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Have you ever fell in love with a character of Fairy Tail?

I guess I fell in love with Natsu. It takes me a long time to get attached to characters, so at first, I was neutral them all. Natsu isn’t my typical favourite character. I don’t normally like a lead character because they usually conform to the ‘hero’ stereotype (in anime/manga anyway). At first, I thought Natsu was like that but as I got into FT again (with a fresh neutral outlook and more life experience behind me) I realised Natsu wasn’t as simple as he first appears. I am fascinated by interesting character psychology, and in realising Natsu had so many interesting facets to his behaviour and personality I started to really appreciate him. 

And this is why I get so annoyed when I see posts that pass of Natsu as stupid. Especially in the recent chapter and people were surprised about Natsu’s response to Zeref. Natsu has always been clued up when it comes to treasuring those he loves. Lucy is incredibly intelligent but she has lent on Natsu for emotional support plenty of times. Book smarts are not the same as life experience and emotional maturity. In the beginning of FT Natsu was more mature than Lucy in this regard. You can read up on a situation all you like but it still doesn’t compare to actually experiencing it.

I don’t think many nalu fans appreciate how important this scene is, not only for nalu, but showing Natsu’s character, his maturity. Due to a personal experience of bereavement, I know the importance of Natsu’s words to Lucy. Grief is a funny thing and it affects people in different ways. Lucy was feeling so vulnerable in this scene and hearing she wasn’t odd or didn’t care because she wasn’t crying meant the world to her. Even if she didn’t realise in that moment, she will eventually realise what he did for her. 

Once again I write a long answer 😅

I could write more on this subject but I’ll spare you lol 

this is in no way out of character for Isak btw, i can’t believe people are saying this. the only reason people are saying this is bc he’s yalls fave and yall put the boys up on a pedestal as being ~~~unproblematic small angels who are oh so respectful of sana and nothing like those evil girls~~~ when absolutely NOTHING pointed to that? the boys and isak have always been very normal teenage boys who think they know shit they don’t and say stupid shit all the time, like take a look at isak in season 1-3, it’s all in there.

isak saying stupid shit isn’t out of character just bc u love him and you wish he hadn’t. i love him too, he’s my favourite character but god, he’s a normal ignorant teenage boy. what the hell did yall expect from him

The Naturalness of Skam

I’ve seen so many things about how realistic Skam is and I feel really passionate about this subject so here’s a little late night scribble for you.

I’m from Finland but I watch the show in Norwegian because it’s so similar to Swedish that I understand it. But even though I can’t know what exact words norwegian teens would use etc, they way the characters speak and communicate seems very familiar and normal to me. Also even though the miscommunications are setting our teeth on edge (but I mean we love it), that happens in real life too and like what is so frustrating about Even not replying to Isak is that we’ve all been there. We’ve all send a risky text and panicked and maybe overanalyzed for not getting a reply. It’s so realistic and so easy to relate to.

Honestly the thing which  fascinates me the most and dragged me into the show was the fact how realistic it is (I feel like I’m over using the word realistic but oh whale). I think that Finnish culture is pretty similar to Norwegian culture so all the things they say and do, and how they behave it all feels very normal. 

Also perhaps my favourite thing is the way the characters look and dress - they look so natural and the fashion is very much something you’d see on people. In so many shows teens are portrayed by 20+ people. For example in Gossip Girl the actors were all in their 20′s as they began filming and the characters were 16 going on 17 but the actors looked nothing like it. The characters in Skam are portrayed by real teens and they look so natural and we can see their spots and imperfections what are what makes them so real. And the way they dress? I have many friends who dress up like Eva or Noora and one friend who dresses a lot like Vilde. The kånkens, beanies, scarfs and coats are very much the way people dressed up at my school and very much what I see out on the town. One thing that makes the style seem so real too is that they use highstreet shops like bikbok or h&m - shops that these characters would be able to afford realistically. It’s not like in many tv shows when kids turn up to school wearing head-to-toe designer outfits. And they recycle and loan clothes from their friends too! They actually reuse outfits which I believe is so rarely seen on tv.

 For someone who is close to the age of the characters (97) all the things that are being said, all the things that are happening and simply the way the characters are and behave is so very real that it got me hooked up right away. It’s like having a bit of a gossip with you’re friends - you’re seeing and hearing all these things that are happening to the characters but it could easily be someone you know from real life.

Overwatch Creepypasra

I booted up the game. Everything seemed normal, I picked quick play and found a match. I chose my favourite character, D.Va. Just as the payload was reaching the destination on King’s Row, my game lagged and all the characters looked at me. No hyper realistic eyes or blood but they did all turn into Genji and started chanting “I need healing.” I realized that somehow, I was playing Ana. I started crying. The xbox home menu wouldn’t come up.

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You're definitely my favourite character, normal RWBY and RWBY Chibi; you're perfect from every yangle. Please tell me, Xiao do you do it?

Yang: It took a Long time to reach this level of perfection.
Yang: I’m glad you think I Rose to the occasion.

The Heroes the Galaxy Deserves

I was lucky enough to binge watch both seasons over the course of a couple of days. And hooo boy, what a wild ride. I normally don’t binge watch that intensely, so you know that it has to be good (to me at least).

Since the second season only came out a week ago, I need to warn you that if you haven’t watched it yet, you should go do that. Spoilers ahead!


I have to admit, when I first heard people talking about 5 lions fusing into a giant robot, it sounded pretty stupid to me. But wow, am I glad I was so wrong. ‘Cause Voltron is fuckin’ epic.

Right from the get go, I was entranced by the story. Seeing Shiro go from an innocent looking science mission to being saved from an earth base after escaping from aliens, the beginning really packs a punch. It doesn’t stop there either. The residents of The Castle of Lions never seem to catch a break. And I love it. The series keeps up an epic pace while still taking things slow at the right points.

I was lucky (in a way) that I wasn’t able to watch the series until the second season was out. That way I didn’t have to deal with the cliffhanger. Well, the first one at least. With Shiro missing at the end of the last episode, and his ominous foreshadowing about Keith leading the team if anything happened to him, I am concerned. And I love it.

Characters and Relationships

I normally end up picking out my favourite character(s) right from the get-go, and in this case, knew Shiro and to a lesser extent Keith, would be my favs before I even started watching. And hell yeah I stand by that. Not to say I don’t like the other paladins or Allura or Coran, I’m just not obsessed with them.

I’ll talk more about my favs later, but for now, I want to talk about how well the characters were developed. All of the characters fit pretty easily recognisable tropes, but deviate from their ‘roles’ enough to be 3D and interesting characters.

For example, Lance was the very stereotypical comedic relief, but he was still badass and given chances to show that he deserves respect and a place on the team. He even struggles with self-doubt and craves the validation of his other team members. In the second season, while trying to escape the prison, Lance realized that everyone on the team had ‘a thing’ and wanted to feel like he was irreplaceable too. Honestly, that is probably how I would feel if I was thrown into that kind of situation. He is so much more than comic relief.

Then there was the relationships between the characters that were developed and … just so NICE to see. They weren’t perfect, after all, no relationship is, but they were perfectly imperfect. This scene expressed that a lot for me. I loved seeing Shiro and Keith becoming like brothers. I am a slut for those kinds of relationships and fucking love how they developed. 

Then there was also Keith and Lance, who were the classic rivals at first, but came to respect and trust each other as they work together. And Pidge and Hunk being giant nerds together. Or how Shiro and Pidge bonded over her lost brother and father and Shiro’s connection to them.

And oh dude! Keith being part Galtra was so freaking cool! It made his character and the others around him so much more complex. Because of that, we got to see the others react to the information. Shiro’s “I don’t care, you’re my brother”, Hunk’s mixed reaction and inability to see Keith the same way, and Allura’s “I want to hate you but I also don’t.” They really made the characters seem more real to me. They weren’t blindly accepting of the alien race that had messed up their lives, but they also weren’t blindly against them or their friend just because of their DNA.


There were multiple times where I paused the show to appreciate just how beautiful the graphics are. They use such vibrant colours and use them to set the mood really well. MarvelandPonder is more of the animation nerd than I am but I still feel there was something about how it was animated that was really pleasing to watch. Even just looking back at these pictures, the show looks so pretty!!!

Final Point - Shiro

I love Shiro. I love the way he leads the team, keeps them together and does what he can to protect them. I love how messed up he is. He spent a year being held captive, forced to fight, lost an arm, then returned to his home (ish?) only to immediately go on an epic space quest where he get hurt and captured multiple times again. Yet through it all, he is a strong leader, he is caring, kind, dedicated and dorky in his own right. He is literally everything I love in a character. I need more of him. I hope he’s okay.

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I feel like the producers of SGA wanted another Kirk/Jack O'Neill and were shocked to find they got the Dude from the Big Lebowski instead

ha, if they wanted another O’Neill they should have stuck with the Ben Browder casting instead of recasting when Ben was off filming the Farscape movie.  Joe played the most laid-back Air Force pilot ever (like seriously, most pilots are Type As who worked their asses off to get in the pilot seat - sort of like top surgeons, that level of work and skill needed to excel).

Joe played John as the zen genius who’s been through the valley of shadows, invited death into his house, and come out the other side into ice. He accepted that he wasn’t going to care about much, but those he did care about (and those who he pledged himself to protect), he would burn the earth to the ground in their defence. But he was real, not some fictional hero type - he was nervous around people, he misread intentions, he geeked out over new tech and toys and the fact that they were on an alien city on another planet, and I think that was the brilliance in how Joe Flanigan played John Sheppard  - John Sheppard was a relatable audience insert.

We got a geek, a fun guy who had a hard time making friends, who never really sees the attention of beautiful women coming because why would they be into him,  who would do anything to protect his friends, who got to fly cool alien planes and stop the bad guys and make nerdy yet appropriate quips while doing so. He was the guy the audience could jump on to move into the story, and I don’t know if it was intentional on Joe’s part or if just happened but man, it worked. I don’t normally  identify with male characters in stories but John Sheppard became my favourite because he he was the hero I could see myself being.

In a way (and this is a tangent) John Sheppard was more like Han Solo than a lot of other recent sci fi characters. In the original trilogy, Han Solo was literally a scruffy bounty hunter who was a bit of a nerd, who acted all tough and suave but really was just a guy who was decided that he was going to be a hero, not because it was a way to get the girl, but because it was what he wanted to do, for himself, for his friends, and for the galaxy. And for the audience, that journey was relatable because we all can imagine coming from a place of reluctance to decide to take on heroic actions.

So anyway tl’dr i have a lot of feelings about John Sheppard and how he was portrayed by Joe Flanigan and how the portrayal was something really out of the ordinary in sci fi etc etc.

My favourite characters are people who think they’re normal but they’re not. I live in Baltimore, and it’s full of people like that. I’ve also lived in New York, which is full of people who think they’re crazy, but they’re completely normal. I get my best material in Baltimore – you get dialogue that you just couldn’t imagine. I asked this guy in a bar what he did for a living and he said he traded deer meat for crack. I never realised that job even existed. You could make a whole movie about that person.
—  John Waters
My favourite characters are people who think they’re normal but they’re not. I live in Baltimore, and it’s full of people like that. I’ve also lived in New York, which is full of people who think they’re crazy, but they’re completely normal. I get my best material in Baltimore – you get dialogue that you just couldn’t imagine. I asked this guy in a bar what he did for a living and he said he traded deer meat for crack. I never realised that job even existed. You could make a whole movie about that person. And he was kind of cute too, if you could ignore his eyes rolling around his head. Although I did crack once, accidentally, and I thought: Oh my God, what, am I gonna rob my parents now? I prefer poppers – they’re legal in London, right? I used to do them on roller coasters. They’re illegal in Provincetown, which is the gay fishing village where I live in the summer. In the airport there are signs warning you to get rid of your poppers.
—  John Waters

If there was one quality about me that almost everyone who knows me can agree on then it would have to be the fact that I always strive to be positive and that I consistently go out of my way to discover the silver lining of any situation regardless of how bleak things might look first hand.
Essentially I am a huge fan of HOPE and if there is any HOPE to be had chances are I’ll find it and broadcast it immediately.

After witnessing the utter breakdown and negativity TWD fandom has been experiencing in the last two days and having understood that the death spoiler and the filming schedule predicted the outcome of “Coda” for months now, I am having a hard time figuring out exactly why so many people who had information were so adamant about denying it.
The disappointment and outrage at having lost a favourite character is a normal reaction and my heart goes out to those that were devastated by it BUT the backlash and hate thrown around as a result is not just in bad form, it’s also embarrassing.

As a hope connoisseur I can understand not giving up until everything is shown on screen but the severity of the reactions and how widespread they are, is alarming to me.

At this point a fictional issue has become a real world issue and real people are either caught in the crossfire or getting hurt by all the hoop-la.

Looking back it’s quite easy to deduce what transpired and there really was a vast amount of evidence to support the spoilers and filming but foresight is always 20/20 and from experience I can see why people hoped for something different.

Hope is a beautiful thing and it’s something worth nurturing and keeping alive.

False Hope, however, is not!

In this situation judging by the original reactions to “Coda” continuing to dwell on the events and perpetuating theories and campaigns is only going to prolong the disappointment and hurt even more people in the long run. If something upsets you or your friends so much that a suicide hotline needs to be implemented and causes you to send hateful messages and tweets to real life people, then some kind of reflection and some sort of a reality check is warranted.

Allowing yourself to get sucked in to theories, predictions and causes, and hoping that what happened can somehow be undone, is not just pointless but judging by the state of the fandom today it’s also irresponsible and downright mean.

It’s hurting people now and it’s going to hurt people even more when this myth of changing the events you hated, falls apart too.
When that happens we will all have suffer through another wave of deplorable backlash and the people targeted will unfairly become under fire again.

The vast majority of Beth fans were blindsided and unprepared for this despite the spoilery information and one of the reasons it happened was because they were being misled by rumours and people who had no qualms about lying, misinterpreting things and passing off unsubstantiated possibilities as FACTS.
Whether that was done intentionally or not is not my place to say but nonetheless they too have responsibility in this mess and instead of trying to facilitate realism after a horrible blow like this, those people are once again feeding people “false hope” or leading the cavalry of hate towards others.

I am seeing people devastated, hurt and irrationally angry at the wrong people and it’s not OK.
What’s even more not OK is the fact that the “false hope” essentially guarantees that this period of anger and bullying will continue and more people will be hurt in the process.

Like I said HOPE is a beautiful thing BUT when someone can’t handle the breakdown of that HOPE without lashing out with hate and continued toxicity then is that HOPE really worth it?

I am not saying Beth fans are not allowed to be upset and disappointed with her story arc or her death because I know when it’s Carol’s turn I’ll be completely gutted BUT there are constructive ways to express your grievances without disrespect, name calling, ridiculing, death threats and emotional manipulation.
The tweets, messages and comments I’ve seen embarrassed me as a fan first and foremost and frankly the fallout has made the shipping communities the laughing stock of this fandom.

It’s not OK!
And it shouldn’t be happening!

Instead of trying to “resurrect” Beth and sending hate to the people who created a show we all love wouldn’t it be more productive and beautiful to find a way to honour Beth Greene’s LIFE and what she meant to the show and her fans.

What’s done is done and even I agree that her character deserved more than what she got BUT I hope her fans make an effort to at least try to make their reaction to her death not the thing everybody remembers her by.
Like I said - Beth deserves better than being the character whose demise soiled reputations, hurt feelings and turned people off shipping and TWD.
Because if this continues that’s exactly what’s going to happen!

RIP Beth -You will be missed!

Things I learnt from Kim Mi Young aka The Snail, From Fated to Love You.

This post is about the character of KMY, why The Snail is arguably the real hero of this drama.

On the surface KMY is just like 99% of other K-drama heroines. Middle-class background, downtrodden, meek, and low in social stature. She gets bossed around by everyone, and even admits to being as disposable as a Post-It, hence her nickname in the office. 

Normally I can’t get behind such a character. My other favourite kdrama heroines all have a hefty dose of spunk - City Hall’s Shin Mi-Rae, or The Greatest Love’s Goo Ae Jung. These characters were brought low by their circumstances, not their personalities. 

But Kim Mi Young starts out as being a pushover; until the first revelation I had about her - she’s not out to please everyone, she’s out to make people happy. It’s an important difference because it makes her servile actions about raising people up, as opposed to lowering herself. As a result, her charm is in making people around her feel important. For some people, this brings out their ugly pride, for some others, it simply makes them feel happy and loved. I think this charm of hers has been used as an effective device in this show, to show who are the ‘bad guys’ and who are the 'good guys’.

She is the much needed foil to show how Goen is truly a good guy, and not just acting on some moral responsibility to the baby. Many fans remarked on the utter romance of this show, and I think a big part of it is due to the idea that with Mi Young, only the best possible type of man would identify and behave well around her giving nature.

But that’s just the beginning. By ep 3 or 4, Goen starts calling her Dal-paeng-ie. The Snail. In the early part of the show, the metaphor is an awful, derogatory one, referring to her stickiness and her moving into the rich man’s home with her humble home on her back (which is hilariously objectified in her big-ass luggage that she drags with her whenever she travels). However, as the show progresses, and we see the timid snail withdraw into her shell to weather every storm with a stoic calm, we realize that shell is made up of something very tough. The tender snail reels from the emotional hits, but she always finds a way to hide in that shell of hers. It’s a refuge, yes, but one that strengthens her. She may retreat, but guess what, she never goes away. The retreat is merely temporary, and then she’s back with some gem of a statement, one that cuts through the BS and identifies the core of the matter. In Ep 11 - SeRa tells her to go away and stay away. She does, for a little while, but then she comes back (hurray) and doesn’t even confront SeRa. She just looks her in the eye and says, “I want to be there to care for him and protect him too.” That’s it. No accusations. In fact, she’s super gentle with SeRa, knowing that she can’t undo the marriage or the baby, or the loss of SeRa and Goen’s relationship.

Another thing about the timid-tough duality of Mi Young is the way Goen can’t convince her she’s Super Glue, ie. someone so worthy of love that her absence would hurt those who love her. You see, the protective shell doesn’t come without a price. She’s so vulnerable, that she withdraws at everything, including Goen’s too aggressive assertions. Rather, she needs to be coaxed to come out of her shell, and not surprised too often for her to stay out of her shell. In other words - romance, because Goen must woo her gently and incessantly. There are so many swoon-worthy moments like this, from Ep 1-10, that I’ve lost count.

Lots of characters are moulded on metaphors with some animal or object. MuLan was the family dragon, for example. That’s nothing new. What’s new here is that … hehehe SNAIL. The common, humble snail is turned into the most heroic creature. With the lovely mix of fantasy and reality that the producers have chosen to inject into what is a pretty maudlin and common storyline, the story of Mi Young the snail is imbued with mythic qualities. 

Slow, quiet, calm Mi Young, blinking her big eyes through her round lenses, is probably my favourite kdrama heroine to date. All because they turned her into a snail, unflinchingly using the whole metaphor - The icky, sticky, tender, timid, tough Snail.

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how did you learn japanese? i would really like to learn it as well but im not sure how to

Hi, I have received similar questions in the past and recently I recall some of my past experiences. Hope you don’t mind that I publish this publicly. These are the steps I took but everyone’s process of learning and preferences are different so I will just list it down and you can pick which one you like the most. 

Language will be easier to learn when we keep using it constantly, in the past I never expected that I will work in Japanese firm but I keep continue using it for personal hobby. 

Here we go:

1. Japanese alphabet: Hiragana & Katakana - I practice by writing it down so my hand will remember it as well, in fact I am not so good at memorising so the more practice I do, the easier I remember.

2. Movie & Anime - the one with subtitle, it was not 100% accurate translation but those basic ones like: good morning, good night, flower, and simple stuffs like that will be picked up along the time, because it is everywhere. 

3. Japanese songs - I went online to find my favourite songs’ lyrics phonetic reading and when I had time, I compared it to the Japanese lyric. Also I sang it out, I was shy at first so I practice alone. The more I said it out the better I remember. And once I remember the lyric, I went for karaoke session and we can train ourselves with slow songs for a starter.

4. Simple translation - usually official anime fanbooks have stats on each characters, I translated the stat of my favourite character for my personal knowledge, normally the stat is short and straight forward like: favourite food, height, dislike, etc. 

5. Keep using dictionary - typing in hiragana and katakana should be quite straightforward but when encountered with kanji, currently I prefer to use a feature in google translate.

Click on the arrow and select the Japanese - Handwrite feature

Draw on the provided space and select the kanji.

I think that’s all what I can remember for my personal experiences, I took classes as well and it’s always good to have a strong foundation. Those included above are just personal hobbies, it started from few words a day and not instant since I am just a normal learner. The most important is keep practising and use it on what we like, it doesn’t need to be so serious or systematic all the time, pick methods which you like and keep doing it. The thing that kept me going was because it was fun while doing the above things. I hope this will help at least a bit. ^^

My friend started something and somehow this song happened:


We’ll never see our bestfriends in the flesh

We read the books before we go see the movies

Harry Potter or Hunger Games,

In this fiction world, fangirls are crying

But every song’s like YOLO, swag fag, trippin’ in the bathroom

fucking, twerking, licking the hotel room,

We don’t care, we’re living fandoms in our dreams.

And everybody’s like put that book down, do you even socialise?

Get off that blog, it’s not scary outside

We don’t care, we’re too caught up in our OTP.

And we’ll never be normal (normal).

It don’t run in our blood,

We’d rather sit around and read

Or post fanfiction on a blog.

Let me be a fangirl (fangirl),

You can call me crazy

And baby I’ll cry (I’ll cry, I’ll cry, I’ll cry)

If my favourite character dies.

[Verse 2]

My friends and I—we’re all fangirls.

We all wear costumes to the book launch party.

And everyone who knows us knows that we’re fine with this,

We don’t care ‘bout sanity.

But every song’s like YOLO, swag fag, trippin’ in the bathroom

fucking, twerking, licking the hotel room,

We don’t care, we’re living fandoms in our dreams.

And everybody’s like put that book down, do you even socialise?

Get off that blog, it’s not scary outside

We don’t care, we’re too caught up in our OTP.

And we’ll never be normal (normal).

It don’t run in our blood,

We’d rather sit around and read

Or post fanfiction on a blog.

Let me be a fangirl (fangirl),

You can call me crazy

And baby I’ll cry (I’ll cry, I’ll cry, I’ll cry)

If my favourite character dies

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