norman carnitine

Some more photo-spam of Norman's apartment/house/whatever you want to call it.

Sadly everything I did was lost, and all of the time I spent working on it is gone but hey at least you can see what it looked like.

Some exterior shots of the building. In my head I like to think of it as an old firehouse. The idea for the whole thing come from a dream I had that had nothing to do with Norman at all but I decided to make it as a home for him anyway.

Entryway and Dining area.


Living room.

This is the Laundry/Studio area. It was one of my favorite spots in the house.

Second floor.

That door leads into the bathroom which I didn’t take any pictures of because it was awful looking.

View of the second floor.

Views from the second floor.


Photo-Spam for the day.

Mehki: Hey…Hey, Hey Arlo…wanna play with me?

Arlo: go away…


Mehki: Oh…okay…but don’t worry I’m right behind you. I’ll follow you forever…..


Norman: Ahh! what…ummm…heh heh…

Mehki: -laughing- Bahahahahahahaha! take that old man!

Arlo: -sigh-

Norman: You think you’re funny huh?

Norman: you just wait…

Arlo: for what?

Norman: Oh you’ll see..

Norman: I have ideas.

Norman: you better watch out.


Norman: you better not disappoint me either.

Arlo: what are you even talking about da-

Oh god. That face. (also failed attempt at making dialogue.)

Apparently Oliver has fantastic balance.

Odin always looks really irritated.

Taja: Oh let me help you with that.

Arlo: No thanks, I’ve got it.

Taja: oh I insist.

Arlo: I’m fine mom.

Taja: well if you say so…..I’ll just tell you about my day at the station.

Taja: so I arrested this man today and I swear he was on “the bubbles” because he kept sprouting all of this nonsense about seeing a unicorn running around and that he was bitten by a vampire and-

Arlo:…mom don’t we have two unicorns? and isn’t our neighbor a vampire?

Taja: Of course not! Our neighbor is just a loner.

Arlo: but…the unicorns?

Taja: anyway do you need help?

Arlo: -sigh- yeah what do you know about mummies?

Taja: Mummies? what the heck are they teaching you in kindergarten?

Taja: I mean shouldn’t you be playing with blocks and whatnot? I should have a talk with that teacher of yours. There is something off about him I just know it…..

Arlo: Mom, all I asked was if you knew anything about mummies.

Taja: ….maybe it’s that odd robotic way he walks, or how he is always eating scrap metal.

Arlo: Also I’m in 3rd grade mom, not kindergarten.

Taja: 3rd grade? since when?

Arlo: -sigh- I’m done mom. Thanks for the help.

Oh my gosh! You guys guess what!

My game ACTUALLY SAVED! I’m freaking out because I’m so freaking happy about it. I was in the mood to just play earlier and I’ve been playing for several hours and I accomplished a lot of things in game and it actually saved.

I did take some photos while I was playing so here they are.

Norman being cute with ice-cream.

This is a Norman/Taja spawn. His name is Arlo, and he has already aged up into a kid.

Norman being a good father.

The first foal Arden had. Her name is Elden.

One of the pups from Jagger and Finley’s first litter aged up, I named him Odin after one of the orginal pups that I posted before.

Pup from the 3rd litter. Her name is Lily.

I didn’t take pictures of the other puppies because most of them weren’t very cute and I put them up for adoption.

I went in to map view to see if I could find the unicorn and when I went back to the home lot there was one standing in my fence.

The unicorn brought all of the wild horses with him.

I got him to join the family and made him and Arden try for a foal and the result was…

A baby unicorn. :]

I named him Shiro.

Sharing some more pets photos with you guys.

I apologize for spamming you with them but I’m just really excited about finally having the game.

Bought them a bird and Norman was trying to teach him how to talk. His name is Sylvester.

I took a lot of pictures of Oliver.

I also took a lot of pictures of Sylvester.

“What?” I looked at him.

“Our daughter was born a month or so before Severin. I told Jamie about what happened and that you were pregnant shortly after she was born. She was upset about it and we’ve been working on our marriage ever since….but when I heard that you had given birth to Severin Jamie was the one who convinced me to go to the hospital to see him. She and I both went, I didn’t bother you because I figured you didn’t want to see me but I saw Audii in the waiting room and he let Jamie and I both hold Severin.”

I couldn’t believe what he was saying “Audii never told me that….”

“He said it would be our secret. He told me that even if it wasn’t his place to decide whether or not I should see Severin he believed that I had the right to hold him at least once….” I noticed tears in his eyes. “I love Severin Belinda. I’ve loved him ever since I held him that night at the hospital and all I’ve wanted is to be a part of his life. I realize that I made a mistake, and I was stupid for not being there for you…and I don’t want to not be there for him. He is my son whether you like it or not and I don’t want to miss out on his life anymore than I already have.”

He wiped his eyes. “But…it’s your decision. If you don’t want me in his life then I’ll leave. I’ll give you child support or whatever else you want but other than that you won’t see me.”

I felt terrible. Here was a man that turned me away when I needed him…a man that I believed never cared about the child whom he helped create. A man who despite all he had done I truly did care for, mainly because he had given me a son who was one of my greatest joys in life. What kind of person- mother would I be if I denied him the right to be in his sons life. I could easily tell that he really did care about Severin….just by the words he spoke and the look on his face. So I decided to make a decision that I hoped I wouldn’t regret…

“I don’t want Severin growing up not knowing you Norman. I never wanted that for him.” I looked into his eyes.

“So I feel it’s best to let you be apart of his life.”

He looked up at me and a smile made its way to his lips. “Really?” he said. I nodded. “Oh….thank you. I- I don’t know what to say” he hugged me.

“You’re welcome” I smiled “Now come on it’s time to blow out his candles”