottom bunk, your leg bandaged in shreds of ripped sheets.

‘Ya can’t walk, Y/N.’

‘I can try.’

‘Yer gon’ hurt yerself.’

You sighed, and forced yourself into a sitting position, spinning round until you could press your feet against the floor and tentatively ease yourself upright. Taking a deep breath, you began to move slowly, crossing the room with grim determination on your face.  Every step hurt.  Your shin, badly injured in the accident, sent jolts of pain up your leg each time you rested your weight on it, but you were doing it.  When you finally reached the archer, his look of concern made your stomach dip, and you held out your arms to him, waiting for him to slide off the sill and pull you into his chest.

‘Yer damn stupid.’

‘You love me though.’

‘I do.  Which is why we ain’t goin’ nowhere till I’m sure ya can make it. It’s dangerous out there.  The place is crawlin’ with walkers ‘n’ I can’t carry you and keep ‘em off us.’  This was new for the two of you, and you could feel Daryl’s body tense beneath your hands as you smoothed your fingers over the solid planes of his chest.  He did love you.  You still couldn’t quite believe it.  But it was making him make bad choices and you growled a little under your breath as you fought to keep your frustration under control.

‘We came here for Beth, Daryl.  We know she’s here somewhere, and every second we sit here, she’s running out of time.  I’m no use to you like this, but if we can get back to the group, I can rest up there and you can bring some of the others back.’

‘I don’t…’ He tailed off. ‘I ain’t gon’ risk yer life like that.’

‘And it isn’t just as much of a risk to stay here?’  You changed tack, trying to highlight to him the impracticality of remaining where you were.  ‘You said it yourself, the city is crawling with the undead, plus those creepy white cross car guys are obviously nearby. What if they find us before we find them?’

‘They won’t.’

‘You don’t know that.’

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Ride a cowboy, save a horse

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 "The thing about Andy is he’s got no coordination at all, whatsoever. Zero. So, Jeffrey Dean Morgan calls me and he goes, ‘Tonight’s gonna suck.’ I’m like, 'Why?’ He goes, 'Because I have the big fight scene with Andy. He’s gonna punch me in the face. He’s gonna drink a lot of coffee. He’s gonna get super excited. He’s gonna punch me in the face.’

Andy has no coordination. The thing is, he does it, and then he completely denies that he did. Jeff’s on the phone, he’s going, 'Man, he’s gonna punch me in the nose.’ Then, my other line rings and it’s Andy going, 'Okay, so tonight, I’m getting ready, I’m gonna add a karate kick, and I’m gonna chop him and I’m gonna throw it, and I’m do all this stuff!’ I was like, 'Where are you?’ He’s like, 'I’m driving to set!’ I’m like dude, 'It’s four o'clock. It’s a night shoot we don’t have to be there til eight!’ He’s like, 'Yeah, I’m gonna get there early!’ And he’s drinking coffee. And so I go, ‘Can you hold on a second?’, [click, click to Jeffrey], ’Dude, you are so screwed.’ And then I get a text in the middle of the night and it’s Jeff with a band-aid on his nose with an ice pack. Yeah, he punched him in the nose, fractured his nose.“ - Norman Reedus

You can all like Negan as much as you’d like, as is your right but DO NOT try and make him seem like something he is not. He’s a villain, don’t try and make him anything other than that. Idc if his bat is named after his wife or his mommy. He doesn’t get a pat on the back for owning up to something that was his fault or feeling bad that Carl, a kid, died. He is not a good person his entire history proves that. He said “punishment is how we built everything we have.” He knew Simon had boys over the age of 10 executed & still made him his right hand man says a lot about who he is. The people he doesn’t kill become slaves so, let’s not applaud him for “sparing” them. He takes pictures of bashed brains. He tortures and manipulates people who are not submissive. He said himself that if you don’t obey you’re gonna wish you were dead or actually be dead. He laughs, smiles and jokes while he kills. So you can like him all you want, but don’t try to make it seem like whatever semblance of a heart he had before the apocalypse is intact now. Any sort of decency doesn’t take away from his actions but more importantly the malicious INTENT behind those actions.