normally it takes me about 15 minutes

Aaron Tveit story time. 

A few summers ago I was in Central Park waiting in line to get tickets to Love’s Labour’s Lost at SITP. After I got my tickets I had an hour to kill so I went over to watch Broadway Softball. Once and ROA was playing against each other. It was crazy hot out so I went and sat near a big tree. As I’m sitting there minding my own business, a guy comes and sits beside me. At first I didn’t really pay attention cause I was listening to; get this, Next to Normal on my Ipod. They guy kind of waves and I take my headphones out and go sorry. And I look at him with dear caught in the headlights look. And he goes ‘that’s my mom’ I tried so hard not to freak out. He kind of giggled and started to put his shoes on. We talked for about 15 minutes. I asked him stuff about getting into the industry. We also talked about how I had just been in a production of N2N. We then chatted about some other stuff. His career. And dogs. 

Anyway. He is such a sweet lovely individual. And that’s my story. 

So I had to go to the doctor this morning. I needed to get cleared for my wisdom tooth surgery on Tuesday. So the younger residential doctor comes in, looks at my files and clearly he can see I’m trans but doean’t say anything (which is a better reaction than I’d normally get) so after he checks my vitals he goes out to sign my paper-work for the all clear. After waiting a few minutes he comes back in with this other doctor. He walks in with like the biggest smile on his face and was just in awe of me being trans. He was super excited and fascinated and had such a genuine longing to understand how to treat transgender people. So we talked for like 15 minutes about all of it and my personal experience.

It was just nice to see someone in the profession take the trans community seriously. Definitely a highlight to the start of my day.