Here’s what I’ve been up to recently, just got my hair done for my “ normal me” bday donation set this week.

 I’ll be sporting this cut in my birthday set deal for the month of March. ~

 Above you can see the 1st pic as a before and after my cut and dye as well as my hair in different types of lighting. ^^

Also before and after with and without make-up towards the bottom. ~ 

What do you guys think of the cut?

I personally love it! Anyways.. on a side-note I’ve already made a bday wishlist here

–> c:

 if anyone was interested in getting me anything for my new apartment and fresh start in a new place. <3 

Or you know… to celebrate my bday that’s closing in fast. <3

As always I will be posting up pics of anything I receive with thank you’s and shout outs . :) 

<3 xoxo


Thanks so much to E. David Rodriguez for this japanese hello kitty instax mini camera!!!

I’ve been dying to have one of my own and see what all the rage is about…this totally makes my week. 

It comes with special edition instax, lanyard, and stickers!

I really appreciate the surprise
off my Amazon wish-list. Expect shenanigans with this in the future.

For any others that may be wondering about how people send me things, they usually come off my amazon wishlist here:

Also if you have something possibly more specific in mind, I also accept gift cards to other places or paypal and I can do the ordering for you. :) ( for non amazon items) Just let me  know! <3

Hope you all enjoy these pictures.