norman is just amazing

I am just not done talking about this Norman Reedus picture this yet. First of all, it’s just visually stunning. The combo of a frilly feminine shirt next to that perfect muscled arm is just a visual overload. But the other thing that is so beautiful here are the thoughts that must be going on behind it. Why? Why put that shirt on and why take this pic? And why post it everywhere? Because Norman Reedus is just simply an amazing human being. He’s not afraid to be himself. He’s this intoxicating combination of utter confidence and self-described awkwardness. He’s this motorcycle riding bad-ass that has a brand new show coming up. And he is still not afraid to do something like this. Is there more to it? Is it a shoutout of support for the transgendered community in the midst of the current national dialogue? Maybe. Probably. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about this man in the million interviews I’ve seen with him, it’s that he loves people. And he has a huge heart. And he has an insanely kind and affectionate soul. He is one of those people that just makes this whole planet a better place just be being here. I hope he knows the profound impact he’s had on so many people just by simply being himself.

Missing You || JDM

Summary: You haven’t seen your husband in months, due to him being away on press. After going to the spot that the two of you love the most, you get an interesting phone call.


Paring: Jeffrey x Female Reader

Words: 1767

Note: hello, familia! so, prettyepiic posted the gif above yesterday and I got hit with inspiration (*queue the rainbows and sparkles*). I wrote a small imagine for it, but then I was challenged to make it into a full fic so, here you are! grab your blankets and teddy bears, this one is hella fluffy! much love!

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“Umm… let me get the berrylicious iced tea. Hold on the sugar,” you asked, while digging into your purse. The cashier in front of you nodded and punched the buttons on their screen before telling you the total.

The smell of coffee and cookies filled the air and the sighs of people waiting in line behind you resounded in your ears.

It was lunch time in New York, and every little restaurant and coffee shop was filled with people looking to get something into their hungry bellies. This place, the Bean Boys coffee shop, was you and your husband’s favorite spot for midday treats. You remembered what he would always order.

“A coffee, black, one spoon of sugar. Oh and a cake pop,” he would say, always eyeing the sprinkled ones in the glass case. You’d scoff at his obsession with them.

“Jeff, you literally tasted half of one at a wedding once, and now you’re obsessed with them.”

“I can’t help it,” he’d answer, chuckling, “They’re just so– oh my.”

His face would light up every time that sprinkled little treat was handed to him. He swallow it in one bite, and you’d shake your head while taking your tea. He’d then take his coffee and you’d both sit at the same table, every time.

The cashier looked at you as your pulled the money from your wallet, but as you handed him the cash, you saw the cake pops sitting in their glass case. You pulled out one more dollar and smiled.

“Hand me one of the cake pops too.”

The cashier, taking the dollar, nodded and punched it into the computer. He answered with your new total and handed you your receipt.

Then he turned and took one from its case and handed it to you.

“Your drink will be out shortly.”

Nodding you walked over to the waiting spot.

Looking down at the cake pop you wondered how Jeffrey was able to fit the full thing in his mouth every time. It was huge! You decided to give it a try. Opening your mouth as wide as you could, you took a bite. Sprinkles fell all over your shirt and frosting covered your lips. You chuckled to yourself.

“Need a napkin?”

You looked over to see a woman handing you a brown napkin with the name of the coffee shop spread on the front. You made an awkward smile and swallowed, taking the napkin.

“Thanks,” you said. The woman nodded.

“My husband is obsessed with these things and I never understood how he could fit the whole thing in his mouth with one go,” you admitted. The woman, her blue eyes becoming cheerful, released a soft laugh.

“That’s funny,” she said, taking her drinks from the counter, “My husband loves their carrot cake! Every other day, like clockwork, he gets a craving for it.”

You chuckled with her as your drink was the next to be served. The woman was then handed a small container holding a slice of the carrot cake.

“Gotta hand this to the beast,” she joked.

You laughed along with her.

“Yeah, my husband is out of town so, I’m taking this one in his honor.”

“Where is he?”

“He’s on business,” you lied.

Actually, Jeff was out doing press for the next season of his show, The Walking Dead. It was widely popular, and one thing Jeff had warned you about earlier, was how emotions with his character were still running high. He was perceived as they evil prick who murdered some of the good guys.

But in full honesty, Negan was simply a man trying to survive and protect his people, no matter what it took. Very similar to his counterpart, Rick Grimes, if you said so yourself.

“Aww well, I hope he comes home safely,” the woman said, nodding to her husband who was sitting in a booth.

“It was nice talking to you,” she said. You returned the compliment and went your separate way, going to your favorite table.

It was the one, second to the corner, along the windows. It was perfect for people watching, which you and Jeff loved to do when adult conversations were just too boring. You’d both point out the weirdos who walked down the street and laugh at the crazy things that, well, only ever happened in New York.

You sat down and placed your bag on the floor, taking your phone out to place it on the table. Biting off the last of the cake pop, you slightly smiled and put the stick on a napkin next to you. You tasted the sweetness of your iced tea and felt at ease.

The day was bright and sunny, but the sounds of the shop seemed to get louder. More people kept coming in and forming an even longer line then before. Sighing, you went down to your purse to pull out your headphones.

You suddenly felt the table vibrate. You looked at the screen, to find your own face staring back at you, with the ID of ‘Norman Reedus’, showing at the top.

Norman was FaceTiming you.

You plugged in the headphones and made a face. He hasn’t ever FaceTimed you before, so maybe it was a mistake?

After sticking the ear buds in your ears, you answered it.

The call connected, but all you saw was a half black screen, and ceiling.

“Hello?” You asked.

There were voices coming through but, they were unfamiliar to you. You listened a little more carefully.

“What time is it?”

“Oh umm, 9:30.”

“With the 3 hour difference… she’s probably at Bean Boys.”

“What the fuck is Bean Boys?”

It was Norman, for sure, but the other person?

“You’ve never been to Bean Boys?!” said another voice in shock. It sounded like Jeff.


“Oh, dude. It’s a little coffee shop by our house. There’s coffee and snacks…. They have these amazing cake pops there!”

It’s Jeffery.

“Cake pops?”

You smirked and blushed a bit, turning up the volume on your headphones.

“Yes! They’re balls of cake, frosting, and sprinkles; (Y/N) gets them for me every time we go and ugh!”

Jeffrey groaned and you chuckled. You could just picture him slouching in his chair and rubbing his belly as he explained them to Norman. The phone moved and you could suddenly see Jeff, doing exactly that.

He was dressed in a jean jacket and grey shirt, sporting his favorite Ford hat. You smiled, missing him very much.

“Man, speaking of, I miss (Y/N),” he sighed, taking off his hat to fluff his hair.

“I know, you asshole, you’ve told me 7 million times today.”

“I have not,” Jeff replied, putting the hat back on and crossing his arms.

“Yes, you have. Every other sentence is: I miss (Y/N)… I miss (Y/N)’s cooking… I miss (Y/N)’s blah blah blah,” Norman mocked. Jeffrey made a face.

“We’re ready for you guys.”

Both of them looked up at a young and spunky girl who had bright blue hair. She smiled, a piercing sticking out of her top lip. It was beautiful on her, but you cringed, thinking about how badly that had to hurt. She also had a lanyard around her neck that had a graphic card on the front reading ‘SDCC Volunteer’, and a cut t-shirt that had a graphic of some band on the front. She motioned for them to follow her.

Jeff and Norman stood and began walking as their conversation continued.

“I love her and miss her,” Jeffrey started going, “I miss her kisses and her hugs, and I miss her hair, ohhh man her hair; it always smells so nice.”

Norman groaned.

“She also has this amazing smile that just leaves an impression on your brain, I can’t ever forget it.”

Jeffrey then went on and on, telling Norman how much he loved and missed you. Your heart fluttered as you heard him blab over you. He made dramatic hand motions as he told memories and Norman, being the brother he said he’d be for Jeff, listened to every word. You rested your chin in the palm of your hand and smiled, your eyes almost welling with tears.

You missed your cake pop loving husband.

The two of them talked a little more, before someone interrupted.

“Uhh, Norman want me to hold your phone while we take the pictures?”

“Oh, yeah, just once sec,” he said. Suddenly, the screen brightened and Norman brought the camera to Jeffrey. His face flushed red and his eyes grew wide.

“Hey,” you said, waving and laughing. Norman chuckled. Jeffrey’s hand went up in a hang 10.

“Hey, baby,” he said, annoyed. Norman laughed and smiled.

“I had her on here the whole time, bro!”

“What do you mean the whole time?” Jeffrey asked, is face getting even redder. You laughed out loud and smiled.

“It all started with the cake pops!”

Norman chuckled and Jeffrey snatched the phone from him.

“Give me that, you piece of shit,” he said jokingly. Jeffrey’s smile grew wide when he saw your face, and you blushed as he spoke.

“You know all those things I said were true, right?”

You nodded. “Of course, my love.”

Jeffrey smiled and kissed the camera.

“I miss you!”

“I miss you too! I got a cake pop today,” you said, showing in your cakeless stick. He laughed and started to go on about how badly he wanted one, and that he refused to eat anyone else’s but Bean Boys.

A few minutes went by as the two of you talked, and you could see flashes of light going off behind him. A woman came by with a makeup brush and she started powdering his cheekbones. He sighed.

“Honey, I have to go, but I love you and we’ll talk as soon as I get back to the hotel. I’ll call you!”

“Sounds good, hun,” you agreed, smiling. You said one last goodbye to Norman, before blowing a kiss to Jeffrey.

After the call ended, you felt your heart flutter even more. You couldn’t wait to see him again!

Standing to leave, you grabbed your bag. The line now was completely gone, the lunch time rush being over. The small room was now quieter and the only noise around was the air conditioner and a small radio that played in the corner of the shop, as well as a few people talking. Even the woman and her husband had left. You looked back and before leaving, looking at the counter.

Taking a few steps forward and handing the cashier some money, you smiled and spoke.

“One cake pop, please.”

Top 10 Reasons CARYL Is Not Over

10. Yin-Yang

The cyclical angst-reward pattern TWD has established and continued to repeat between Carol and Daryl almost from the very beginning of the series. The pendulum keeps swinging back and forth and it’s been like that for 5 seasons now. CARYL is one of the most important dynamics on TWD and the only thing that could erase it in a believable way is by removing one of them from the show altogether. They are both alive! 

9. It’s the Scott Gimple Show 

Gimple is not perfect and at first glance his way of story-telling can be ridiculously frustrating because he tends to drag everything out to the maximum and not just due to the ‘surprise-effect’ he wants to achieve with the audience. As the king of the 'slow-burn’, his long-term way of telling a story also maximizes the emotional impact of the point he’s trying to make. The holes we see and the way his trajectory veers off can be maddening but for the most part when he finally wraps things up, the finished product can actually be quite remarkable. 
Just look what he did with Carol in Seasons 4-5. 
Not to mention that even the most optimistic CARYL shipper predicted the CARYL reunion to be as emotionally satisfying as it was. 
Well Gimple set up that scene all the way back in 401 and went as far as saying that he tried to give Carol and Daryl a little more time together because HE KNEW he’d be separating them for a long time. 
Can you imagine what he could have been setting up in “Consumed”? 

8. The “Consumed” episode 

This was not a necessary episode for the plot to progress further. There was no reason to dedicate an entire 43 minutes to Daryl and Carol wandering around Atlanta, reconnecting, talking about “feelings” and basically just reminding the audience of just how AMAZING Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus are together. 
The fact that the reason they were out there in the first place, to get Beth back, wasn’t achieved successfully, only elevates the value of all the CARYL bonding in “Consumed”. 
Essentially they were in Atlanta to progress the CARYL relationship further and therefore “Consumed”, just like Carol and Daryl, was 'deeper than that’. 

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Chiller Theatre Con Report - Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery, Clifton Collins Jr and Jon Bernthal!

Let me start by saying this is one of the best cons I’ve ever been to. It was a tad disorganized, the line ups were insane and they had definitely not prepared for the amount of Reedus fans that came but this con seriously gave you a more private experience with meeting the person, in a small room with only a few other fans behind you. It’s not as loud or distracting and I found this to be quite awesome!
So the con was in Parsippany, NJ. I don’t live in NJ so I flew in from Toronto, ON, Canada to get to the con. My motivation to get to the con was to meet Norman. He’s my hero and I haven’t met him in the past, so we made it happen and booked a flight and hotel and here I was, Friday around 3pm, getting into a cab in Jersey and heading to the con.

At first glance, the Sheraton (where the con was held) looks like a castle. And it pretty much is, but it was a little hectic getting into the con at first. There were like four different giant line ups, and no one knew which line was for what! It was really confusing. We had bought preshow tickets ahead of time and couldn’t find the line to get our wristbands. Luckily, this was resolved fairly quickly and someone came and gave us the wristbands. The first thing I saw was this hugeeeeee line. It wrapped around the building. And the con hadn’t even began! Someone finally told me the line was to meet Norman, so I immediately got in line and waited. It was quite a long wait, two to three hours at the least. Totally worth every second of it for Norman though!

Finally, the line reaches the doors of the con and we’re allowed in. It’s about another 45 minutes until we get through the hall and around the corner to get into the room where Norman is. We get to the room where Norman is and we’re standing at the doorway. I can see him clearly, talking to another fan and of course I start freaking out. I forget what I wanted to say, start blushing, etc. and I just get incredibly nervous. I get up to where Sean Clark is and I’m a huge fan of him so I talked to him for quite a few minutes before it was my turn with Norman.

It’s my turn with Norman and I totally hesitate to walk up to him for a second. I completely thought I was going to make a giant fool of myself! I turn to my friend behind me and I say “I can’t do this,” and then I hear Norman’s voice behind me and I spin around quick. “Hey, get over here sweetheart!”
Oh my god. He called me sweetheart! What was I supposed to do? Despite my nerves, I went over to him and I was totally fangirling on the inside while attempting to remain cool on the outside.
To be quite honest with you, I’m not even sure what I said to him at first. I only remember it in bits and pieces! He shook my hand and said “hey there baby, what’s your name?” And thank god I actually could remember my name because it took me a second lmao. “I’m Jenny”, I know I said that. I remember telling him how I admire his photography and film work, and that he was incredibly talented and that he was my hero. He said he was flattered and hugged me so tight! (Best hug of my LIFE, I’m not gonna lie).

Then I told him that I had gifts for him (and boy did I ever, hahah). You could see his eyes light up at the word gifts! It was totally awesome.
A photo of all my gifts for Norman! Took this before I left Toronto

The first gift was a “we love you Norman” card that my friend and I had made! He loved it and flipped through it and promised he’d look at it later. The second thing I handed him was a portfolio of my artwork. He asked me “this is your artwork?!”
And when I said yes he high fived me and pointed at me. Ah, I just about died on the spot! He’s so adorable.

He opened it up and pulled out a drawing of my South Park version of him. He kept telling me how awesome it was and was thrilled that I had included his Cheap Trick shirt, his RayBans, and his bunny slippers (he couldn’t get over how cute it was that I included EITD! Ahhh!)

I then pulled out a hat I had made him that said #ReedusArmy on it.
He called it awesome and promptly took off the hat he was wearing and began adjusting my hat (whistling while he did so) and put it on!

I diiiiiiied. He’s so amazing! He hugged me tightly again and then I gave him more gifts - chocolate for him and cat toys for EITD! He said thank you and said “this is like Christmas!” before hugging me again and saying “thank you sweetheart!”.

I had him sign my Daryl and Merle duo action figure and he drew a heart next to my name. Swoooooooon. OMG.

They were rushing me along since I had already taken up a lot of time with him (woops) and he hugged me again before I left and whispered “thank you” in my ear. I turned to leave and he said “bye angelface!”

I’m deaaaaaad. Oh my god. He called me angelface. I’ll never forget that! I melted. He’s even more incredible in person! So sweet and sincere, truly loving to his fans. I couldn’t have had a better first experience.
Luckily the three hour line hadn’t cut into my photo op which was at 8:25pm. I had just met Norman around 8pm so we were cutting it pretty close but at least it all worked out. We got into line for the photo ops and the Chiller Theatre kept telling us to “hug the wall” because the hall leading to the photo op room was really tiny and there were a LOT of people in that hall. Apparently the fire marshall was threatening to shut it down.
I was waiting in the hall for about 25 minutes (yes, pressed up against the wall because I did NOT want to have the fire marshall come upstairs and shut down the photo sessions!). As I was standing there, I talked to the guy in front of me in line and we had a great conversation about our con experiences and such. Mid-conversation, I see a glimpse of someone coming up the back stairs and HOLY SHIT. It’s Sean Patrick Flanery. Ahhhhhhh, talk about freaking out! I didn’t know what to say to him as he walked past me so I was like “Oh my god! Hi! I’m a huge fan!” And then he looks me right in the eye and says “hey there darling” and winks. OH MY GOD. Dead. (How many times have I died from fangirl attacks at this con? Too many to count). The funny part is I turned back to face the guy I was talking to after SPF walked by, and then I saw another person walking up the stairs out of the corner of my eye. Words cannot even describe how bad I was freaking out. I never thought this would happen! It was NORMAN! He was walking right by me and I honestly did not know what to do. Hahaha, my friend said it was kind of funny to see my reaction. I sort of reached out and touched his arm and he looked at me and grinned. 😵❤️
By the time I was waiting in the doorway of the photo op room and could see Norman again, I was shaking. Not really so much nervous (now that I saw firsthand how comforting he is in person!) but more freaking out - in a good way. I had noooooo idea what I wanted to do for this photo op. Hadn’t thought it through. They brought me into the room and took my photo card and it was kind of amazing that it was just me, Norman and the photographer in this one tiny room. So intimate! I go up to him, completely unsure of what I wanted to do. He looked me right in the eye, right by my side and said “what should we do, babe?” 😵 talk about dead. OMG. I was all shy (and I’m not normally a shy person. Honestly) but somehow I worked up the nerve to say “can I kiss your cheek?” He agreed and pulled me towards him, arm around my neck as I kissed his cheek. Ahhhh. So amazing! He turned to say something to me, but the photographer told him “we don’t have time” and rushed me out. I will always wonder what he was going to say! Lmao.

As I was walking down the hallway after my photo op I swear I was on cloud nine! ❤️ totally glowing and everything from meeting him. He put the biggest smile on my face and I swear I was the happiest girl in the world that night.
Honestly, I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast that morning and it was nearly 9pm so we headed to have dinner, even though I was way too excited to eat. We get into an elevator and some guy spills beer inside my shoe before we make it to the ground level, so we get out of the elevator at a random floor and wait for the next one. The elevator opens and OMFG, guess who it is? Sean Clark! I was totally freaking out because I’m a huge fan of his! I nearly spilled my drink when I saw him and I started talking to him immediately when I got in the elevator. My friend held my drink as we took selfies and then I had to get off the elevator. I was totally freaking out! Ah, what were the chances I’d get in the elevator with Sean? (I thank the guy who spilled his beer in my shoe for this).

It was getting pretty late Friday night and we were exhausted from our flight, so we headed back to our hotel. The next day of the con was just as amazing as the first. Honestly.
We called a car service to take us back to the Sheraton Saturday morning, and as I got out of the cab, my phone must have slipped out of my jeans pocket and I didn’t realize. After about 20 minutes of freaking out over losing my new phone, the driver returned and gave it to him, refusing any money we tried to offer him as a thank you. He was truly a great person! Needless to say, he was our driver for the rest of our trip.
When we approached the Sheraton, the line for tickets was INSANE. Must have been at least two to three hours long. Thank god I had bought preshow tickets online. I still had to wait 45 minutes as the line to get our wristbands was crazy again. After we got our wristbands, I had one mission - to meet Norman again. I went looking for his line and holy crap. It went out of the building, wrapped around the side of the building and went straight through the parking lot.

This pic doesn’t even BEGIN to show how long the line was. This is only maybe one eighth of how long it really was! And yes, it does wrap all the way around the cars and all those people you see are in line. I didn’t let that deter me. Norman is totally worth the wait, no matter how long. It was really hot outside at times, and the sun was crazy. I ended up with heat stroke (I found that out the next day) and one of the worst sunburns I’ve ever had. I also didn’t eat all day cause I forgot to bring something and I sure as hell wasn’t getting out of that line for food. But oh my god, it was all worth it. Norman is AMAZING!
I met some awesome people waiting in that line, namely a really cool girl named Sarah who was my fangirling buddy! We were freaking out together, haha. It was great. My mom had to hold my spot in line because it was time for my second photo op and I had already paid for it in advance, so I didn’t want to miss it nor did I want to lose my spot in line. We take the elevator up to the photo ops and we get to the level I was on last night waiting for Norman.
But of course, seeing as it was Saturday and there was a larger amount of people at the con today, the line for photo ops was triple (if not quadruple) the size. It went all through the hall and up the stairs THREE FLOORS. So worth it, again. The line only was about an hour and a half long because they were pushing people along really quick for these photo ops.
When I got to the front of the line with Sarah, we were both so excited for our photos. She went first and then it was my turn to get my photo with Norman. I went up to him and he asked me again quietly “so sweetheart, what do you want to do?” My mind went blank again and I was like “um….can I just like, bear hug you?” And he chuckled and said “yeah, go for it”. OMG. 😂 I can’t believe I had the nerve to ask him that. But I did hug him, even though my photo op came out kind of funny because my cheek is all pressed up against his chest. He looks amazing but me….😂😂😂 I just want to make it clear that I don’t normally look like this.

I got back in line while Sarah went to go pick up our photo ops and we were right in front of the door to get into the building now (there was still a line inside the building). All of a sudden, with my beautiful luck, it starts pouring rain and my umbrella wasn’t too much help because it quickly turned to hail and was blowing under the umbrella. The lady at the door refused to let us in even though there was a huge gap in the line inside. Luckily Sarah came back with our photo ops now, but she had to leave sadly! I got inside the hall within the next ten minutes and the line through the hallway was moving slowly but surely. I didn’t get as wet from the rain as I had thought, thank god. I also found a place to charge my phone in the hallway, which was perfect to make sure I had enough battery. At this point it had been eight and a half hours in line.
As I was standing in line, I nearly had a heart attack when I thought I saw someone I recognized from twitter. I called out to her and OH MY GOD! It was her! Jen (@jpagzz1989) and I are like sisters (and I swear we’re the biggest Reedus fans) and we text each other like nonstop. We had always talked about meeting Norman together and it seemed like a dream that would never come true as I live in Canada and she’s in NY. She knew I was going to be at this con but she was working so I had no idea she was coming. She said it was a spur of the moment idea for her to come and because I didn’t have data or cell service in the US, there was no way for me to get in contact with her to find her.

The best part is that the Sheraton is HUGE and there were people everywhere at this con. The odds of us finding each other were nearly nonexistent. But she had came to Florham Park room (the room with Norman, SPF, Jon Bernthal and Clifton Collins Jr) to look for Jon and it had been pure chance that I saw her walking down the hall. We hugged and cried and everything (and of course took like 700 selfies together!!).
It was so much more amazing to meet Norman for the fourth time that weekend with Jen because it was something we had always dreamed of! We fangirled together in line and when we reached the door where we could see Norman…ah! It was amazing. When we were still near the doorway, we were right next to where Clifton was! We talked to him and told him how amazing he was and held both our hands. Such an awesome and sweet guy! The line started moving so we told Cliffy we’d be back for him, and we were. We approached Sean Clark and paid for our autographs and he remembered me from the elevator the day before, hehe. We took selfies with him and talked to him and it was just pure awesome. He’s so cool!

By the time we got close enough to Norman, we were both absolutely freaking. He was right there, it was amazing! When it was our turn he talked to us and held my right hand and Jen’s left hand at the same time, and kept kissing both our hands as he listened to us telling him all about how much we love him.
He signed my photo op and Jen’s copy of his book (I wish I had brought mine but I was too scared to risk putting it in my suitcase in case it got damaged). He was so enthusiastic while talking to us and hugged us both several times! (Every time he hugged one of us, he also hugged the other - he gave us equal attention, such a sweetheart!). They rushed us along even though Norman was still trying to talk to us (we had a huge line of fans behind us) so we took some selfies with him behind us and then let the line move. Ah! We seriously didn’t want to leave his side. He’s the sweetest ever and even more amazing than I imagined! (I don’t know how that’s even possible). It was totally worth the nine hour line to have that experience. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, heat stroke and all.

^^ I look horrible in that photo but it makes me laugh! Hehe Norman’s pose and Clark’s face! Best photobomb.
Next we went to see Jon Bernthal! Ahhhh he’s so gorgeous in person as well. We hugged him and told him how much we loved and admired him as an actor and chatted with him for quite a few minutes. He was awesome!
We went back to see Clifton next, just like we had promised. We talked to him for nearly fifteen minutes and had such a cool conversation. He’s a really laid back, friendly guy! Love him. We got pictures with him and Jen got his autograph. So much fun!
The next line we got in was to meet Sean Patrick Flanery. Surprisingly, it wasn’t long at all, maybe fifteen minutes (I think because the con was closing in almost 45 minutes and things were slowing down). He was so sweet and funny when we got up there to meet him. I honestly did not know what to say to him! I ended up just blurting out “you’re freaking awesome”. Haha, and he replied “I’m flattered!” Jen asked about the pranks he’s pulled on Norman and if he could disclose any to us and he clearly really wanted to tell us….but it was obvious he’d been sworn to secrecy! 😉 I just ended up saying “we can only imagine”, hahaha. He grabbed my phone and took like ten awesome selfies with us! Totally cool that he knew how to work my phone too (everyone is always confused by it).

When we were finished talking to Sean, we stood by his table for a few minutes. Pretty much we were just laughing and fangirling over what had just happened! Norman’s table was right in front of Sean’s. We were standing literally less than three feet from him. He had just finished talking to a fan and the next one was talking to Sean Clark so there was a momentary pause in the line. Norman had his RayBans on and it seemed as though he was looking at us, which I totally couldn’t believe. In the midst of talking to Jen, I think I blurted out “is he looking at us, or…..?” 😂 Jen turned and looked at him and she was like “oh my god, I think so!” And next thing you know, Norman takes a piece of gum out and puts one in his mouth, and then takes another piece out and throws it to us!

Talk about freaking out OMG. The gum deflected off of us (I don’t even know which one of us it hit, to be honest) and nearly hit SPF in the forehead! OMG. He looks at us and says “hey, why are you throwing stuff at me?” 😂😂 and we were so quick to point at Norman and say “he did it!” And Norman busted out laughing as his next fan can to the autograph table. Jen looked at Sean (we didn’t realize it was gum Norman threw at this point) and said “whatever it was he threw, it’s behind that table and we need to get it” 😂😂😂 Sean nodded and picked it up and handed it to us, we thanked him and hugged him again before he went on with his signing and we decided to split the gum. (Totally keeping this gum for the rest of my life, I’m just sayin’.)

So we had so much fun we decided to get back in Norman’s line again. It was still out of the building this time but the con was ending in less than thirty minutes and we knew they’d close off the line as soon as the con ended. So we made sure we were last. We made friends with some awesome people in line and we ended up calling it “the party at the end of the line” hahaha. It was awesome. It was about an hour and a half till we got to see Norman this time. But things had died down quite a lot and the room was almost empty when we got in. Clifton, Jon and SPF had already left and it was only Norman left signing. We talked to Sean Clark again and took some epic selfies, and he pinky promised Jen he and Norman would be at Wizard World Philly (which I have to make plans to go to, like right now). When we reached Norman, it was soooooo worth it to be the last in line. He held both our hands and kept kissing them again, and he totally recognized us from earlier in the day. I distinctly remember him saying “hey! It’s the Jens!” We gave him a note we had written while in line, partially in pen and partially in lipstick. We had written lyrics from a song he tweeted a while back that we had both fallen in love with on the note and he looked us both straight in the eye and said “hey! That’s my favourite song!” We talked to him for a few minutes and he hugged both of us numerous times. He grabbed Jen’s phone and pulled us both close to him and took numerous selfies with us! So amazing.

We told him about “team Jen” and how we had met because of him and how we were like sisters now. He was totally amazed and flattered that he had brought us together! I told him he was my hero like twelve times. He wrote “I love you” on my autograph! Ahh!❤️ It really was a dream come true. I can’t wait to meet him again. Norman Reedus, thank you for everything! I had a blast hanging out with you this weekend. ❤️❤️❤️ you’re the best and the sweetest! It was so amazing to meet all of my favourite people in one weekend! A dream I honestly never thought would come true, and it did. Photo credits to me (@jennyaggio) and @jpagzz1989. Credit us please if you use these!


detective-pookie-dixon said: I received an anon accusing me of twisting the truth and believing Norman said a Caryl spoiler when all I said was It gives me confidence that Norman asked about a Caryl shirt and said we will love this season. I can’t believe how they’re twisting it

It’s because they are projecting their fears into it.  What some folks are coming up with is just….amazing.

Wow!  Norman shared spoilers??? Where?  I didn’t see that!

Norman confirmed Caryl will be canon. Holy shit!!! Where!!!?? I want to see THAT!

All Normie said was that we Carylers will be happy..and judging from the spoilers this gal will be very happy.  Our babies are together fighting side by side again. Sharing screen time. YES!!!

I also love how they are saying I said that no Be*hyler had a positive experience with NR.  Um WRONG. I said Norman hasn’t fawned over the B ship like he has at least three times with Carylers.  I did hear when a fan told him they shipped the B, he said “This season will be mind blowing” or some such thing.  No pictures snapped for EK.  No asking more about it. 

Yes. I feel Norman ships Caryl. Remember, all three times it was NORMAN that brought up Caryl.  Not us.   Hell, he turned me to get a better look at my shirt, twice.

October is going to be a bitter pill to swallow for some of the fandom based on what spoilers we have including, but not limited to:

Daryl and Carol get reunited extremely early on

Daryl and Carol are sticking tight together and kicking some ass and B*th is not with them.  And no, to my knowledge Daryl and Carol are NOT looking for her. They are probably focusing on keeping their asses alive.

EK hasn’t been seen (note:  seen, she could be in a studio somewhere) filming since MSF, and even that wasn’t 100% confirmed.  She’s pretty blatant about NOT being in GA and pretty blatant about her music stuff. It’s not a big secret.

I also find it funny that at the MCC EK and NR were on separate floors, during the photo op they were separated, there was no B*thyl photo op, and EK’s panel was canceled. If Be@h is such a big deal, why was the panel canceled? I’d love to know what the attendance was at that panel as it was canceled 15 min before it was to start.

I believe to casual viewers, those outside of Tumblr, they couldn’t really care where the blonde babysitter went.  TPTB tried to pump up what little interest there was for B and it seems to have puttered out.  The onslaught of pure Caryl goodness in the promo pics alludes to that.

Anyway.  If you hate Caryl so much, stay outta the tag. Step away from the fandom if it pisses you off so much.  Take a page out of Norman’s book and go pet a kitten and please stop harassing folks on Tumblr that had a great experience. 

Please don’t hit me… I just realized that I am kind of glad that Caryl has not happened yet… I mean, I DO want them to become canon ASAP in season 5, but the fact that it hasn’t (officially) happened yet (on screen) resulted in so much amazing fanfiction! Just like Norman said, when it happens, it’s already done! The build-up is the most intense, interesting part. Look at Gleggie - they got together early on, and who is writing fanfiction about them?