norman bittner

Why I don’t talk to comic professionals before drinking coffee:

One time, I had this conversation with Fabio Moon and he realized that I had the English edition of “Daytripper”. At that time not many people in Germany had read the book because the German edition had just been released that day. He was curious and asked me what I thought about it. I could have told him that it was one of my most beloved books and that I always admired his work and progression over the years. I could have told him that reading “Daytripper” was one of my favorite comic-related memories, that I carried the book with me until I finished reading it. I took my time and didn’t rush. So I took it to as many different and interesting places as it took me.

What I ended up telling him was that I liked the paper the English edition was printed on. Yup, that’s me.