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The homies over at Team Mids made the RAWEST of raw runs!


Skateboarding: Town Hall. Norman Plante goes large on 83a Otang Baluts. Fun fact: Norm is goofy. A lot / most of this is switch. -MG

Roundtable Gimple on Richonne


ONE OF THE BIGGER THEMES AT THE ROUNDTABLE WAS THE POSSIBILITY OF A BIT OF ROMANCE BETWEEN RICK AND MICHONNE, something it would seem has been in the works for quite a while if you take a step back and look at it. Producer Scott Gimple elaborates on the the relationship between the two, adding that Norman Reedus’ kiss with Danai Gurira helped spark the idea:

“When Norman planted one on Danai in B-Roll, we got a whole lot of texts about that. They have a very intimate relationship, Michonne and Rick. They’re really intimate. They’ve done things for each other to form a deep, deep, deep friendship. They have an incredibly intimate relationship right now, and where that goes who knows?”

Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln both echoed these sentiments, with Gurira noting that she wants Michonne to get some at some point in the show:

“I think it’s cool. What it shows is there’s a palpable true friendship there that is what I treasure about Michonne’s relationship. He really challenged her to step out and ask, “who are you going to be right now?”

Lincoln felt the same way, noting the similarities in their character qualities and the path they’ve taken to get to this point in the show (plenty of loss, plenty of pain, plenty of changes):

“The thing I love about playing scenes with Danai is they have this kind of jokiness to them. A gallows humor that is a bit cowboy. They’re both warriors and she’s the kind of person that can take the piss out of Rick. There aren’t that many people in the apocalypse, so maybe when everyone’s dead and there’s me and her, lets get it on.”

Sorry, I put so much in bold, but so much deserved BOLD.  I hope we get videos of these answers.   Personally, I liked Gimple’s comment. I can believe they got text comments on NR kissing Danai like that. I feel a text message meme coming on, how about you?