Ms. Marvel: No Normal
Ms. Marvel
(2014-2015) #2

“No! It was nothing like that! I’m fine!”

“Oh. In that case, you’re screwed… because Abu and Ammi know you snuck out.”

This moment will always have me rolling because I just adore sibling relationships played realistically. 

anonymous asked:

Hello. I have a couple of things. I have trouble knowing if I'm nonbinary, ftm trans, gender fluid. And I have problems with my body with dysphoria and weight. And if I ever got a binder I think it might just look off. I just want to know more about binding and different binders (my shirt size is adult x to 2x btw)

Tobias says:

On larger guys, binding won’t make the chest completely flat. It makes it look like not-boobs, but instead of it being awkwardly flat and out-of-proportion to the rest of your body, it will make your breasts look like pecs. so it still looks normalm if that’s what you’re worried about. I suggest checking out @gc2b-apparel‘s tumblr page, because they regularly post pictures of people of all sizes wearing their binders. 

Other good binder companies are @flavntstreetwear, @shapeshiftersinc, and underworks (which as far as I can see, doesn’t have a tumblr). 

@gc2b-apparel, @flavntstreetwear, and @shapeshiftersinc are all owned by, and specifically made for queer people (correct me if I’m wrong, anybody), whereas underworks is made for cis men. 

@gc2b-apparel is the cheapest (They’re still good quality though!) They have lots of binder colors to choose from, including neutrals, RGB, and nudes. Their binders are safe to swim in, although they recommend you go up a size.

underworks binders can be about the same price as gc2b’s, but they also can get pretty expensive. I think most of them are neutral colors.

@shapeshiftersinc makes custom binders, so you can get any fabric or design you want, pretty much, which is awesome. I also recommend them to people who have uneven cup sizes or medical conditions that make it hard to bind with a generic binder, because they make them specifically for you. However, they are a bit more expensive than gc2b’s or even underworks, especially if you want fun designs or fabric. 

@flavntstreetwear is a relatively new binder brand. However, they have nude binders, and a large range of models to demonstrate their binders on different body types and skin colors. Their binders are safe for swimming in. 

If anybody knows of any other (SAFE, REPUTABLE) binder brands, please add on!

As for your gender, we can’t tell you specifically what you are, but it’s okay to take your journey of self discovery slow. You can experiment with different pronouns, and passing as a man or as androgynous, and figuring out who you want to live your life as, especially who you want to be when you’re really old. Do you want to be a grandma? A grandpa? Someone who is an old woman on one day and an old man on another? Neither? Thinking about how you want your body to look is helpful too. (Aka, if you want a neutral body, you might be non binary. If you want a male body, you might be male. If you like your body currently, you could be a gender-non-conforming girl.) Your ideal body doesn’t always match up to what your gender is, of course, but I found it kind of helpful, and I’ve heard other trans people did too.

Good luck anon, and I hope this helps!


Ms. Marvel: No Normal
Ms. Marvel
(2014-2015) #5

“Perfect just the way I am. I hope so. Because I’ve gotten Vick into even more trouble. And I’ve got to get him out. Albu is right. Bruno was right. I’m not here to be a watered-down version of some other hero… I’m here to be the best version of Kamala. Time to level up. I have tools now. Tools I didn’t have before. It’s a matter of learning how to use them. Learning my strengths. Learning my limitations. Learning how to work with this new body instead of against it. Good is not a thing you are. It’s a thing you do.

Just. Amazing. Perfect. Like there’s practically nothing to add to it because Kamala just does that amazing of a job. 

Me on different social media sites as demonstrated by Anna Kendrick gifs

Me on Facebook: very diplomatic, family-friendly, totally normal

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Me on Twitter: lots of sarcasm, slight trash, still pretty normal

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Ms. Marvel: No Normal
Ms. Marvel Infinite
(2014) #1

“The mehndi*… I completely forgot!

“You were supposed to be in the bridal procession! You have humiliated the entire family!”

The woes of a secret identity, the inevitable disappointment of saving the world while simultaneously letting everyone down in your “real life”

I love that she just yells at the trash monster to tell the Inventor, her nemesis, to get out of town, too. Like. It’s a robot. It probably can tell him, but I don’t know if it should be such an assumed thing there, Kamala.


Ms. Marvel: No Normal
Ms. Marvel
(2014-2015) #1

“You thought if you disobeyed your parents — your culture, your religion — your classmates would accept you. What happened instead?”

“They — they laughed at me. Zoe thought that because I snuck out it was okay for her to make fun of my family. Like, Kamala’s finally seen the light and kicked the dumb inferior brown people and their rules to the curb. But that’s not why I snuck out! It’s not that I think Ammi and Abu are dumb, it’s just — I grew up here! I’m from Jersey City, not Karachi! I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I don’t know who I’m supposed to be.

This might be just one of the most heart breaking and honest views of a teenager’s psyche I’ve ever seen, honestly. And it’s just all that much more important because it’s from a character like Kamala who just completely changed the face of the industry.