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What's a gracious way to handle having a panic attack?

Ooooof. It’s tough, and I know all too well that is not a gracious situation.

If you are in public and need to get somewhere private: Take a deep breath. In as normal a voice as you can handle, ask to excuse yourself as though you’re going to the bathroom. Maybe even go there! Do your breathing, take meds, whatever you need. Feel free to lock yourself in the big stall if you need it.

If you are in public and you have someone there who will understand: Same as above, but then text them. “Hey. Locked in the bathroom having a panic attack. [I should feel better in about 15 minutes]//[I need to go home]//[Can you come down and help me?]

If you need to leave leave and go home: From the bathroom, text someone you’re close to — “I’m so sorry, but I’m afraid I’m not feeling well and had to head home. Could you let everyone at the table know, tell them I’m OK, and if they ask, murmur something about my stomach?”

If you’re among friends: Tell them you’re having a panic attack and, if you can, tell them how they can help you, even if that is literally “can I please be somewhere quiet and dark by myself?”


Just dropping this here to show you something interesting.

I have been doing some animation experiments for the trailer that is going to promote my friend Ezelle’s amazing book “The Valiard Mansion”.

As you can see, it’s not a finished thing and there are quite a lot of frames missing towards the end yet, but it was in the midst of working that I suddenly really wanted to see how the thing would look like with twice as many frames. 

Going full 24 fps is something I never even tried before, I only occasionally mix a couple of frames at 24 fps speed into it when there’s a really quick movement within the animation. Lazy me always told herself that the eye wouldn’t perceive the difference anyway, now I’m pretty shocked about how much smoother the 24 fps animation looks.

It’s actually not THAT MUCH of an elaborate thing to do in a pencil test. Once you have your normal 12 fps test, you can just fill in additional frames between the ones you already have, it doesn’t require a lot of thinking, only a bit precision, and I think it only took me about 45 minutes to an hour 15 or something while doing the actual 12 fps animation has been taking me many hours to make.

However, I think in order to make it look good, you would have to clean up very carefully at that quick timing or the thing will flicker. Also, colouring the double amount of frames(that are almost identical to each other most of the time) would completely wreck my nerves. I don’t think I will go that far here, but I just wanted to share the two versions with you because I think it’s interesting :)

More of a fuck coworkers story

I have Fridays off because I have a class that requires me to hike for 6 Fridays out of the semester. I’m up in Rocky Mountain National Park this last Friday, so I clearly don’t have cell service. I end up getting a text and a call from some coworkers (one asking me how to do the student deal and the other asking me to cover his shift that day since he was sick). Well the key holder/MOD was freaking out since that guy called in sick and the cashier showed up 2 hours late. I of course call my work as soon as I get home to see if they still need me and my general manager (GM) asked if i could come in to show him how to change out the kegs. Not wanting to do it the next day I go in to show him.

While waiting for it to die down I notice they had all the ingredients to cook our portabellas out (we normally cook them up then hold them in the fridge and reheat on grill when ordered). Knowing that if you have to cook portabellas on the fly you’ve seriously fucked up. I asked what the fuck happened that morning that you had to cook portabellas on the fly? The other assistant manager (AM) was called in early and told me that the key holder was freaking out yelling at everyone and basically didn’t do any prep. My GM tells me before I leave that we would probably have a huge prep list tomorrow, so I decide to make it before I leave that night and saw that it was pretty much 75-85% of a 50-60 item prep list. Basically we had a FUCK TON of prep to do. 

One of the major things we had to do was blanch 4 boxes of fries. I had the number clearly written on the prep list and the AM told the key holder to his face that we needed 4 boxes of blanched fries. Once he is finished I only end up seeing 3 boxes, so I go back to the other AM who was working right by the fry cutting sinks the entire time to ask if the key holder had cut another fry (only enough for 3 boxes were in the sink) and he told me no. The other AM finished the more important stuff then cut and washed the box of fries I needed to blanch which ended up being blanched around 12 (a good 1 ½ hours after we opened). We start to get busy so I start dropping meat and the key holder barely even started cutting tomatoes and kept telling me to do the tomatoes because they were in his way. I’m standing there thinking you need meat to sell these burgers I don’t give a shit about those tomatoes right now. I end up doing them anyways. The key holder ends up only finishing 2 lettuce sets that normally takes 10-15 minutes to do (he took 2 ½ hours).

Of course having only two people do a huge prep list some things didn’t get done on time. Fast forward to just before the rush the other AM is finishing up salads and I stopped to tell him a couple things to do differently next time so they look prettier. The key holder has the audacity to say “what are you doing with your life?” (code for ‘why are you just standing around’). I stood there for a second thinking about going off on him on for not doing shit Friday, yesterday, and last Sunday when me and another coworker came in at 10AM (morning crew comes in at 8AM) and did the entire fucking prep list. 


I noticed last week someone had been stacking individual little patties on top of one another instead of just starting them on a new tray. This way they would become stuck to one another and create 6oz patties (our littles are 3oz and bigs are 5oz). Found out it was this same key holder and told him not to do that since they will stick together and he proceeds to pull them apart so look really shitty and are probably not 3oz and says that he’s not going to stop doing that. Mind you when I was on the wrap line with him today he kept ignoring me when I told him multiple times to slide down the tickets and the buns that had stuff on them.

I know this was so long, but I just really needed to vent about it more.


[fic] black beauty

how do you save a beloved from their own self? modern AU. sfw.
note: this fic is heavily centred on depression and recovery, (with brief mentions of suicide) so if this is a trigger, please don’t read. beta’d by my love Kat @sawamura-daichis-thighs who I still can’t believe puts up with me!



The thing is, Yona thought she knew what depression looked like. It’s the permanent absence of a smile, it’s long sleeved shirts and hidden scars, it’s silence in a crowded room, and most importantly: it doesn’t happen to strong-willed people.

Like Hak.

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Dropping the ball.

How long does it normally take for an infant to get a SSN assigned and a health insurance card sent out? That’s the question I’ve emailed/called the cw about multiple times in the last two weeks. The question that was finally answered by asking a fellow fp who gave me phone number who then transferred me to another office and gave me the info I needed. All in all it took about 15 minutes. Was that so flipping hard? Why couldn’t my cw have done that?

Oh and daycare sent me a bill for a month’s worth of care because apparently the cw dropped the ball on getting it authorized and thus the DCBS money lady rejected the invoices. Guess who spent most of the morning on the phone getting it straightened out? Not the person who fucked up in the first place that’s for sure.

My cw is absolutely useless. The amount of shit I’ve done since I got the kiddos that is technically her job is mind bogling. It takes a million years to get a hold of her and when I do she rarely knows the answer to my question or bothers to find out. It’s really shitty that I depend more on other fps than I do on the actual employee getting paid to, you know, do their job.


2017.08.16 🏋💃 Jazzercise Dance Mixx

My knee didn’t feel worse, not much better than Monday, but at least not worse. Still taking it easy, no jumping, modifying some moves, but still a good workout. I keep stretching 2-3 times a day for 15-20 minutes all the leg muscles, trying to get it back to ‘normal’.

Last night I banged my little toe on a door and it hurt like fuck. I forgot about it today until I put my shoes on to go to class. Couldn’t figure out why my shoe was hurting me so much until I remembered … duh! Well, it wasn’t too bad, I guess, but it definitely reminded me to not slam my toes into doors, if at all possible. 

Aaron Tveit story time. 

A few summers ago I was in Central Park waiting in line to get tickets to Love’s Labour’s Lost at SITP. After I got my tickets I had an hour to kill so I went over to watch Broadway Softball. Once and ROA was playing against each other. It was crazy hot out so I went and sat near a big tree. As I’m sitting there minding my own business, a guy comes and sits beside me. At first I didn’t really pay attention cause I was listening to; get this, Next to Normal on my Ipod. They guy kind of waves and I take my headphones out and go sorry. And I look at him with dear caught in the headlights look. And he goes ‘that’s my mom’ I tried so hard not to freak out. He kind of giggled and started to put his shoes on. We talked for about 15 minutes. I asked him stuff about getting into the industry. We also talked about how I had just been in a production of N2N. We then chatted about some other stuff. His career. And dogs. 

Anyway. He is such a sweet lovely individual. And that’s my story. 

Locked (Nam TaeHyun One Shot)

Characters:  Nam TaeHyun (WINNER) x You (OC) x WINNER members

Genre:  Angst , AU (Alternate Universe), A bit of Fluff…. And romance!

Length:  4101 words (yeah hell this is lengthy)

Beware:  Angsty Angst Angst LOL. Also be careful with blonde Nam Taehyun which is more dangerous than any other thing in the world SMH

Plot:  Inspired by Taehyun’s EXIT Teaser video   His crazy antics, his diva attitude, most of the time pissed you off. However, fate played tricks on you and you caught him in his most difficult state; in the right place at the right time.  He needs you, no one else but you.



Friday night.  

There are different kinds of sounds that can be heard inside the club where you work.  Glasses clinking, people yelling at each other, loud and crazy rock music from the band that performs at club EXIT almost every day.

You walked carefully as you balance yourself with two trays with about five – six glasses filled with alcohol in it, as you make your way towards the crowd of drinking, dancing, jumping, and singing people. You put down the drinks on their respective tables and went to check your watch.  1:00AM. It is time for you to take your lunch or dinner, not really sure how you would call it anymore.

“Yoojin-ah!  I’ll be on break!”  You shouted to your co-worker – as you walk towards the employee exit of the bar, finally getting an escape from hell – or in other words, work.  You took a deep breath as soon as you’re out of the club, feeling the fresh air hit your skin.  You walk fast towards the convenience store nearby to grab a sandwich and a bottle of soda, and immediately retreating to the rear exit of the club, since you were only given 30 minutes to enjoy your break.

You tried sitting on your favorite spot just beside the rear door of the club; however, someone else took your spot.  You crunch your nose when you figured out who the person is.

Nam Taehyun.

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Co-workers (Sehun)

He’s a lazy, bitch-face employee at a cute little coffee shop. She’s a hardworking and determined employee at the same cute little coffee shop. People would mistaken them as best friends or even lovers when they first see them. Too bad they’re not. 

Cho Yaerin lived exactly across from Oh Sehun’s apartment. I guess you could say they’ve known each other long. She finds him absolutely, positively interesting. He, on the other hand, finds her absolutely, positively annoying. They’ve spoken a few times. Those few times, he just told her to leave him alone. It wasn’t his fault the girl wanted to walk follow him to work everyday. 

She was determined to get him to just have a conversation with her, they are neighbors after all. But not one conversation sparked up. Day after day she tries, nothing. So, like everyday, she followed him, still trying to figure out his favorite color. In a little while, they arrived at work.

“I need a cappuccino for table 3.” Sehun spoke a few moments later, handing the slip of paper to her. She took the paper and started the machine
“Slow day today, huh Sehun-ah?” she asked him. No response.
“So…can I guess your favorite color?” she asked again, getting the things she needed while he never replied
“Is it green?” she questioned. Nothing. So, she decided to stay quiet feeling the awkwardness between them. Soon, the cup of coffee was done and she walked up to him
“It’s done.” she smiled, hoping he’d return one and deliver it.
“You deliver it.” he coldly spoke. She frowned and turned towards table 3.
“Enjoy your cappuccino.” she grinned at the customer, who returned it. *See? Why can’t you smile like that you Cold Asslord?* she thought in her head.

Through out the day, she tried speaking to him again, only to get shut out, over and over again. While she was walking towards table 5, the men’s bathroom door opened, hitting right on her shoulder, causing the latte to spill all over the person that emerged from the door.

“What the hell?!” Sehun raised his voice. He lost it. He was beyond pissed off. *Not only did this idiot ruin my morning, she ruined my shirt.*
“I-I’m so sorry, Sehun-ah!” she profusely apologized, and hurriedly grabbed some napkins from her apron to wipe at the shirt but he harshly smacked her hand off.
“No! You’ll just make it worse! Did you not get the hint that I don’t want to talk to you? I’ll say this one more time, I don’t want anything to do with you. Stop following me to work everyday. It’s worse that I live right in front of you. Don’t follow me to work tomorrow or ever again. And my name is Sehun, not Sehunnie or Hunhun or Sehun-ah. IT’S SEHUN. Don’t give me nicknames. Leave me alone.” he spat out loud, glaring fire at her.
The shop went incredibly quiet as they stared at the two employees. Some whispered to one another. Yaerin’s lips quivered a little and her eyes started to tear just a little.
“Fine.” she said, it was almost a whisper. Then she quickly made her way back to her post to make another latte for the poor customer that had been waiting. When she came back out, Sehun had already dried most of his shirt though there was a brown stain on it. 

“I’m so sorry to keep you waiting, enjoy your latte.” she said, putting on her best smile. The customer understood and didn’t complain.

When their shifts were over, Sehun went straight home. Meanwhile, Yaerin went to the mall to buy him a new shirt. *I do owe him this much.* She left the bag in front of his door and then went to sleep with a frown on her face. 

The next morning, she woke up earlier than she normally does. Got dressed and then left her apartment the moment that Sehun woke up. Flipping the sign to ‘Open’, she put on her apron and went to her station. About 15 minutes later, Sehun came through, looking a bit confused but went to lounge at his station.
The first few customers came through and she went to take their orders herself, still scared of Sehun’s outburst yesterday to even want to talk or look at him. When their orders were jotted down, she quickly went to make their drinks.

“Hey, did you buy me that shirt in front of my door?” Sehun suddenly asked, making her jump.
“What shirt?” she asked nonchalantly.
“There was a bag in front of my door this morning, did you send it?” he explained
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” she spoke, not making eye contact with him (to which he was surprised) *She’s not being annoying today…*

This went on for days and days. It started to slowly be Sehun’s turn to hope for her to even look at him. She hasn’t spoken to him ever since. She hasn’t been walking with him or asking him 21 questions a day. He’s starting to sort of…miss her…Watching her take orders when he should be doing it. *She’s cute…a little…Should I apologize?*

Later, when their shift was over, she took her bag and hurried to the door when a hand wrapped around her wrist, stopping her from doing so. She turned around. 

“Can I talk to you?” Sehun asked, in a small voice
“No, I need to go got a job application in a few minutes.” she replied, coldly.
“Job application? What? Why?” he asked, scared and confused
“I found another job. Please let go of my wrist.” she explained.
“NO! Don’t switch jobs. You can’t.” he tried to sound intimidating
“And who are you to tell me what to do?” she asked him
“Because I can! We’re co-workers! You can’t just leave me with a bunch of strangers!” he argued
“Strangers? I hardly know you. Weren’t you the one that told me to leave you alone? Well? I’m leaving you alone, now let me go.” she looked him straight in the eyes, shocking him a little.
“Black and white.” he suddenly said.
“And I- what?” she asked, confused
“Black and white. Those are my favorite colors…” he answered her question from a few weeks back.
“And you tell me this because?” she asked
“I don’t want you to leave this job. If you do, I’ll quit too! It’s won’t be the same without you here.” he blushed
“So what? You hardly ever talk to me, it can’t be that different.” she said
“But it will be different! If you leave, I would have to work the stations myself!” he added
“You don’t do it at all!” she was not enraged
“I know that! But if you leave, I’ll work by myself and I don’t know how to work the coffee machine. Don’t leave…” he begged a little. She sighed.
“So, you need me to teach you and then I’ll leave?” she asked, finding amusement in this. He smiled a little and shook his head
“No! Look, I really miss you talking to me, walking with me and asking me questioned every day. So please? Will you…walk with me to work again? Everyday? And we’ll get to know each other better…” he asked, a small glint of hope in his eyes. She sighed out loud
“This must’ve been how you felt with me. Annoyed.” she smirked a little.
“We’ll be annoying employees together!” he exclaimed. She smiled a little.
“You know, you’re really impossible.” she shook her head as the two walked home.


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[Lucid Dream Sequence 10.]

Date of LD: 11.19.17
Time: Middle of the night.
Techniques Attempted: None.

In Waking Life: Once again, I wasn’t intending to have a lucid dream, especially since I normally have them during naps and not during my normal sleep cycle; however, after getting up to go to the bathroom and returning to bed, I noticed I was slipping into sleep paralysis unusually quickly. It normally takes me about 15-20 minutes (or longer) to fall asleep, so this was extremely rapid for me.

Progressing Into Sleep: After slipping through sleep paralysis, I realized I was in my bed “like normal,” only my computer was off to my right and the monitor was on. It looked like I’d just finished watching something on Netflix; credits were scrolling by. I got excited because I remembered someone on Reddit talking about how they’d watched Dream TV and they’d basically watched full, mostly coherent episodes. Instead, my screen went to static and it started calling me by my birth name (I go by a different name now). The name thing is intriguing to me because it seems as though parts of my subconscious know me and attempt to contact me only by that name - usually through electronic devices (the one before that was a cell phone; another was a woman - who was not electronic, lol, but I was experiencing electric/static vision in her presence).

Following that, I got up out of my body and started flying around my bedroom. It was dark, but I thought to look behind me to see if I could catch a glimpse of my astral cord or my body lying back in bed. Instead, I ended up nearly clunking my head on something out of place - a towel rack or exercise bike bar/handle that shouldn’t have been there - kind of similar to one of my initial dream experiences. That jarred me back into bed, and I thought I was going to wake up.

Instead, I ended up in a long, white, hazy hallway with pale wood floors. It had an art gallery atmosphere to it. There was a sound filling the air, like someone sawing logs or snoring, rhythmic and repetitive. I thought about a text post (?) I saw once about how it doesn’t matter whether you scream or whisper inside of your head - it’s the same volume. I realized that even though that sound seemed loud, it was in my head, and I could make my own sound to cancel it out. So, I did, and the room faded away. (I am assuming this is a metaphor for something I should be able to do with frequencies in a practical way.)

In the darkness, I decided to dry dream meditation again. I also decided not to close my dream eyes because I was worried that would make me lose concentration and either wake up or fall into a regular dream. I wiggled my arms and legs around first, then got into a cross-legged position, floating on emptiness. I was kind of zooming around and chanting OM, and as I did so, everything started to shake. It became harder and harder to speak. Everything (even though there was virtually nothing there but me and a ball of light) disintegrated.

Tried again with picturing and interacting with one of my favorite original characters, and I think I’m starting to understand the difference between thinking and imagining. Thinking doesn’t seem to work so well; everything feels distant and flat. But imaginging, visualizing…that tends to put me into the scene, even if there are still imperfections or warped features. After that, I could feel myself waking up.

Sabrina Carpenter Appreciation Post

I’ve noticed as of lately all this hate came pouring in on Sabrina. Even what I saw today was so vile and repulsive. One question, why? Sabrina is the sweetest humble human being I have ever met. I just can’t with how much hate she’s been receiving.. So, I’m going to do a little appreciation for her because no one deserves hate and certainly not her.

Reasons why I love Sabrina Carpenter:

1. She has a heart of gold, I’ve never seen such a wonderful person that has so much love for everything around her.

2. How she is with her fans, she ALWAYS reminds us that she loves us and that we’re like family to her.

3. She always stops to take a picture with fans.

4. her jokes. need I say more on that?

5. her singing, such a mature vocal range for her age, it’s beautiful. 

6. her sarcasm is something I’ll never get enough of, some of her tweets on twitter have me dying of laughter sometimes

7. Her portrayal of Maya Hart on Girl Meets World is incredible, she does such a solid job.

8. She remembers her fans, it’s crazy to me how insane her memory is when it comes to meeting her fans and then seeing them at a later time and she remembers. When I met her she already knew who I was because the first thing she said to me was “I saw on Twitter that you were coming to the taping today!” I was honestly kind of stunned/shocked that she was well aware of who I was and that she remembered the letter I wrote her back in November. It literally made my heart warm knowing that she acknowledged that she knew who I was.

9. because of Sabrina I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had just from making friends on twitter and some of them live across the world and we can’t go a day without talking. Sometimes all it takes is that special connection and a common interest (Sabrina with me and my friends) You don’t have to be near someone 24/7 to have a best friend or for them to be there for you because that’s the thing about best friends is they’re with you when they aren’t physically with you.

10. She’s helped me through some very tragic events in my life and with my anxiety/depression. Her music is literally the key to bringing a smile to my face, her music really just gives me hope and a positive outlook on life now and that wasn’t something I had before, it’s important to know who you were and who you are now, because now I recognize that, I’ve come so very far from who I was and thanks to Sabrina, I was able to get myself to that place and I’ll be forever grateful.

11. she is the most hard working 17 year old that I have ever seen. she does so much and it’s literally all for us, she’s working so incredibly hard on her second album while season 3 of girl meets world is being filmed. I can only imagine the time those things alone could take up let alone whatever else she has going on. 

12. she cares about what her fans have to say to her, again when I met her, when I would talk she looks right into your eyes and you just get the feeling that she genuinely cares about what you have to say to her. 

13. the girl loves hugs, lol. she hugged me so many times in the 10 minutes that I got to talk to her and when we decided to take a normal picture she hugged me again, it was literally the cutest thing ever. I was so nervous about meeting her and she literally made everything so much better for me on the nerves. Normally I would have frozen up, but with her I didn’t, it was like talking with a friend.

14. I always look forward to her music Mondays, she always picks the best songs to cover and put on instagram/twitter.

15. her and sarah’s relationship is the cutest ever. I love how close they are because not every sister relationship is like that.

16. her laugh is the most precious thing on the face of the earth.

17. she’s not afraid to be herself, which I really love because it’s real and it’s not a poker face that most celebrities will put on during red carpet events, I mean she talked about the key of success being french fries, lmao.

18. she’s punny.

19. gorgeous blue eyes :)

20. Her relationship with the GMW cast is literally the best thing ever.

I would list so many more reasons, but I’ll leave it at this. @sabrinacarpenter I hope you feel loved and appreciated because you are by me. I love you <3

‘till the sun comes up...

Request from Annon: Maybe something about being on promotional tour for suicide squad and they come to the uk and he meets a girl that has an ok job in the backend of nowhere? We can only dream hahaha…


Throwing the money at the taxi driver with a quick ‘keep the change’, you ran inside the club and hope and prayed that Mr Daniels hadn’t decided to open up today, as you were late and he hated nothing more than his employees being late. Your luck was in, instead of Mr Daniels, Luke had opened up and after the amount of times you had covered for him, you were sure he’d let this one time slip by. 

 'Finally decided to grace us with your presence, Y/N.’ He chuckled, Luke was much like an annoying older brother - constantly teasing you and winding you up ‘'well I’m not going to ask why you’re late, just help me get this place ready for opening which is in 15 minutes may I remind you?’ 

Knowing he was right and not wanting to give him a reason to tell Mr Daniels about your lateness, you got to work straight away; taking bar stools off the tables and making sure all the barrels were full and the bar was stocked plenty.


You were rushed off your feet, the bar was never this busy normally but for some reason people kept pouring in and so the drinks kept flowing. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any busier a large rowdy group walks in. 

‘'This lot are yours - I took the last lot’ Luke shouted over the music and crowd to you. You internally groaned, this could be interesting. As they approached the bar you put down the cloth you were using to wipe the bar. 

‘'What can I get you?’ You asked as they approached the bar where you were. There must have been at least six of them and although that didn’t sound a lot, you were sure the guys could throw back more than a few drinks each. 

One of the females came towards you clearly ready to get her drink, she was pretty you had to admit, blonde hair beautiful face, you thought she looked familiar but you just couldn’t place your finger on why. When she ordered her double vodka and coke you noticed that she had an Australian accent but before you could think too much about it she turned back round to the rest of the group, ‘Jai, Jared, Ben what are you getting?’ She asked, clearly impatient. Three of the guys heads all turned and you couldn’t help but notice how good they all looked, knowing you had to get your head out of the clouds you started on the double vodka. After you had placed it on the bar, you looked up to notice one of the men’s eyes on you. 

‘'Three pints of your best larger please and whatever your having.’ A smile crept onto your lips as you listened to his husky Australian accent but the reply you gave was automatic. Even though people were always offering to buy you and Luke drinks, you were both under strict orders that you were not to accept drinks paid by customers. Expertly, you placed all three pints on the bar without any trouble and looked back up into the face of the man you could only describe as insanely sexy to be met with the biggest and deepest blue eyes you had ever seen. the gaze you both held was soon broken though as the Australian girl from before came back and put her hand around his shoulders. 

‘They both want a pint too, so two more pints please!’ She asked you with a bright smile. 

‘Coming up!’ You murmured as you gabbed two more pint glasses, filled them and set them on the bar for the pair to take to their friends. ‘'That’ll be £21.30 then please?’ You asked without looking up to the pair of Australians, you were sure they were a couple, they were really comfortable around each other. Maybe they were on holiday or something. The really hot guy who you couldn’t look at without feeling as if you were melting paid for the drinks and the group made their way over to the other side of the dance floor to where the booths were and all squeezed into one. 


Throughout the evening the group ordered a lot of drinks, more than you had seen a group of the same size order for a long time. Every so often you could feel someone’s gaze on you but every time you looked up you couldn’t work out who it was. It was only an hour from closing and while the rowdy group were still in their booth (although they had been taken it in turns to entertain the bar with their hilarious dancing) a lot of the other customers had left and there was only half the amount there was earlier in the night, which you were grateful for; you hadn’t stopped.

Luke turned to you, ‘that guy over there hasn’t stopped staring at you all night.’ As he gestured to the booth were the Australians and their friends had sat. Sure enough when you looked over you caught Mr. Oh So Gorgeous looking straight at you. Yielding under his intense gaze you were the one to first look away, but when you looked up again he wasn’t staring at you, instead he was coming towards you. 

When he got to you, he placed his rather large, muscly arms on the bar and you noticed the tattoos decorating his skin. ‘'Hey, I was just wondering when do you get out of this place?’ He asked you staring straight into your eyes and what felt like deep into your soul. Without taking your eyes away from him you told him what time you finish at the bar. A smile gently teased at the corner of his lips. ‘'Great, would you like to grab an apearly breakfast with me?’ Just as you were about to answer the sensible part of your mind kicked in. 

‘'I don’t even know your name?’ Your smile slowly slipped away, but his didn’t falter. 

‘'How rude of me!’ He exclaimed with a hand on his chest, and in his poshest British accent ‘I’m Jai, may I say it a pleasure to meet you…’ 

Realising you hadn’t yet introduced yourself, you stammered ‘Y/N, and the pleasure is all mine.’ 

He picked up your hand, that had been resting on the edge of the bar, and gently raised it to his lips then kissed your knuckles. ‘'So Y/N, can I buy you an early breakfast once you get out of here?’ 

Without a moment of hesitation you replied your affirmation, and the smile that had faulted returned to its place on your lips. 

‘Great I’ll see you then!’ He smiled back and made his way back over to the booth. 


Finally your shift was over and you couldn’t contain the butterflies that had swarmed into your stomach. Jai had sat in the booth the whole time, even after his friends had long gone he stayed there to wait for you. Luke and yourself began to sort out the bar taking out empty barrels and all the empty beer bottles. As you began to take one of the barrels out back two large hands grabbed the barrel out of yours. 

‘'Where are we taken this?’ Jai’s voice asked stood so close beside you, you could feel the heat of his body raid karting of him. 

‘'Just down to the cellar, and then we have to get a fresh one ready for tomorrow night.’  You explained quickly, while showing him the way. 

With Jai’s help the bar was ready for closing much quicker than it normally was, which meant that you and Jai could finally go and get the much anticipated breakfast he had promised you. 

‘Y/N, I know that I was the one to ask you out to breakfast, but I’m not exactly from around here,’ he was rambling but you couldn’t help but think how adorable that was, ‘'you wouldn’t happen to know somewhere we could get breakfast?’ You smiled and gently nodded your head, grabbing his hand you took him to your favourite cafe.

When you got to the cafe, Sandra, the owner started getting your usual oreder ready and Jai ordered his and paid for them both. You sat down at your normal spot by the window and Jai sat opposite you. 

‘So, besides being the most beautiful barmaid in the UK, how else do you spend your free time?’ Jai asked you, while you burst out in a fit of giggles. 

‘'Smooth, Jai real smooth!’ You couldn’t help but laugh, talk about cheese. 

‘'Hey! I can’t help it, I’m not good at the whole romantic thing.’ You smiled at the honesty, but you were still slightly amused. 

‘'In my free time I like to draw and paint, I use to want to be an artist but art doesn’t pay the rent, so I took to pulling pints every night.’ You explained looking Jai directly in the eyes, you got consumed by their depth, it was like his whole soul was there in his eyes. ‘'What about you Mr. Mysterious, all I know is your name! What do you do when you’re not causing mayhem in bars?’ 

Now it was his turn to chuckle, ‘'you mean you don’t recognise this handsome face?’ 

You looked at him, confusion blatant on your face, ‘'I thought I recognised one of the girls you were with, Clara was it? but I couldn’t tell where from.’ You told him uncertainly. 

‘Cara, that would be the one and only Cara Delevigne model and actress. I just happen to be an actor…’ He stated as if he had just told you the secret in the secret family recipe. He took a deep breath and you couldn’t help but kind of feel sorry for him, it must be a big weight on his shoulders to constantly be in the public eye. 

‘I hope this doesn’t offend you but I still have no idea who you are, what movies are you in?’ You asked cautiously, really hoping that you hasn’t just offended him. 


You wiped away a few stray tears, your cheeks aching from smiling and laughing so much. The conversation had kept flowing the entire evening and before you both knew it the sun had come up and the early bird customers had started to show up. Realising how tired you were, Jai suggested that maybe you part ways, before you left Jai turned to you, ‘'I really enjoyed being with you, Y/N. How would you feel if I said I wanted to see you again soon? Really soon.’ He asked while staring intently into your eyes. 

‘Honestly, I would love to!’ You replied, you couldn’t help licking your lips as she he noticed. He definitely noticed. 

Before you could register what was going on, his lips had claimed yours and his tongue gently stroked across your bottom lip silently asking for entrance and obediently you granted him it. After a few seconds you pulled back to catch your breath, ‘let’s finish this at my place!’ 


So here it is!! I am so sorry it has taken so long - I finally caught up with my assignments after I lost them all and my UCAS application is nearly finished! Thank you all for being so patient! As always I love you all! 

anonymous asked:

hOw about oikawa, kuroo, kenma, and iwaizumi when their s/o isn't home when it's very late and their s/o calls the boys to tell them they got lost ?¿? :3c


“(Name)-chan, what would you do without me? Probably die.”

Probably the least worried out of the four, he’ll put on his coat and shoes and stroll through town, tracing the path you normally take home. He’ll stay on the phone with you the whole time, alternating between gentle teasing and calming you down. Because he’s the least panicked, he’ll probably find you the soonest—like, within 15 minutes. And he’ll tell you that you owe him for going out of his way to come find you, teasing you some more, and kissing you just when you get mad at him.


“You should’ve called me before you left, stupid!”

He only gets so frustrated because he’s nervous. He’s really worried about you, and when you can’t adequately describe to him where you are, he might start to yell—a force of habit from being around Trashykawa for so long. But when you hang up, he realizes he’s actually scared and not angry. He calls you back and apologizes, telling you to find a street sign and wait there, he’ll come find you wherever you are. And he will.


“You might lose your head it wasn’t attached. How do you manage to even dress yourself in the morning?”

This boy uses his teasing as a coping mechanism because he is HIGH KEY TERRIFIED. You are literally the most important thing in his life, and anything could happen to you. He stays on the phone with you, teasing you, while legitimately flying through the city, desperately searching every place you might be. When he finds you safe, probably just chilling in a park playing with a cat or something else cute, he feels so relieved that the teasing actually stops. He just holds you for a little while, telling you that he’s glad you’re safe. Also, in his haste to find you, he probably already ran past you once, and when you tease him about it, he gets super embarrassed.


“Just use the GPS in your phone, it has a location tracker.”

Kenma is going to act like the most chill in this situation, but he really is pretty nervous. You have never been known for your sense of direction, and you can barely use your phone to make a phone call, let alone get you home. He’ll walk you through it step-by-step, probably bringing up a map of his own and following along with his finger the likely path that you’re taking. If absolutely necessary, he’ll come out to get you, but only if he has to.

Preference #8: When He's Mad.

He can act like a little kid sometimes. When he’s mad, he’ll slam doors, stomp his feet, reply in and whine about it all day. He’ll keep moping until you finally admit you were wrong, even if you weren’t.

He’s even more quiet than he usually is. If you ask him what’s wrong, he’ll shrug his shoulders and just not answer you. If you try to make him laugh, or even cuddle up into his side, he’ll brush you off and leave the room.

It’s easy to tell whenever he’s mad at you. He won’t talk to you all day, but if he does he only says one or two words. He’ll have his arms crossed at his chest whenever he’s around you, a stern look plastered on his face, and he’ll try his best to not make any eye contact.

Liam rarely gets mad about anything. But when he does get mad, he just yells. You don’t do anything about it. You just leave him to have his little temper tantrum, and don’t say a word to him until he’s calm again. These tantrums only last a maximum of 15 minutes.

He will be silent. He’ll sit on his phone, or watch tv all day. He’ll answer you, just not as enthusiastic as he normally would. Depending on how childish or angry he is, the silent treatment can last from 30 minutes, to a full day.

If you have any ideas for preferences please let me know!
Im not taking imagine request, only preferences and outfits!

Dog grooming and the holidays

I work at a dog grooming salon in Hollywood so we get the best of the worst here. As you know thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we are BUSY!! Everyone is calling trying to get their dog in for a bath and a cut before they go out of town. Understandable

What I don’t understand is people who call 15 minutes before we close and demand that we take them. Most of the conversations this week have been something like this

Me: thanks for calling Store how can I help you

Customer: yeah I’d like to get my dog in for a bath and a haircut this weekend

Me: (looks at fully booked schedule) unfortunately we don’t have anything this weekend and our first available wouldn’t be until after thanksgiving..

Customer: okay well what about this weekend

Me: (already knows that there is nothing available) unfortunately we don’t have anything for this weekend either

Customer: well what about today?? Monday??? Tuesday???

Me: sorry we’re fully booked and don’t have anything until after thanksgiving

Customer: well that’s really inconvenient for me and doesn’t work with my schedule that really doesn’t work for me

Me: normally during the holidays we get 2-3 weeks booked in advance

Customer: so you’re saying you can’t take my dog in before thanksgiving

Me: correct….

Customer: that’s shitty thanks for nothing

Wow :^) it’s almost as if :^) we don’t work around your schedule :^) and other people called ahead a week in advance (hell even earlier that day). Maybe if you didn’t call 15 minutes before I close we might have been able to take you.

We also have another groomer leaving for the month and he clients are shitty as hell.

Customer: id like to be booked with E (groomer leaving for a month)

Me: she’s actually leaving for the month and she’s already completely booked and won’t have anything until after she comes back after Christmas

Customer: no that’s too long for me to wait can you please look again

Me: (reads notes that the dog is hella difficult, has to only be booked in certain spots) yeah unfortunately she’s completely booked we could schedule you with a different groomer if you like

Customer: can I talk to E?

Me: (gets E, explains that she has 0 appointments available before he leaves)

E: okay we can do next Sunday at this time but you have to be here on time any later and I can’t take him

Customer: (from what E told me) that person I just spoke to lied to me!! He told me you didn’t have any spots open

E: well he’s right I don’t. I’m moving my schedule around to fit you in. I don’t have any openings but I’m squeezing you in

Customer: see this is why I should just talk to you first instead of the front desk people

Honestly her clients are such snooty bitches. Most of her clients are extremely rude if they don’t get their way

I have plenty of horror stories if you want more

Omaha Pregnancy series part 2                   .-~Finding out ~-.

Hello everyone this is part 2 to the pregnancy series ! I would really like some input !

Guys ! for the gender of the baby so I color code the collage, It will give you guys a hint ! lol let me know what you think of this idea .

Sammy : I woke Up feeling sicker than ever I look to my right to see no Sammy he has been gone Recording his new song So it didn’t surprise me  . I quickly got up and ran into the bathroom I bent in front of the toilet and vomited . It was unusual I Didn’t eat anything different or new . I didn’t think anything of it Since the season was changing and me and Sammy Were pretty active last night . I continued on through out the day And I checked my “monthly Calendar “ and noticed I was almost 2 weeks late . My heart started beating faster than ever, It was from excitement me and Him have been actively trying and it might have just happened . I opened up the bathroom cabinet and got a pregnancy test out and To my surprise i was for sure pregnant . “ahh, I can’t wait to tell Sam “ I screamed to my self . 

Johnson : It was in the afternoon around 2 pm Me and my friend Y/F/N Were walking around the mall finding new clothes for the start of fall, We walked by a baby store “Can we pleas go in here ?” I begged Y/F/N “Why?” She said “Well we are actually trying, and we have since like 5 months and nothing has happened and it’s actually making me think if there is something wrong “ I started to get really upset “so this might give me a little hope pleas “ I said “fine We walked in the store and there were so many cute clothes and everything, I started to get sad “Lets go eat I’m hungry “ i said dragging out Y/F/N .We are eating now when I get a Ding on my phone its from my monthly tracker and it said I was close to being 3 days late, I didn’t want to jump to excitement and jinxs it so I just kept it to myself, After the Mall as soon as I got home I rushed to the bathroom and took the test. I wait 10 minutes I glanced at it and there I saw 2 straight lines I was beyond excited . I started jumping around dancing .

Nate : I walked out into the kitchen and sat on one of the bar stools My shirtless boyfriend was making u s some breakfast “babe Are You all right ? You don’t look so good “ he said “well thanks, I feel like crap this is the 4th time I vomited “ I said “If you want I can go and pick you up some medicine “ he coming wrapping his hands around my back . “Well thank you !” I said leaning my head on his bare chest . “babe don’t get offended But I’m not going to eat that i’m just going to go back to sleep “ i said getting up and making my way to out bedroom . “baby I’m going to go get you some medicine Alright love you ! “ He said shortly heard the front door close. i texted him “ Thank you baby I really really love and appreciate you “ he texted shortly after “That’s what I do !! “ . It Didn’t take long before I vomited again , It got me thinking about the times me and Nate Have shared about not using anymore protection . I quickly pulled out a pregnancy test and waited 15 minutes I took a look and it said pregnant . My heart continued to pound From excitement .

Jack G : It was just like any normal Sunday, You sit at home relaxed and eat all the junk food your stomach can take But you were eating a lot more than usual but It didn’t bother you . In the middle of The show Friends You get a Call from your best friend Y/F/N, You quickly swipe green “Hello” I say “Hey, wanna come with me to the gym ?” she Said, you instantly took it the wrong way “what are you saying I’m Fat ?””No of course not. It’s just you have been talking about having a healthier life style and I was just wondering if you wanted to come to the gym with me “ She defended herself “Oh Um I don’t think so maybe another time , But thanks for the offer “ I say hanging up the phone. Just 2 minutes later I received a text from her “geez women you have been quit moody latly Aunt Flows in town “ It got me thinking That I haven’t had my period, I quickly look at my calendar and it say almost 4 weeks late. I googled some pregnancy symptoms and I definitely Have them, I quickly grabbed my phone and replied to her “You are right, Can you Pick me up and take me to the store ?” She replied saying yes . I got in the store and headed to the pregnancy isle I grabbed like 3 boxes not knowing which one to pick . As soon as I got home I Dashed into the bathroom and Took the test my heart was pounding different thoughts cam in my head. The timer on my phone went off  I looked at the Test and it read pregnant, I bursted into tears Me and Jack Have actually talked about Having A Family I’m just worried at how he will take the news . 


Sorry it took me forever for a Part 2 It was just hard to think of different story lines for the same topic ! Haha 

Give me some ideas I would really appreciate it !

Professor Dallas Chapther 2

It’s not edited. You welcome. ( If you have seen Awkward you know who i’m talking about )

If you want i poste it on Wattpad too, read it here

Chapter 1 –>

Chapter 2 –>

“The way he said, ’ I will especially look after you Ms. Summer ’ was like so hot Taylor.” I can’t even describe the feeling of both nervousness and happiness there ran through my body in that every moment.

“Either can I.” I said amazed. “Wow wow wow, wait a minute, why didn’t you say anything to him? Your the one who always answer back the teather, why didn’t you answer back?” I asked, i was both happy and a little grumpy because she didn’t answer back.

“I don’t know, maybe i was fossilised by the sight of that handsome man.” Well that was a okay excuse, like i wouldn’t disagree about his handsome face, and his muscle.

“Okay i agree with you.” I said and a giggle left my mouth.

The school was over, and the only thing i had left was to catch my locker real quick. I opened my locker and left all my books in there, because no homework for tomorrow to mama here yes baby.

I heard a door open a close to my left, and of caures i had to look and a too familiar face came to my vision. Professor. Dallas. The nervousnees came to my mind, and my hands began to shake.

I just needed to put those damm books in the freaking locker, how hard could i be? Well really hard when a handsome man is comming in your direction. His footsteps got louder with every second there past me.

I don’t know what happened with me because my books wasn’t in my hands anymore, but down the floor now. And where were the sound of his footsteps!?

“Damit!” I whispered under my breath.

I squat down to collect my fallen out books and then i turn around to collect the other books, my hand touched another hand, i looked up only to meet a brown eyed handsome man i didn’t wan’t to see right now.

“Uh, sorry.” I say stading up, he just smirk at me and gave me one of the two books in his hands. I look at him a little tense.

“What about my other book?” I ask and pointed at my English book in his hand. “What about it?” He questioned me.

“Well i don’t know, you tell me.” I said reaching out for it, but he was faster than me. He firmly grabbed my wirst, and a moan left my mouth.

“I bet i can get that moan more louder than that, baby.” He said leaning in closer, only to whisper it in my ear. Fuck.

I leaned a little away from him, so he wasn’t so close to me, but with every step i took back, he just took forward. “Please Mr.Dallas.” I said putting my free hand on his chest, to keep the distance.

His free hand came in contact with my bare thight, his warm hand was running up and down my thight.

“ I could do so many more things to you than just this baby girl.” He said one more time whispering it in my ear.

“I know you need this cock inside of that pretty little pussy of yours.” He said and slide his hand more up to my pussy. I tried so hard not to groan, it was hard but i survived.

“Please professor i need to get home now!” I said avoiding his eyes on mine, his hand on my pussy were gone now.

The lump in my throat was gone and when his touch was gone i almost fell down from the locker. “Just because i’m letting you go for now, doesn’t it mean you win Taylor, remember what i said earlier?” He asked.“ I will especially look after you Ms.Summer.”

I ran all the way home, i was too afraid to see him on the street, or any other places for that matter of fact.

I toss my bag on the floor beside the front door. “I’m home!” I shouted through the house. My dad came to my view,

“Hello honey, how was your day?” He asked walking over to me and patted my arm. “Like all the other school days dad.” I said smiling to him.

“Well i just though, after summer break it would be a little more different, maybe that’s just me.” He said.

“It’s okay dad.” He is really trying to follow on what’s going in my life, and sometimes he just can’t catch on. I feel sorry for him but to look at it one the bright side it’s funny.

“Well i’m going to take a shower for now.” I said walking up the stairs. “Oh and Taylor, we’re having a guest today, so be nice.” He said looking dead serious at me.

“I’m always nice daddy.” I said smiling my fake smil at him. “Taylor Summer i’ve known you since your mother gave birth to you, so don’t you dare lie to me.” He said with a pointed finger at me.

“Okay dad.” I mutter under my breath, and walk once again up the stairs.

My mind was about to blow up in the shower, Professor. Dallas was so close to me, his hand was on my thight and my vagina . Him running his soft hand up and down my thights and my vagina, made me feel things i shouldn’t feel.

My shower took a little longer than normal, and guess why it was. It would normal take me 15 minutes, but this time it took me 30 minutes, my mind was filled with so manny questions.

I dried my hair with a hair dryer, and dried my body. I was standing infront of my big mirror in my bedroom, i was just looking at myself, and thinking, that no one would ever look at me and say how pretty i am.

No one would ever look at me like i was the only thing in their world. I would be a loner, i would never have a boyfriend. I would be a loner forever.

“Taylor dinner is ready, and please don’t show up in your sleepy shorts, we have a guest!” My lovely mom shouted from down stairs. I don’t really care if we have guest or not, i’m going show up in whatever i feel comfortable in.

But i will never forget that ugly face my dad send me earlier, that face only comes up if it’s important, so i will not show up in my sleepy shorts, but I still consider it.

I took my comfortable black leggings on, they sat really well on and my grey sweater on, and my hair hang looes on my head, i really love this relax kind of day outfit.

I ran down the stairs, only to meet a pair of brown eyes, i didn’t want to see that man until tomorrow. Damit, how did my parents run into him?

“Well hello Taylor.” Professor Dallas greeted me, he did offer his hand for me to shake it, but i didn’t. “Taylor!” My mom said looking dead serious at me.

“Hello Professor.” I said trying to look happy, i took his hand in mine. I could clearly see that stupid smirk playing on his pink fully lips, he knew! He knew i lived here, he knew my parents.

In that moment i was happy i didn’t show up in my sleepy shorts. Because that would be too awkward…

Have I told you about the time I stole my own bike back from the thief who stole it from me?

It was April 1st, April Fools’ Day, and one of the most triumphant days of my life. My beloved bike had been stolen six months earlier and I’d been checking craigslist for it almost every day, but a stranger actually spotted it before I did and emailed me about it. I’d posted it on our local stolen bike listings site and it worked! She was interested in my bike when she saw it on CL but got suspicious because the price was too low for a pretty decent bike in good shape, so she looked it up on the stolen bike list and then contacted me. 

I called the cops but they refused to help me or do anything, they said they didn’t have time to deal with recovering stolen property. I emailed the seller/thief and set up an appointment to go see the bike that evening, and then I called the cops again and told them I had the thief’s name and address and asked again for help and again they said no. I spent the day trying to rally up a group of people to go with me for backup but people kept flaking and almost everyone was advising me to just buy my bike back, but fuck that. My friend Jeff finally came through and got a car full of people together to go with me. I wasn’t really sure how exactly I wanted to do it but on the drive over we made a plan: I decided I was just going to go up to the house by myself to avoid arousing suspicion, and the others would remain in the car parked just around the corner unless we needed to take further action. I was so nervous, I could barely control my shaking. I had pepper spray with me and I was so determined to take my bike back, I felt prepared to do whatever I had to do to make it happen. Luckily I didn’t end up needing a car full of backup people because it went off even easier than I expected and hoped. I was trying so hard to act normal, asking questions about the bike like a normal person would. Seeing my bike again in his garage full of stolen bikes was so surreal. I’d pretty much lost hope by that time and was only still checking craigslist out of habit. The thief didn’t seem suspicious of me at all, he let me take the bike on a test ride and didn’t even ask me to leave anything behind as collateral. I just rode it around the corner, put it on the car’s bike rack, and we drove away! About 15 minutes later he realized I was gone for good and emailed me saying “Hey you stole my bike, you bitch!”. I wrote back to him, “April Fools, motherfucker! That was my bike and I took it back!”

It was so fucking satisfying. 

A Sampling of People

I’m having my very first time working at a gas station, and i’ve been there for a few months. I’ve gathered a few noteworthy events that i think are worth sharing!

-older man comes in, and during his purchase he asks if i’m voting. I say yes, if I’m able, and he asks what party. I was getting ready to roll my eyes at what I assumed was going to be a pro-Trump lecture, but this was much worse. He was ecstatic I wasn’t voting for him, and proceeded to launch into what I could only describe as an evolutionary conspiracy theory. It lasted fifteen minutes. He left me with a link to a youtube channel; a classic “open your eyes, sheeple!” type channel.

-Weirdly calm man asks for 15$ in gas on pump 2. He was on 12. Normally i would catch this mistake but we were very busy. He threatens to call the police.

-Woman is rabidly convinced that her EBT card didn’t take the tax off of her purchase. I refund and charge her again three times before calling my manager. She is still angry about how the tax “didn’t come off”. It did. All three times.

-Man screams at me because he thought he gave me two twenties, and he had given me a 5 and a 20. The manager shows him the security footage and zooms in on the 5. This wasn’t enough evidence so he comes back at the end of my shift to “prove it” when my register numbers were 15$ off. They weren’t. I was 3$ over. He laughs about it and leaves.

-Man makes a mistake with his lottery play slip and doesn’t fill in the bubble dark enough for the multiple draws option, so the machine can’t read it. Proceeds to scream at me and claim I didn’t know how to do my job. Manager rectifies the situation, and a second man buys the mistake tickets for one draw saying “It would probably piss him off if he won and had to share the winnings with someone else.”

-Cop from the big city nearby claims the coffee is old and tastes stale when I had made it an hour ago. Demands to know why the doughnuts weren’t fresh from the oven. It was 9:30 at night and we only get a delivery once a day. He doesn’t understand why this gas station didn’t have its own bakery. Left while I was begrudgingly making a new pot of coffee for him.

-Many occurrences of being called a liar and deceptive because customers can’t read signs.

-Man puts his change in the take a penny without thinking about it, gets incredibly pissed that I didn’t personally give him the coins and demands to know where they were. The coin dispenser is automatic.

-Woman alerts me, who just got to work and opened the register, that the regular straws were out. I apologize and tell her to grab one from the slushie area and thank her for alerting me to the situation. She gets in line, berates me for not having already moving slushie straws to the regular straw area, then rants about how “people expect to be paid 14$ an hour for this so called job” and says it is the worst gas station she had ever been to. A regular stands up for me and the woman storms off without a word.

-Man accidentally gets gas on himself and his car somehow and keeps telling me that “something bad will happen” if that kept happening to people. I gave him a free car wash and he crossed his arms, looked smug, and said “you did good.” Creepy.

That’s all for now! Ill be sure to submit again when I have some more gems ✌🏻️✌🏻️✌🏻️

June 13th: Concert & Loft 89 Experience

SOOOO a lot of people have been asking about my experience at  the 1989 show in Philly yesterday and also the Loft 89 meet and greet after. So imma tell y’all about it. Because it was honestly the best night of my entire life. 

Keep reading