norman island

Ad for from B-Club Vol. 8, 1986.

The Zakus are neat, but I love seeing an ad for  SD Horror World figures.

The Thing must have been pretty popular in Japan. And since when is The Fly called “flea man”? Why is Norman Bates just called “Psycho”? I also like how they danced around the legality of using Alfred Hitchcock’s likeness by calling him “Ojisan”. 


“The Ohio in the Malta convoy, 10-15 August 1942,” by Norman Wilkinson

The strategically placed island of Malta (then base of the British Mediterranean Fleet), could only hold out if supplied by convoy. By August 1942, its situation was desperate, especially in terms of fuel. ‘Operation Pedestal’ was a huge armed convoy sent to relieve it under heavy enemy attack. Many ships were lost but, although in near-sinking condition, the tanker ’Ohio’ - the only one carrying vital kerosene and diesel oil - finally got through. It arrived on the Feast of the Assumption, which the Maltese people saw as a sign of divine intervention.

Spotted beauty by fabdlp65 Whilst snorkelling off Norman Island at sunset I was so fortunate to see this spotted eagle ray hunting for his dinner. he wingspan was over a metre and his tail at least 3 metres. My first ever sighting of this beauty.