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Skyline {V}

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Warnings: none

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 3k

A/N: So I originally intended for this to be the last part of Skyline, but because things needed to be explained so much, the story is getting a bit longer than I anticipated.  For that reason, there will be a Skyline pt. 6!!  I almost wish there wasn’t, because I love the evenness and finality of five parts, but what can you do.  Special thanks to Zoe and Jen for helping me brainstorm ideas, and for giving me feedback!!  Also, just a reminder, I do not have a tags list!!  I really hope you guys enjoy pt. 5!!!

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You really had no idea how Spider-Man did it.  How could he walk around in his civilian life, bursting at the seams with the secret of his powers, and not tell anybody?  How could he stay up half the night roaming the streets of Queens and keeping them safe?  How did he balance his hero responsibilities with those of a typical teenager?  You were sure that, if the radioactive spider had bitten you, you would not have been able to handle it like Spider-Man did.

You felt the change immediately when you woke up the morning after your night with Spider-Man. After crossing all those lines that the two of you had so carefully left uncrossed for months, you had stayed up almost all night, just talking (and also kissing a little bit?  But really, could anyone blame you?  He was a super hero).  Once Spider-Man had left around four am, you had had less than two hours of sleep once your alarm rang at six.  And by the time you made it to school, you had felt like death warmed over. That day had been a groggy fog of trying to stay awake and coherent until school was over, and you were tucked away in your cozy bed.

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Yuuri and Victor for playing footsie, please!

THIS REALLY GOT AWAY FROM ME. and by got away from me I mean this got long.

It starts the night Yuuri’s new rink mates invite him and Victor out for dinner. 

They end up at a tapas bar, of all places. Mila had suggested it while lifting Yurio above her head. 

“The small plates are perfect for his tiny hands!”

“I will end you.” Yurio’s feet windmilled through the air as though that would magically provide him leverage.

“Awww, Yura, are you not enjoying the view?”

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I'm not saying that I'd give you my first born in exchange for a continuation to the Lance revealing his feelings for Keith under the effect of weird space plants... But I'd totally give you my first born, a new Mac and the blood of a virgin.

Ayyyyyyy six months late (sorry, I know, I’m terrible) but trade out the human child for a puppy and you’ve got yourself a deal

Here’s the first part of this fic

And here’s the continuation, to heal the angst:

Keith had been weird ever since Wivicor.

Of course, Lance reflected, Keith was always a little weird, so it was all relative, but he’d changed in ways that Lance couldn’t account for. He wouldn’t make eye contact with Lance anymore, would barely talk to him. When Lance tossed an insult his way, instead of responding in kind, Keith went silent. If he ever found himself alone with Lance, he left the room as quickly as possible. Training sessions between the two of them eventually devolved into ominous quiet as Lance gave up trying to get Keith to talk to him. He would have worried Keith was ill, if he didn’t continue to interact with the rest of the team as normal. He’d laugh with Hunk at dinner, or peer over Pidge’s shoulder as she hacked into Galra systems, or talk long and quietly with Shiro. He even seemed to have a better relationship with Allura than with Lance.

Lance didn’t want to admit how much it stung. He nursed his wounds in private, trying to convince himself he was seeing something that wasn’t there. He knew Keith didn’t like him, sometimes was even afraid he flat-out hated him, but he’d thought they were getting better. Whatever dream that had been, Keith seemed determined to crush it. There was a hint of bitterness in his mouth whenever they formed Voltron now, a thread of something unpleasant that seemed to run between the two of them.

It was a small thing that broke his resolve. Unable to sleep, he stepped out into the hallway, thinking of getting a midnight snack or possibly just stretching his legs. Keith’s door started to slide open, he caught a glimpse of Keith’s startled eye, and then it slammed shut again. Something crumbled in his chest, but there was a tiny flame of fury there too. He stewed for a moment, considering his options, before he steeled himself, walked over, and banged on the door.

“Keith!” he shouted. “Open up!” The door stayed close. “Open your goddamn door, Keith!” He hit it so hard his knuckles stung. “Open up or I wake up the entire castle and we have this discussion in front of everyone.” The door slid open a single grudging inch, revealing Keith’s purple eye.

“Go to bed, Lance,” he said. Lance stuck his fingers in the door, hoping Keith was not actually mean enough to slam it on them.

“Not a chance, Kogane,” he said. “We need to talk.”

“No. We don’t.”

“Let me in,” he growled.


“We need to talk and you know it. Unless you want Shiro to start chewing us out for being irresponsible Paladins and letting our personal problems get in the way of forming Voltron.” There was a moment of silence, and then the door slowly slid open the rest of the way. Keith was barefoot, in a gray t-shirt and sweatpants, arms crossed over his chest. His bedsheets were rumpled and the room was dark, but his eyes were bright and alert, undulled by sleep.

“What.” Lance shut the door behind him, flicking the light on. Keith squinted in the brightness.

“You know what,” he said.

“Humor me,” Keith said flatly.

“You’ve been acting weird ever since we got stranded on Wivicor. I thought we were getting better, Keith, I thought we might be becoming friends. Now you won’t even look me in the eye.”

“I’m looking at you right now.”

“Yeah, for the first time in weeks.” Lance crossed his own arms, matching Keith glare for glare. “That night in the cave. You were supposed to wake me up for guard duty, but you never did, and you lied about why. Then you barely talked to me the next day, and ever since then you’ve been weird. What the hell happened?” Keith’s eyes narrowed.

“Nothing,” he said. “I told you, I couldn’t wake you up.” Lance shook his head.

“Bullshit. You’re an awful liar.” They glared at each other for a long moment, before Lance gave in to the crumbling in his chest. He dropped his arms to his sides and sighed. “Please, Keith, just… tell me. I don’t get what I did wrong.”

Something cracked in Keith’s expression, and he sat down heavy on the bed, his head hanging low. His bangs dropped over his eyes as he shook his head. “You didn’t do anything wrong, Lance,” he said. “Please don’t think that.”

“Well what the hell else am I supposed to think?” he asked.

“It was that stupid fucking flower.” Lance blinked.

“The what?”

“You sniffed a flower on Wivicor and got all this pollen in your face. Do you remember?” Lance shrugged.

“Sure, a little, I guess. What does that have to do with anything?” Keith sighed.

“The pollen from the flower. It gave you some kind of alien infection. Later that night, when we got to the cave, you started… talking, but your voice was all flat and monotone, and you weren’t thinking about what you were saying. It wasn’t you, not really. And then you didn’t remember it the next morning.” Lance blinked.

“Well what the hell did I say?” he asked.

“Stuff I had no right to hear. Please, Lance, I’m trying to just forget it, you would never say those things really, not to me. I shouldn’t have heard a word of it.” Dawning horror constricted Lance’s chest.

“Keith,” he said, the word tight around the lump in his throat. “Whatever I said… I’m sorry, I wouldn’t ever say anything to hurt you, you have to know, I… I know we throw insults back and forth, but I don’t mean them, I mean, I’m not trying to actually upset you, I—” Keith’s head shot up, his eyes wide and wild.

“No!” he shouted, and Lance jumped. “I… I mean, no, that’s not… That’s not the kind of thing you were saying.”

“What, then?” Lance frowned.

“It was…” Keith took an stuttering breath. “You were speaking without a filter, basically, telling truths. Or I assume they were truths. You… talked about your family some, but… Mostly it was about me, and you and me, and how you…” Keith trailed off, met Lance’s eyes, swallowed, and finished the sentence. “How you feel about me.”

Lance had the odd sensation that gravity was shifting, changing. He was going to fall through the floor, and at the same time he was coming unmoored, floating out into space without a tether to pull him back to safety. His chest crumbled like ash. Keith continued, unstoppably, mercilessly, plowing through his words.

“You said you know – you think you know – that I hate you, but that you think that you might love me. You said you’d cried because you think I don’t… I couldn’t ever…” Keith looked down again, squeezing his hands into fists. “I should never have heard any of it. I should have blocked my ears the minute I realized something was wrong.”

“So now you know,” Lance said. The words didn’t seem to come from him. He couldn’t remember deciding to say them, they just slipped out, unbidden, from a voice very far away from him. “Now you know and you really do hate me.” Keith shot up so fast off the bed that Lance stumbled backwards and almost fell.

“That isn’t what I said at all,” he said fiercely. “But you deserved to tell me when or if you wanted to. Not like that. Never like that.” Lance backed up until he was pressed against the cool metal of the door, palms flat. He looked down at Keith, in his tattered grey sweats, mussed black hair falling over violet eyes burning with a fury Lance didn’t understand.

“I’m sorry,” Lance whispered. “I’ll just go. I’ll leave you alone, I swear.”

“Stop apologizing!” Keith shouted, and Lance flinched. The fury in his eyes calmed slightly. “Stop, please, because you’ve got entirely the wrong idea about all of this.” Lance frowned, biting his lip.

“What does that mean?” Keith’s hands chopped uncertainly at the air around him, trying to aid his explanation but seeming just as lost and unsure as his words.

“It means… God, Lance, I’m no good at talking about this. I’m mad because this spoiled something… I thought we were finally getting better, finally getting to be friends.”

“So did I,” Lance said, so quietly he wasn’t sure Keith heard. “Or hoped, anyway.”

“And I don’t know what I felt or would have started to feel but it’s not like I’m blind, right? I always knew you were pretty, anyway.” Lance blinked, feeling something in the conversation derail, something step out of line and jam up his thoughts, freezing his brain in place.

“You knew I was what?” Keith, however, didn’t answer, plowing through his words with a kind of desperation.

“It wasn’t like I had a crush, that’s too generous, but I think I knew, subconsciously, somewhere, that there was… there was potential, I guess? Well, I mean, I thought you were straight, too, which didn’t help. I really don’t know where my head was.” He glared at Lance. “But then you had to go and pour out this confession under the influence of some kind of alien drug, and you don’t even remember doing it. And that accelerated things in my head, got me to notice some things about myself, but now that I’ve heard you talking I can’t do anything about what I’m noticing because that’s unfair to you. And I didn’t want to hurt you by telling you what I heard. So I’m stuck. I just tried to avoid you instead, but obviously that was never going to work.”

“Keith,” Lance said slowly. His fingers curled against his palms, tapping uncertainly. “What are you talking about?”

“You, you idiot,” he replied. “You and how goddamn complicated you are.” Lance shook his head.

“I don’t understand.” Keith sighed.

“Oh, to hell with it all. I was never any good at words.” He closed the distance between them. Lance yelped, trying to scramble away, but there was nowhere to go. Keith caught his hands, reached up, and very gently placed a hand against Lance’s cheek. Lance froze. “May I?” he asked. Not daring to guess what Keith wanted to do, Lance nodded numbly. Keith leaned up and pressed his lips lightly against Lance’s.

The kiss was over almost as soon as it began, and Keith stepped back, holding up a hand. “Don’t say anything,” he said. “Not yet. Go to bed. Think about it. Think about how you feel, and whether you’re ready for me to know how you feel. Then come back and tell me, if and when and how you want to. Okay?” Lance still couldn’t breathe, but his chest wasn’t crumbling anymore. Something warm sat there instead, tethering him to safety. He smiled gently.

“Okay, Keith,” he said.

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I saw that a while back you wrote about who needs therapy the most in the RFA. Going off of that, since I see this discussed a lot in the fandom, who do you think might have suffer from mental illness? Everyone struggles and is deserving of help. That's obvious and I hope people know that. I just see a lot of different opinions on the subject, and since (with the exclusion of Rika) nothing's ever confirmed in-game, I'd love to get your perspective. Your analyses are so well-done!

This request was a little difficult mainly because I really don’t want to insult anyone or say something wrong that could hurt anyones feelings or such. Therefor I want to preface this by saying that I am, by no means, a professional. I wanted to become a Psychiatrist so I did learn a couple of things on my own, but nowhere near enough to be accurate about everything. I have a couple of ideas what kind of mental illnesses the Mystic Messenger crew might have based on internet research, but as always don’t quote me on this…


Zen =  Body Dysmorphic Disorder or BDD

Honestly I don’t really think that Zen has any mental illnesses, after all you can struggle in life without it being a full blown mental illness, but if I would had to say one that he might have I’d choose BDD. Not all people suffering from BDD are those stick thin girls that see themselves as overweight when looking in the mirror. There are many nuances to every mental disorder, including BDD. Let’s have a look why I think Zen might have BDD:

✓ preoccupation with physical appearance

✓ belief that one has an abnormality or defect in appearance that makes her ugly

✓ frequently looking in the mirror

✗ avoiding mirrors altogether

✓ believing that others take special notice of ones appearance in a negative way

✗ frequent cosmetic procedures with little satisfaction

✓ excessive grooming

✓ feeling extremely self-conscious

✗ refusing to appear in pictures

✗ skin picking

✓ comparing appearance with that of others

✗ avoiding social situations

✓ camouflaging (with body position, clothing, makeup, hair, hats, etc.)

✓ excessive exercise

✓ changing clothes excessively

As I said many times before, I feel like Zen’s excessive narcissism is nothing but a facade to hide that he really just hates his body and himself due to what happened in his childhood. In order to overcome one negative extreme he through himself into another extreme, self-hate to excessive self-love, even going as far as to pursue a career where everyone could and would see him. He constantly talks about his looks, is self-conscious about his albinism, constantly stares at himself in mirrors or phones, knows that people notice his albinism and fears it’s negative, constantly grooms himself, is self-conscious, has an excessive need to compare himself to others, exercises excessively and for his job he constantly has to camouflage and change clothing. Out of all the symptoms for it, Zen sure fits a lot of them.
There is even a good reason why he might have it:

?   having biological relatives with body dysmorphic disorder

✓ childhood teasing

?  physical or sexual abuse

✓ low self-esteem

✓ societal pressure or expectations of beauty

He got teased by his parents and hated by his teacher. He had low self-esteem because of it and then of course societal pressure got added to the mix later on once he became an actor. I’m not sure whether he suffered physical or sexual abuse, although I wouldn’t completely cut out the possibility, if you consider that it was hinted at that his teacher had a thing for him as well as the fact that his parents seemed like the abusive type and he was in a biker gang. I also don’t know whether his parents might have had BDD, but it is a possibility. Either way, looking at all this Zen could be suffering from BDD, although I don’t fully believe he does.

Yoosung = Addictive Personality Disorder

I already mentioned before that I think that Yoosung has quite the addictive personality and look there, the shoe kind of fits. I’m basically 99% sure that Yoosung has some kind of addictive personality disorder or something similar now let’s see why:

✓ Low self-esteem

✓ A tendency to impulsive behaviour

✗ An antisocial personality

✓ Difficulty delaying gratification

✓ A disposition toward sensation seeking

✓ Someone who values nonconformity to an extreme

✓ Someone with a weak commitment to the goals for achievement that are generally accepted by “normal” society

✓ Someone who is tolerant of deviant behaviour

✓ Someone who is socially alienated

✓ Having an increased sense of stress

Basically…almost all of the symptoms fit to some extend or the other. It is undeniable that Yoosung has low self-esteem, something that is mentioned in basically all of the routes. He is very impulsive and never thinks things through, like getting his eye almost cut out by one Saeran Choi, because he just had to safe you right then right now without planning. He barely makes any friends outside of his games and the people he already knew, namely the RFA members, when Yoosungs wants to play he needs to do it instantly without any patience to wait, he has given up on studying in order to pursue his addiction – gaming – tolerates a lot of deviant behaviour going on in the RFA, namely whatever one particular hacker is up to, and despite being a lazy fart who never cleans nor studies nor does care for himself properly he seems to be under constant stress. On top of that he is completely obsessed with the women in his life; first Rika then you. He latches on and is incapable of letting go until something new comes around that catches his attention. All of these are pretty fitting, don’t you think?

♨ Jaehee = Anxiety Disorder ♨

Just like with Zen I don’t really think that Jaehee has any disorders or illnesses in particular, just your every day stress of Korean workplaces wearing her down. However, if I had to pick one that might be fitting it would be Anxiety Disorder. To clarify, I don’t really mean the anxiety most people would picture; being afraid to speak in public etc – as we all know that Jaehee is capable of doing that – but more on the lines of being constantly stressed and on edge:

?  Irrational fears

✓ Muscle tension

?  Chronic indigestion

?  Stage fright

✓ Self-consciousness

✓ Panic, fear, and uneasiness

?  Flashbacks

✓ Perfectionism

?  Compulsive behaviors

✓ Self-doubt

✓ Problems sleeping

✓ Not being able to be still and calm

✓ Dizziness (mentioned in one of the bad endings)

The amount of question marks is precisely why I don’t really think she has it, but potentially could. A lot of those we cannot know for sure, as such things are never explicitly mentioned or even hinted in in the game, but I definitely could see being the case. I’m about 90% sure that Jaehee has compulsive behaviours as well as the kind of flashbacks connected to anxiety disorder. I also believe that while she is able to hold a meeting that speaking in front of people is something she had to force herself to learn and that Jaehee actually has stage fright. As for any physical symptoms I can’t even deduce whether she might have them or not, but as I said I could imagine it. Then again, I’m really not sure and this is all just me thinking of possibilities I don’t really think are true.

Jumin = Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder

This is something I have personal experience with, since I have OCPD. Just as a side note, OCPD is not OCD and has very little in common with what you see OCD being portrayed as in the media. Also, to make something clear, I am not giving my favourite my own disorder to feel connected to him. I feel connected to him, because I feel like he has the same disorder. Jumin is very similar to me, which is why I understand his struggles the best and connect to him. Now enough about me, let’s dig into what OCPD is and why I think Jumin has it:

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder is characterized by a preoccupation with orderliness, perfectionism, and mental and interpersonal control, at the expense of flexibility, openness, and efficiency.

- may have such difficulty deciding which tasks take priority or what is the best way of doing some particular task that they may never get started on anything.

- prone to becoming upset or angry in situations in which they are not able to maintain control of their physical or interpersonal environment, although the anger is typically not expressed directly. On other occasions, anger may be expressed with righteous indignation over a seemingly minor matter.

-  may be especially attentive to their relative status in dominance-submission relationships and may display excessive deference to an authority they respect and excessive resistance to authority that they do not respect.

- Individuals with this disorder usually express affection in a highly controlled or stilted fashion and may be very uncomfortable in the presence of others who are emotionally expressive. Their everyday relationships have a formal and serious quality, and they may be stiff in situations in which others would smile and be happy. They carefully hold themselves back until they are sure that whatever they say will be perfect.

✓ Is preoccupied with details, rules, lists, order, organization and schedules

✓ Shows perfectionism which can interfere with task completion

✓ Is excessively devoted to work and productivity to the exclusion of leisure activities and friendships

✓ Is overconscientious, scrupulous, and inflexible about matters of morality, ethics, or values

✓ Is unable to discard worn-out or worthless objects even when they have no sentimental value

✓ Is reluctant to delegate tasks or to work with others unless they submit to exactly his or her way of doing things

✓ Adopts a miserly spending style toward both self and others; money is viewed as something to be hoarded for future catastrophes

✓ Shows significant rigidity and stubbornness

Is there really anything I need to explain about this? All of these fit Jumin like a glove tailored for him. There are really only two things that I need to clarify something on. For one we don’t know how Jumin acts about discarding things he has no logical need for, but I feel from the way he treats the pen his father gives him, that said point fits. Despite not needing a golden diamond pen and probably having a million more that work just the same he starts an entire search party to get it back, probably out of sentimental reasons but also because he can’t discard such things. As for the miserly spending style, something most people would disagree with, Jumin doesn’t waste money. He lives in luxury and he does like spending his money, but he doesn’t waste it. The things he buys or pays a lot of money for are practical for the better part; like a nutritionist and gym to keep him healthy. With the money he earns he could live a lot more extravagant than he already does, but he’s not wasteful and exactly like described values money and hoarding it. Other than that, everything else fits perfectly!

☼ Saeyoung/Seven = Major Depression ☼ 

Honestly guys, does this even need explaining? He’s flunking his depression in everyone’s faces all day, every day and yet no one seems to care. Despite the fact that he doesn’t have just ordinary depression but major depression. I’m talking hardcore bullshit here and rightly so. Let’s break this down once and for all:

✓ Fatigue or loss of energy almost every day

✓ Feelings of worthlessness or guilt almost every day

✓ Impaired concentration, indecisiveness

✓ Insomnia or hypersomnia almost every day

✓ Markedly diminished interest or pleasure in almost all activities nearly every day

✓ Restlessness or feeling slowed down

✓ Recurring thoughts of death or suicide

✓ Significant weight loss or gain

✓ Change in your appetite (not eating enough or overeating)

✓ Low self-esteem

✓ Feeling of hopeless

For a while I was torn between Saeyoung being just depressed or having manic depression aka bipolar disorder. I decided to depression, mainly because his ‘episodes’ of euphoria are mostly fake and don’t really happen in proper cycles. Then again, we only get to know them for eleven days and usually those cycles can take up to weeks when not regulated with the proper medication, so who knows. However, it’s a 100% clear that Saeyoung is majorly depressed. Other than his eccentric chatting behaviour he barely seems to have energy, even the smallest things can break his concentration, he never sleeps, other than his interest in cars he has no other interest or pleasurable activities left, Saeyoung constantly mentions how worthless he is, how guilty he feels over his brother, how hopeless he feels of getting out of where he’s got himself stuck and how he wants to die. As for the significant weight loss, he barely eats but what he eats is horrible junk. He should weight much much more than he does considering his diet, which I put into the same category as weight loss. Therefor Saeyoung shows all the symptoms of a majorly depressed person. 

☀ Saeran = Borderline Personality Disorder ☀

For a hot minute I thought about Saeran having depression as well, but I feel like his mental issues go a little deeper and more complicated than ‘just’ depression. Upon researching some of the symptoms he has compared to his twin brother I stumbled over BPD, not to be confused with bipolar disorder (happened to me ones). People with BPD usually experience symptoms like:

✓ Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment

✓A pattern of intense and unstable relationships with family, friends, and loved ones, often swinging from extreme closeness and love to extreme dislike or anger

✓ Distorted and unstable self-image or sense of self

✓ Impulsive and often dangerous behaviours

✓ Recurring suicidal behaviours or threats or self-harming behaviour

✓ Intense and highly changeable moods, with each episode lasting from a few hours to a few days

✓ Chronic feelings of emptiness

✓ Inappropriate, intense anger or problems controlling anger

✓ Having stress-related paranoid thoughts

✓ Having severe dissociative symptoms, such as feeling cut off from oneself, observing oneself from outside the body, or losing touch with reality

Much like with Saeyoung this case of mental illness needs very little explaining. The symptoms speak for themselves, as they perfectly fit to Saeran, all of them. Now some might say that he didn’t show those symptoms as a child and that is true, although I wouldn’t say that his BPD was caused only by what Rika did to him, although that surely played a big part. There are three main reasons that are considered risk factors: Genetics, Environmental and Social Factors and Brain Factors. The environmental/social factor is quite obviously what Rika did to Saeran. Most notable factors in that category are traumatic life events such as abuse (mother then Rika) and/or abandonment (his father then Saeyoung) during childhood. What Rika did to Saeran also works into the brain factors, as her torture probably caused structural and functional changes in his brain that changed his behaviour and way of thinking so drastically. As for the genetics, I actually wouldn’t be so surprised of the twins’ mother had some sort of mental disorder or even BPD that caused her to lash out on the boys like that and in Saeran’s case pass it on. It might even explain why he was sickly as a child while his brother wasn’t. Although that is purely theoretical, the rest isn’t as much. Poor baby…

📷 Jihyun/V = White Knight Syndrome 📷

Now I honestly have to say that I’m not sure whether White Knight Syndrome falls in the mental illness category or not, but it fit so perfectly to V and there was very little else I could have come up with, so I’m putting it into the list. Now what exactly is White Knight Syndrome or what are the symptoms:

✓ Fears emotional distance

✓ Is very emotionally vulnerable and sensitive

✓ Has a tendency to idealize the partner

✓ Has an extreme need to be viewed as important or unique

~  Tends to be self-critical or reactively blames, devalues, and manipulate others

In relationships:

✓ Is attracted to a needy partner or a partner with a history of trauma, loss, abuse, or addiction

✓ Fears being separated from the partner, losing the partner’s love or approval, or being abandoned by the partner

✓ Engages in controlling behaviour, often under the guise of helping

✓ Maintains or restores connection with the partner by being extremely helpful or good

✗  Responds ambivalently to the partner’s success

✓ Describes a sense of “oneness” with the partner

✓ Fails to recognize the partner’s manipulative behaviours

✓ Is seduced by the sexual or dramatic behaviour of the partner

✓ Evokes strong feelings in the partner in order to avoid his or her own emotional discomfort

✓ Maintains hope for a gratifying relationship by denying the reality of the partner’s issues

I mean…hello V? Other than the point about his response to his partner being ambivalent everything fits perfectly. That is precisely why I find it so irritating when people describe his feelings towards Rika as love. No, V did not love Rika or at least not in a healthy way. He loved her instability and he was obsessed with the idea of saving her. So much so that he was willing to manipulate, devaluate and fuck over the rest of his friends. The only reason I used ~ on that particular point is because while he is self-critical as well, he never reactively blames anyone but himself. Frankly rightly so. Anyone who thinks that V is in any way innocent is wrong. He didn’t stop Rika. Despite knowing of her plans all along he never once did anything to stop her and therefor he is almost as much at fault as Rika is. In fact my American law he would be charged with accessory to a hefty crime amongst other things earning him a couple of years in prison, just saying. I’m sure his White Knight Syndrome played into why he did what he did, but that doesn’t make him any more innocent nor excuses what torture other people were put through because he put Rika first and did nothing to stop her.

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Leah x female reader headcanon? What their relationship would be like.. Like the best friends to lovers kinda thing after she becomes a werewolf and imprints on her? Cuz tbh i'd be gay for Leah no question Anyways i love your fics! Keep it up fam!

I would also be gay for Leah in a heartbeat and I think she gets a lot of shit. Thank you so much! I’ve deffo keeping myself busy tonight!!

- There would have been an attraction between you from the start, even if it was a just a small curiosity in the back of your minds but at the time she had Sam

- When Sam turned her world upside down you marched over to his house and broke your hand on his jaw. Leah was sick with worry but it was worth it and you help her gather herself back from the relationship.

- Seth is so used to you being in his life now that he’s not surprised that when you give him sisterly lectures about getting his homework done

- Leah kisses you when she’s blackout drunk but before you can talk about it sober, she phases and upon realising what she is and what Sam did to Emily she disappears from your life.

- Sue and Seth won’t tell you where she’s gone but you were still there for both of them at Harry’s funeral. Leah avoided you there too.

- After a night of drinking you snap, you march over to Leah’s house, use the spare key she gave you months ago and slurring confronted her by asking her how she was suddenly avoiding you and being so homophobic when SHE was the one to kiss YOU.
But she just stared at you so you stormed home until Seth caught up with you and walked your drunk ass home while apologising for waking him up.

- At first Leah is scared to accept the imprint because of her fathers death because she phased in front of him but she can’t avoid you any longer

- Forgiveness come easily from you, she had just lost her father after all

- Leah kicks the ass of any wolves who think of you in a sexual way

- You help integrate Leah more into the pack and unleash hell on anyone who tells her that her initial anger at Sam and Emily wasn’t completely justified - Jared is still a bit scared of you

- Neck kisses, face kisses, forehead kisses, kisses up your arms and along your collar bones

- Hardly ever sleeping in more than just your underwear because you sleep with a HUMAN RADIATOR clinging to you with her face snuggled into your neck

- it is impossible to escape the sleep attack but you don’t want too

- learning how to cook with minimal, weird ingredients so that you know you can always make Leah a meal so her weird wolf belly doesn’t go hungry

- When you’re drunk you pretend to be red riding hood, “Look at what big eye you have!” She finds it funnier than she should while wrestling your drunk ass into bed

- Dressing as werewolves for Halloween to annoy Sam

- Making Emily and Leah talk to each other

- Not being afraid to shout at wolf idiots for doing stupid things

- Leah will randomly appear out of nowhere and wrap her arms around your waist and rest her chin on your shoulder a few times everyday

- Paul having a broken jaw when he says that he loves being able to read the mind of a lesbian, it would have been worse but you managed to pull her off of him

- Leah takes charge in the bedroom, not necessarily a Dom but she gets so much pride from making you feel pleasure

- Leah worrying that you’re going to miss out on kids and the ‘normal experience’ to which you shoot her with a well concealed Nerf gun, there’s 12 hidden in the house and she can’t find them all

- She had a special grin that is 500% only ever used for you

- Doing anything to keep you safe, even sending you away when she joins Jacob’s pack because she couldn’t guarantee your safety at the Cullen’s house with Bella about to change

- It’s hard for both of you but she calls you 6 times a day with lots of phone sex

- LOTS. Enough to make the Vampires, with no circulation, look like they’re blushing.

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heya, just wondering if i could have a supernatural!au with vernon/hansol and something along the lines of soulmates?? also if it could be angsty w a little fluff that'd be awesom - either way i don't mind haha. i love your writing so much and i just thought i'd take the chance of an open request box! thanks!

this didn’t turn out to be that angsty, it’s just more or less ‘sad’ and deals with loneliness etc. but i hope you still enjoy hehe i let all my teen wolf and twilight knowledge out on this

Werewolf AU/Soulmate AU

It was just another normal day for you, you were going to the nearest café after school because going home meant other activities for you. Your pack  usually called you to go for your evening runs around the city woods. Yes - you had been welcomed to the werewolf world just last year when you got bitten by your close friends after a long time coming.

You had basically begged her to bite you so you could have some excitement in your life, and generally, you had always been interested in the supernatural.

Being a werewolf however wasn’t as easy as you might have thought in the beginning, it required a lot of time and effort from you - both mental and physical and above all, you had to balance school and everything else on top of it. You couldn’t leave the pack, that was not how it worked.

“Ah Y/N, you got off early?” the owner of the café greeted you with a smile from behind the counter when you stepped in through the door, the bells ringing the door slowly closed. You nodded and smiled, asking her for an ice tea that you always had, unless you needed coffee to keep you awake.

The café was usually empty during this time since most people were at work or school, just like you had been a while ago. But for the past few weeks, there had been this one guy sitting in the other corner of the café, drinking his iced coffee and reading some heavy looking books. He didn’t seem much older than you but you hadn’t seen him at your school either, which you found odd since your school was the only school close to the café.

You had exchanged a few words here and there, mostly when you were sitting on his way or vice versa but nothing more than that. Although, you did catch him looking your way a few times but you couldn’t deny that you wouldn’t glance at him from time to time either.

But for the past two days you hadn’t seen him in the café at all, which  confused you and you had to admit that you were rather disappointed every time you got to the café and he wasn’t there because you were planning on finally talking to him properly.

Your ice tea was brought to the table where you sat; a cozy corner where most of the soft pillows were but also where you could usually focus on your school things in peace. You thanked her and got your phone out first, checking for anything that could help your procrastinating needs.

But you were quickly interrupted with a strong scent coming from somewhere, a smell you swore wasn’t human. Sure, it was only you who could smell that as a werewolf but it bothered you since you couldn’t even pinpoint where the smell was coming from and it wasn’t a scent you knew although you knew all the other werewolves in the area.

“Whatever,” you mumbled to yourself when you saw a group of students come in and gave up on trying to figure out the scent. You’d deal with it.

To your surprise however, within the group of people, you recognised

the guy who you had seen in the café many times previously. He was there for sure but there was no way you’d go say hi to him now. He seemed to be laughing with his friends and you probably looked very thrown off because of the mysterious scent filling the whole café.

“Hansol,” the barista yelled and you followed closely who would pick up the drink from the counter. Oh. So Hansol was his name.

Well, now you didn’t need to go talk to him anymore, you supposed, which was almost a relief for you. And now you were able to actually start studying for the day before heading home and doing your nightly round across the city woods.

You all kept moving in formation, smelling around you and staying alert - you were on the forbidden grounds and at any point you could be surrounded by the opposing pack. Your pack had been on the area first, or at least so said your alpha, and this ‘new’ pack had arrived to the areas just a few years ago and wanted to get a fair share of the areas for themselves too, which resulted in a lot of territorial fights between you and them.

Your alpha thought it was very important to make sure no rules were broken by the opposing pack, which was one of the reasons you had to join them every night. If you didn’t you’d get scolded heavily or even punished and you hated having to explain to your parents why you had bruises all over you and also, why they healed so fast.

The members of the pack had told you to just obey the rules and go with the flow but you still felt lonely. Even with your best friend in the pack. She didn’t understand you at all and when you had joined the pack, you realised she was completely different as a werewolf.

She was bossy and cocky, teasing you over the smallest things. You couldn’t understand why she was allowed to bully you when she wasn’t even the alpha and had basically no power over you.

But as one, you change your route accordingly when you smell your enemies scent comes from the north. Your friend nudges you and you take notice someone hulking black form coming towards you from the left. It makes your skin crawl even to this day - you didn’t quite expect that you would find it this creepy every time someone was lurking in the bushes and you could just see gleaming eyes and catch their scent with the wind.

Maybe becoming a werewolf hadn’t been a good idea since you felt disconnected from everyone in the pack.

It’s silent as you tread through the bushes, paws barely making a sound but suddenly you hear a loud growl from behind you and hear steps running away from you. Your pack hackles raise in unison, this time louder growls coming from your leaders. The alpha freezes, but slowly turns to face you. The fur on his back was raised and you could tell he was tense and angry.

The noise came from one of you and you exposed your location to the opposing pack. They had clearly been on your territory but they seemed to flee when they heard you so close - avoiding conflict.

“Who was it?” Your alpha exchanged, giving a stern look to all of you behind him. There was five of you and when you were going to turn to see your friend next to you, she was gone and on the other side of the pack.

“She ruined the whole thing,” your friend exclaimed, throwing you under the bus with an annoyed growl and left you feeling incredibly offended. She was the one who made the sounds and gave away your location, you could recognise her growl no matter what.

You wanted to fight her. You did not sign up to be thrown under the bus like that and blamed for something you didn’t do. So, you took a stance and got close to her, snarling at her with a mean look across your snout.

“Why are you hesitating Y/N?”

Just wait until she’s close enough.

She takes another step forward.

Just one more.

“Are you afraid,” she snickers, clenching her jaws.

No one was telling you to stop.

Before you could jump to attack her, you all heard a howl come from the same direction you were supposed to be heading to. The noise had rendered you completely frozen, your ears perking up at the sharp howl. Your aggressive panting turned to fear and confusion again, and you felt a lump growing in your throat.

The sounds of your own breath were replaced by the alpha and the leaders around him and the heat radiating from them was insane. They were mad, you could tell although they were good at keeping their thoughts to themselves. Everyone was alert right now and had their fur standing.

“You - head back home,” your alpha commanded you, clearly frustrated with dealing with you right now when he had enough to think about. The howl you had heard was clearly a mock against your pack as well as a challenge to come and find them and you weren’t wanted there.

You had had enough, so you gladly ran off from the pack, feeling them stare at you when you ran back the way you came from. You could still hear them discussing you in your head. You thought you could never feel lonelier than you did but you felt like you just hit a new low.

You didn’t really know how to keep yourself focused on school for the next few days. In the beginning you felt angry that you had been played like that by someone who you trusted immensely but then you felt sad because you should’ve just counted to ten and calm yourself down but in the end you end up feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and wanted to go for a long run as a wolf as soon as you could. To your disadvantage however, the time seemed to be going slowly, until you realised that you had no more classes.

You were on your way back home, which was out of the ordinary for you as you usually headed straight for the café. You needed to have some time for yourself and nothing was coming on your way for that. Except Hansol, who grabbed your arm and pulled you to the side of the road, just a few blocks away from your house.

You were completely clueless as to the situation you were in, confusion clouding your mind and not allowing yourself to think clearly. “What are you? Get off me,” you said frustrated and wriggled out of his hold.

“Can you just listen to me for two seconds?” He asked quickly, pleading you to stop. You shake your head. This didn’t make any sense. You barely knew him and you honestly didn’t want to deal with him right now.

“I know what you are,” he blurted out, your focus on him immediate. What did he just say? “I saw you yesterday, I mean, I’ve seen you before too…I can tell you have a different scent.”

Suddenly, everything started making more sense. That time you were in the café and a werewolf scent filled the whole room - it had been him. You could smell it even now. And also the fact that he had been gone for a while, possibly dealing with the recent changes.

“Then you also mean you were in the forest yesterday?”

He nodded, rubbing his neck awkwardly. “Yeah, I was the one in the bushes,” he admitted.

“And you just ran away? And left me hanging there, facing the consequences that I didn’t want. You could’ve come and helped since you knew me.”

Hansol closes his eyes and shakes his head, he then looks back up and you see his eyes gleaming blue. Blue meant that he was in a pack, which suddenly made a lot more sense.  “You now realise why?” He asked with a sigh, somehow seeming like he wasn’t too happy about it.

You nodded slowly, not sure what to say next. You were dumbfounded, although you didn’t even know him well. But somehow, ever since you saw him for the first time, he had been bugging your mind and you almost felt like you had known him for years.

“I know you probably hate me right now but, please, try to get past that.”

“I-I do hate you,” you said hesitantly. He was a newborn, just like you were a while back and you couldn’t really blame him for anything but you still couldn’t get past the rules of your pack which strictly prohibited contact with werewolves from other packs. You were feeling unexplainably warm and your hands were almost shaking. “It’s natural though,” you added. You weren’t sure why you didn’t want to hurt him with your words, you couldn’t control them.

“I guess I’ll see you around,” he said after a moment of silence, brushing his fingers through his hair. You shrugged as an answer and you parted ways, although in your minds all you could think about was each other.

“What on earth did you think you were doing?“

Your alpha screamed at you at your usual meeting point in the woods. This time you had all agreed to meet up in your normal, human forms and talk things through but that hadn’t worked out too well.

You still had a foreign scent to you.

You wanted to scream back but instead, you lowered your head and submitted.

“First, you did a big mistake earlier this week and now you have the audacity to come here with another werewolf´s stench on you.”

“He talked to me first…” you said quietly, feeling your heart beat faster than ever. You were trying to keep yourself calm and collected but it was no use when you knew all of the pack could hear your heart beat.

“You’re tearing this pack apart Y/N,” your alpha commented and sat down on a nearby rock, shaking his head. The others were scattered all around you, not saying a word.

It was true to an extent but you were not going to back down. It made no sense how you were blamed - why would they even let you ‘tear the pack apart’ in the first place. You were just another omega in the pack who had no bad intentions and just wanted to get away from her everyday boring life.

“You know what, I’m not the problem here.”

You were going to regret this.

“You’re tearing me apart and I can’t take it anymore. All you do is pressure me and blame me for something I didn’t do. If you could actually listen to what your omegas had to say maybe there wouldn’t be any problems,” you let out and expressed your utter frustration with your hands.

Actually, you didn’t regret it as much as you thought you would.

“I think it’s best for you to -“ your alpha got up and said, the gleam in his eyes signaling that he was not happy with your sudden outburst. He couldn’t stand defeat or in this case, critique.

Nor the fact that he was rudely interrupted. “Leave with me,” Hansol said from behind you, eyes hooded as he kept a close eye on the situation. Almost immediately, he received sneers and mean looks from ‘your’ pack.

You looked back at your alpha and then to Hansol - you might be making one of the stupidest decisions of your life right now, but you wouldn’t know if you didn’t try. You sprinted to Hansol and smiled at him. “Run,” he whispered and soon you both ran away as fast as you could. Immediately, you heard howls and the sounds of clothes ripping - you were being chased.

“Not how I expected them to react. My pack was so cool with it,” Hansol said between sharp breaths. “Why don’t we just turn too?” You asked and tried not to stumble on any stumps of wood. “Because -“ Hansol answered and made a sharp turn to the left, where you were met with the lake around the city.

“Jump, quick.”

And you did without looking back, hitting the water in a few seconds. You swam under water for as long as you could and when you had to come up for air, Hansol had swam at least two meters further than you. He was impressive.

You continued swimming to the closest shore, surprised that there wasn’t any people around. When you got on the shore, you lied down onto the wet sand and took deep breaths.

“So…what happens now?” you asked weakly, feeling like you might be woken up from this dream at any point now, which you didn’t want.

You were finally doing what you wanted.

If you had been told earlier this week that you would be totally willing to follow a strange man anywhere he went, you would have seen yourself as crazy. But now, you felt a strange tug in your gut that just told you that you could never leave him. You didn’t want to leave him.

You didn’t feel like a lone wolf anymore and he agreed with you - he felt like he was right where he belonged. “I think, we’re soulmates,” he said out of the blue, lying right next to you. “I know I sound crazy but I swear I can’t stay away from you. Something just told me to come after you today.”

“Imprinted?” You asked if he meant this instead while laughing.

“I guess it could be that too,” he answered and looked at you, a little awkward look on his face. But through the bond you shared, you knew you’d survive anything together.

“Thank you.”

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I'd like to request the boys cuddling and warming up their female s/o during the cold winter? :)

Ooooh yaas! I need to write some fluff because I feel rather sad today (no clue why but I just do - probably because I like sad tunes XD) and I’m feeling rather chilly myself! I’m really sorry for the wait though XD 

Imma tag: @fieryfantasy @themissimmortal @honeybeelily

Gladio is quite the cuddle bug don’t you think? He may not look it, but he is a massive softy at heart. And how did you find this out? Well, Insomnia winter is… pretty bad. Especially on the outskirts next to the sea, which is where you lived. And five degrees celsius felt like minus five. It wasn’t pleasant.

So instead of going straight home like you would do normally, you decided to meet Gladio at the Kenny Crow dinner in your district of the city, your neck surrounded by your thick scarf, your body enveloped in a warm, fluffy coat and your hands in your pockets. Your nose and ear tips were red, your teeth chattering and your lips begging for some lip balm to be slathered on.

“You look pretty cosy.” Gladio would say when he saw you, box of take out in hand, and he’d press a light kiss to your red nose. “Holly nose.”

“Stop bullying my nose.” You pouted and put one of your hands in his pocket so you could have his warmth rather than the lack of your own. “It’s not nice.”

He only chuckled, continuing his bullyish ways as he escorted you to his place, his kisses simply serving to warm you up with laughter . His place was especially warm  though it wasn’t a surprise considering who his family was, and you loved it there. 

You took off you scarf, coat and gloved and draped them over the back of the sofa so you wouldn’t forget them later. You settled yourself onto the sofa after Gladio sat down, as you found it impolite to sit before the host. Gladio often said that you could sit before him never did. So he resorted in pulling you down.

Once you had eaten and your food had gone down, you stood so he could stretch out on the sofa and then you sat back down, your butt falling behind his legs and you squeeled in surprise. He simply chuckled and pulled you close, you head nestled in the nape of his neck, and he held you there just talking about nothing in particular.

Originally posted by limitxbreaks

Prompto was definitely into cuddling - especially in winter. I mean, if he couldn’t hug you or a puppy he was fostering for a while, he’d be hugging blankets and chocobo plushies. Let’s face it though, the only way he could be completely warm would be if he could cuddle you. 

Walking home from a date or something together? He’d be hugging you from behind, his face in your neck and he’d have a large coat so he could also encase you in it. But also beware the snowball fights that he’d just have to start.
You’d ask him if he wanted you to make something for him, but he’d often decline. Usually because he wouldn’t be all that hungry.All he’d want to do is be with you. 

As soon as you got home (either to his or yours), off came the coats and scarfs and hats, on came the christmas songs if it was December and well hello cuddle buddy. Prompto would totally let you play games with himand if he sat down first, he would be your pillow. If you sat down first, you would be his pillow.

Sometimes his family would come on over (they were nice to you and fed you delicious baked goods from their bakery)and there would be a good conversation or two. Some new blankets as well probably (Prompto doesn’t like changing blankets over - he has so many memories of security within them). But most of the time it was just you and him, and sleep overs were common. Mainly because you would both fall asleep. You’d be playing with Prompto’s hair whilst he laid on your lap and he’d just be humming gently. And who knows? Maybe a foster puppy would want to be you cute friend.

Originally posted by mooglekupocake

Ignis and cuddling was something no one ever thought would go hand in hand. But, alas, that, too, was something you were wrong about with your boyfriend. Because, although rare, he did enjoy cuddles. Though he called them ‘comforting displays of affection’, because the only time he did give you a hug was when he either ran out of coffee, or if he had a stressful day at work - either with an extra large workload, or just a very rare argument with Noct. Those always made him need a good hug.

But in winter, they were very common. These ‘displays of comfort’. And when you asked why, he only smiled boyishly and said that he wasn’t doing them for any true reason other than the fact he was cold. And most of them were from behind whilst you worked on University papers or paper work from work - whichever was due first - and have a book in one hand. He’d ask for your opinion on something - more often then not he’d see if you could help him with learning recipes due to your family originating from all over - Altissia, Niffelheim, Tennebrae - but a lot of recipes were in their home language and you had no knowledge about the translations.

After dinner though you’d sometimes beg if you could snuggle up with him whilst you worked on word puzzles. He’d usually think for a while, contemplating how classified his work was, but ‘no’ was a certain rarity. Though he’d often make sure you didn’t too much on what was going on - not that you did often just in case. He rarely declined because he just enjoyed having you snuggled up to him, under a blanket, crossword book in hand whilst you asked him if he knew the answers. Sometimes you’d be doing riddles or the whole ‘wood cookie’ idea. Sometimes though you’d be texting Noct to try and get information on Ignis - if he was okay or not, nothing too personal or anything, just so you had a faint idea upon his stress levels - you never liked him doing extra after a tough day. But really, all he needed was you. In the winter months he’d stop working earlier so that there was more time to relax with you and simply enjoy your company.

Originally posted by lunar-catt

Noctis is always into cuddles, because, as much as he hates to admit, you help him feel so relaxed and all the stress of the day just goes away. So in winter, nothing’s all that different apart from how he cuddles you: similarly to Prompto, there are blankets. Because he gets cold super easily - but he also gets hot pretty quickly so it’s a catch 22. But he prefers soft blankets to shirts anyways so if he gets too hot he’d just strip his top half and chuckle at your face (because you just realised he is actually ripped ).

If you had to get up to get food or a book, he’ just hold you tighter because he doesn’t want you get cold. If you had to go to the bathroom (which was often an excuse you made so you could get what you wanted to) he’d make sure you had his jacket on.

Cuddling in winter was often the time where both of you fell asleep quickly because night came in so much quicker and your body just wanted to sleep that all away.
You’d also have fun battling each other in games, or you’d be watching Noctis go through a single player game on his playstation. He’d enjoy being able to hug you and no that he you felt safe, but he’d also enjoy being held be you from time to time.

And winter was the time for the cheesiest christmas films as well, all the while you’d be feeding each other chocolate and popcorn. Just because you could.

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bakugou-ou  asked:

Can I have headcanons (or a scenario, but not necessary; don't wanna force that on you) of Kirishima &/or Bakugou (pick whatever is easiest for you) comforting a crush going through a nasty break up? I have a mighty need for them rn. If the box is closed again don't even worry about it rip I just saw that one post and thought I'd slide in here

Babe I’d give you the shirt off of my back if you asked for it. Take my soul if you need it. 

Katsuki couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing from you right now, it felt impossible for him and despite not being known for his empathy he could really see your pain. Why or how someone could leave you the way that bastard had done was beyond him; nothing but a waste of your time and energy if you asked him. 

You continued to recount the tale, trying to not bore him with too many details because hey who really cared? It felt wrong to burden your friend with all this negative information.

“It’s alright, I’m fine. I-… I’m just going to need some time to recover, maybe if I changed a little… or maybe if I’m just patient he’ll come back-”

“Like fucking hell you’re gonna change and that sack of shit doesn’t deserve you or your patience or your stupid kindness or anything that he didn’t appreciate. Don’t you dare wallow in self pity, not when you’re finally free of that dead weight.” His outburst may as well have echoed around the whole building. He cussed under his breath, realising that might not have been the best way to comfort you; it wasn’t his fault he couldn’t help himself from pretty much yelling the truth. 

He noticed you’d at least stopped with the crying, in fact he almost saw the hint of a sly grin. Maybe a little aggression was what you needed right now?

“It might not be my place to say it and it ain’t probably what you want to hear but I’m not sugar coating this. I’m happy. Not about you being sad and, god I wish you could see it but-” he took a breath, gauging your reactions and realising he didn’t care who knew how he felt.-” mistreated. Undervalued. Fuck I can’t even pick the right word for it but I hated it. I hated seeing you not with someone who could love you properly…. I know it hurts but once that’s gone you’ll be happy again and urgh just. You deserve better. Alright.”

It wasn’t like him to give such heartfelt pep talks; he was usually blunt and harsh, not caring about how his words would be interpreted because he never seemed to care. This was a side to Bakugou not many got to see. Honest in his most gentle setting. He made you feel normal again, you could trust him. 


He winced. Such a short response couldn’t be a good thing. His arms retracted to his chest, crossing tight as though to build his guard back up. You were going to chew him out and he was ready for it, at least it would be better than you moping.

“Thank you.”


“Thank you. Really…. You’re just the type of person I need around ,Katsuki. Such a passionate friend to really care about me. Probably pretty wise too.”

You watched his ego skyrocket, chest puffing, victorious smirk plastered across his face. Truly adorable. 

“And who knows, maybe all this free time and affection I have will go to someone more deserving… but I’m sure you weren’t hinting at anything there, you wouldn’t make a move at such a time.”

 That triumphant grin was now accompanied by a vivacious blush, tinting up to the tips of his ears.

“I never. I. I wouldn’t. You.- hey! Stop the giggling….”

He said that but you both knew that really never wanted you to stop.

as soon as my dcbb posted i took a day to rest and then moved straight on to writing another fic, so i never really stopped to tell people about it


★ The Wireless ★

it’s a 58k AU set at a carnival, in a world all messed up by global warming, and free-range monsters. there’s a 1930s-esque solarpunk vibe (brass everything, renewable resources, dean in suspenders!! makeup is gender neutral so both dean and cas casually wear it, hallelujah)

dean and cas meet at a kissing booth, and smooches ensue!! except dean doesn’t realise they already know each other indirectly: dean and sam are both fans of cas’ monster-hunting-themed radio station - although dean would deny he listens to ‘bedtime stories for little hunters’ - and cas has been reporting on their cases for years. (dean accidentally talked to god that one time. he does not speak of that)

there’s character development (duh), tent sex (twice), a sea monster named something silly that will make you laugh… also cas secretly has BIG ASS GLOWING WINGS and chases a train on a bicycle just to tell dean he wants to join him on an epic quest… y’know, normal fic stuff

but also it contains my most favourite line i’ve ever written. this is cas speaking live on the radio, about dean:

Yes, I say perfect: I could not have asked for more. I would change nothing. Again, he made me vulnerable, and I cannot tell you how impressive it is that a naked man could remove his weapon and still weaken an angel so greatly, with only kindness and affection.

He taught me that this is how we have to win,” Castiel said, voice breaking. “We need to win with love. I cannot take the blade or the bullets from everyone’s hand. But I can rally forces with a single cry: throw down your weapon. Be kinder. Be softer. Ask your enemy what peace would look like for them. The only enemies we have to fight are the ones who answer with ‘you beneath my feet’.

one of my betas wasn’t especially fond of it. but i had a distinct purpose with this line: once you strip away the fiction and metaphor, i wanted it to be relevant to punching nazis and achieving political revolution and equality for everyone. it’s kind of the whole overarching theme of this story. and i just wanted to share that. this is hands-down the coolest story aesthetic-wise, and most morally-charged story i’ve written to date. if you’ve ever wanted a novel by me, here ya go.

also it’s cute. and intimate. and all that good stuff.

it would mean THE WORLD to me if you felt like settling down with a blanket and the beverage of your choice, and getting lost in this universe i made just for you. ♥

also here’s my patreon in case you have money and want to throw it at me so i can write more stuff (pretty please!! it’s my only source of self-generated income because i’m too sick to function)

okay, that’s all. sending love to you all~

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I'm so in looooove with your Imagines ! I'd also like to request something. You're Wanda's best friend and she invites you over to the Avengers compound for the first time. So as you get there you're immediately lost but a lovely guy finds you and helps you find your way. Bucky. Since then you visit her more often and after a while you're friends with all Avengers so Wanda, Natasha and Steve decide you bring you and Buck together cause they see how you act with each other and it works ? :) THX<3

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: so much fluuuuuff

A/N: hey bb! thank you so much for the compliment! also, I listened to ed sheeran at one point, which is why the story turned out the way it did lol. hope you like it love <33


Wanda Maximoff:

Are you on your way yet? xo


Yep, be there in 10! xo

Wanda Maximoff:

Good! Xo

You smiled and put the phone back in your pocket.

This was the first time she had invited you to the Avengers compound, despite of you knowing each other for more than two years now.

You had been excited and worried by the fact that she was an Avenger now, but she seemed happy and you knew that she could take care of yourself.

A lot of things changed though. You didn’t see each other nearly as much as you both wanted to.

That was mostly because of how busy Wanda had been these last months and you really couldn’t even be angry at her. After all, she was saving lives. 

But to make it up, she had invited you to the compound to, obviously, meet with her, but also to meet some of the other Avengers.

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since you're taking prompts about a eremika friends with benefits au! where they slowly start falling for each other. ;)

stay awake // / ao3

After an entire adolescence of friendship with Sasha, it took a lot to make Mikasa raise her eyebrows. The twenty year old Ackerman had been through a lot beside her exuberant friend’s side; from their first school dance as nervous 8th graders, to the Great Beauty Pageant Debacle of their senior year, Sasha’s antics had done nothing if not make Mikasa hard to surprise. Which was why, when said best friend beat down her door at ten thirty on a Wednesday night to declare,

“Find your vest, it’s chilly out and we are going to that strip joint on 7th!”

Mikasa only shrugged one shoulder and complied.

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anonymous asked:

Ok I had a thought. I don't know how this works cause locker rooms and all that but WHAT IF the reason dex is so against sharing the room is because he's trans and he really wanted his own space where he didn't have to hide? (also cause he's into nursey but that's a whole 'nother thing) Just thought I'd share my little trans!dex headcanon!

Ooh a Dex headcanon! (I’m such a Zimbits persons that this is a rarity.)

Fic below the cut.

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doctor-allons-y  asked:

*coughs nervously* Hi! So, uhm, I've been following your blog for a really long time and I'd just like to say I'm a huge fan! You're absolutely amazing at writing, and you've got some mad skills. I was wondering if I could send in a request (my first ever one!) for Andrew and Neil about which one of them would be the person to steal the other's phone and which one would be the one to deal with the aftermath. Again, number one biggest fan! Keep it up! Lots of loveeeeeeeeee! <333333333333

Ladies and gents I present my giant dork of a best friend. I love you.

this is so long im so sorry

  • Andrew takes Neil’s phone
  • But see, it’s not just for kicks, this kid has a plan, he’s already placed certain bets with the rest of the Foxes long before he takes Neil’s phone
  • The two have similar phones so it’s easy enough to switch his for Neil’s in the morning. Andrew makes sure his is dead so Neil can’t get into it anyway.
  • Nicky and Matt and Dan and Allison and even Renee’s texts keep coming in to Neil’s (Now Andrew’s) phone and a gc with the upperclassmen along with Kevin’s reminders for practice have Andrew murderous
  • So Andrew has Neil’s phone and he texts everyone normally at first so everyone is under the impression that it’s Neil
  • He replies to “How are you?”s with “I’m fine.”s
  • And “What’s up?”s with “In xyz class.” bc obv Andrew has Neil’s schedule memorized bc he’s a fucking nerd
  • And then it starts
  • Andrew takes a pic of random attractive people and sends one to each of the foxes like
  • Damn, they’re hot, I’d tap that.”
  • And everyone’s like
  • Oh my god
  • Neil
  • Wtf are you doing
  • What do you mean
  • What does this mean
  • Nicky’s screaming
  • Matts worried
  • Dan’s being a mother
  • Allison’s like same babe, same
  • Renee asks if Andrew and he’d fought like the sweetheart she is
  • Aaron doesn’t respond, but texts Andrew a “Shut your bf upBC HE CARES AND DOESN’T WANT NEIL TO HURT HIS BROTHER OK  which Andrew doesn’t know about until much later bc he desn’t have his phone
  • Kevin tells Neil to concentrate in class so he can practice more
  • Andrew doesn’t respond to any of the texts after sending the pictures
  • fucking nerd
  • i hate them all oh my god
  • But bc no one else is in his year and everyone has different classes they cant talk to the real Neil until practice the next morning
  • …but no one wants to say anything in front of Andrew
  • Andrew’s fucking dying
  • He acts like Neil and he fought big time, like they p much broke up
  • and everyones freaking out
  • and Neil, like the oblivious babe he is, is like…ok? Andrew’s being weird, but ok.
  • Andrew doesn’t stop there
  • He legit goes “I’m sorry Neil.” loud enough for Matt to hear.
  • “I didn’t mean it.” loud enough for Nicky to hear.
  • and Neil’s so fucking confused, but Exy, so he goes “We’ll talk after practice.” to placate Andrew
  • Andrew almost feels sorry, Neil is way to easy to prank
  • Everyone thinks this is it
  • Andrei have broken up
  • Money starts changing hands, all the bets, along the lines of Neil would sleep with anyone else, Neil would never leave Andrew, Andreil was going to be endgame, Andreil would make it to 80, Andreil would never break up
  • Every single one of them bet high bc they had faith in Neil
  • Anyway
  • Neil’s ignoring Andrew till after practice like he said and Andrew’s purposeley following him around with a dejected look on his face and Renee is collecting everyones money to give to Andrew
  • bc omg is this really happening
  • Andreil is breaking up
  • Andrew pockets the money such a lil shit oh my god and gets out of there as soon as practice is over
  • The Foxes corner Neil later and ask what the actual fuck happened
  • and Neil’s like wtf are y’all taking about
  • and they’re all like the texts? Kayla from History?
  • Adam from Stat? What the fuck what that?
  • and Neil, bless him, is so confused
  • and they’re like wtf
  • and he’s like wtf
  • and then he’s like “My phone’s been dead all day, which is weird, because I remember charging it all n- oh….”
  • No one gets their money back  

In Case You Didn’t Know


Pairing: Elijah x Reader

Summary: Could you do an imagine for Elijah Mikaelson based on the song In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young

Side Note: The lyrics to the song are in bold

Dearest Y/N,

I’ve lived on this earth for 1,000 years. I’ve seen and with much shame did some unspeakable things, all in the name of family - always and forever. But in all my years being what I am, never did I foresee that I’d meet someone like you.

Knowing what I am is something I hope one day you can come to terms with, however I’ll understand if my secret is too much and you decide to walk the other way, for all I desire is for you to be safe. But before you choose which path you want to take, I would like to share another secret with you. One that I’ve spent countless of hours, even endless sleepless nights thinking about. 

Over the course of my existence I’ve fallen in love only a few times. And upon my arrival in New Orleans I fell in love with you. Being who I am comes with a lot of burdens, struggles and danger. That is why I became distant over these coming weeks, and for that I’d like to formally apologize. I see what a mistake that was. Because no matter how hard I try, I can’t unlove you. So I write to you this letter to share one last secret with you. Y/N, in case you didn’t know, baby, I’m crazy bout you. And I would be lying if I said that I could live this life without you.

You make me want to fight to be a better man. If there is any chance that you see any sort of future for us, I’ll be waiting at the compound. And I sincerely hope that you’ll walk through the doors.

You’ve got all of me, I belong to you.

With love, Elijah Mikaelson

Folding the letter in half, you sat unmoved on the dinning room chair completely overcome with a wave of mixed emotions. The apartment was dimming as the sun slowly disappeared behind a grey cloud. Anyone at this point would have gotten up and turned on a light, even a lamp. But you didn’t trust your legs to stand, much less move several steps towards the light switch.

You thought Elijah was a savvy guy in a nice, expensive suit. But first impressions were often wrong and underneath his suits lay a mountain of secrets. Running your right middle finger along the words etched on the paper, like you were waiting for more secrets to be revealed.

Finding an unknown source of strengthen, you stood up letting each foot guide the other towards the bedroom, just like a baby would taking it’s first steps. Changing into an outfit more suitable for the New Orleans evening weather, you travelled down the jam packed streets until coming to a halt in front of a large gate.

Leaving Elijah hanging was a thought that crossed your mind once or twice on the walk over, however standing just meters away you knew that wasn’t the sort of person you were. There was only one solution, one outcome that hadn’t changed since reading the letter. And you needed Elijah’s help in order to make it all happen.

The compound was empty from what you could see. You had stepped foot in the Mikaelson estate once before. Elijah had called apologizing that he’d gotten caught up in a family matter and therefore was going to be even more late than he’d like. So, thinking it would be a nice gesture you brought dinner to him. Expect his surprise expression wasn’t one of gratitude it was one of sheer shock, Elijah thanked you while ushering you out of the compound, thus begun the feeling he was keeping something from you.

“You came”. Spinning around, Elijah stood at the base of the stairs. Hope resonating in his brown eyes. 

Pressing your lips together, “I didn’t think it would be fair to leave you hanging”.

“Can I get you a drink?. I know where Klaus keeps the good wine, we can grab a glass and talk”. Elijah started to ascend up the stairs, until he heard. “I’m not planning to stay long, I read the letter but it doesn’t change anything”.

Coming back down to solid ground, now hope of reconciliation had vanished. “I-I see”.

“I want to feel differently, I really do. And I want to be able to look at you and not envision a-”.

He sadly sighed, “A monster”.

“A vampire”, you added, not sure if they meant the same thing. “But even looking at you now is harder than I imagined, and I don’t know if that’ll change in a month or a year. All I know is I can’t live a normal life knowing your secret, Elijah”. Fighting the desire to rush out the door, you instead walked forward to him. “So I want you to do that mind compulsion thing that I read about, you can do that, can’t you?”.

Taken back by your request, Elijah steadied his balance reaching out for the railing. “You want me to erase every memory, every moment, every kiss?”. Shaking his head vigorously, “I won’t do that”.

“This isn’t your choice!. How do you expect me to walk around New Orleans, to see you on the street and be okay with it all?”. Tears stinging your eyes, “I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough”.

His thumb brushed away the tear. “You’re stronger than you know, Y/N. It is I who wasn’t strong enough to be honest with you, so here I am paying the price for the decisions I made, here I am losing the most extraordinary women I’ve meet”. Kissing you one, finale time his eyes bore into yours. “When you walk out of the door, you’ll no longer feel the burden of carrying my secret. All you’ll remember from this night is you took a nice, long walk around the French Quarter, had a lovely meal and then went back home to get some rest. Y/N, you are now free of any ties that bind you to me or my family”.

One Month Later

Rousseau’s was bustling with tourists and residents alike. You were celebrating with a bunch of girlfriends a success presentation that led to a promotion, another step up the corporate ladder.

Heading to the bar you called for another round of drinks, the bartender nodded happily.

Turning around a little too fast, you ran straight into someone’s chest. “Oh, I’m so sorry”. Glazing up, a gorgeous man stood before you. The first thing you noticed was how well dressed he was. If you were to guess his suit must of cost a fortune, but you expected nothing less for a man of his status. “I’m such a klutz at times, here let me buy you another drink?”.

He stared at you, intensely.

“Have we meet before, you look awfully familiar?”. Curiously asking.

“I don’t believe so, forgive me but I must get going”. Leaving some money on the bar, you noticed it was more than enough to cover his drink and the second round of drinks you ordered.

“Wait! I didn’t get your name. Mine’s Y/N”. Extending your hand out towards him.

There was hesitation on his part, but eventually he shook your hand telling you his name was Elijah. “Itt’s very nice to meet you, Elijah. I hope this won’t be the last time we see one another”. Giving a warm smile his way, you returned to your table with a major sense of deja vu.

Chat Log: Romance

Originally posted by thecrazykidnextdoor

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05

Swagyeol has added BaconBits, Kyungsoo, and XiuXiu to group chat “HALP ME PLZ I’M DESPERATE”

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anonymous asked:

Hey there cool bean! So.. I absolutely love Hance and I also absolutely love Fake Dating, Wrong Number and that "whatever you write on your skin appears on your soulmates skin" Soulmate AUs and I'd love you forever and beyond if you could write a normal life/pre-Boltron OS about one of these because that would be like the most awesome thing ever ;^;

Hey lovely!

So funny thing is, I love Hance a lot too and also really like all three ideas sooo i tried adding all of them into one fic lol ;u; hope you like it! <3 


Hunk stared at the text, his phone’s screen blearing and blurring his vision with its brightness.

To say he was…confused, would be an understatement.

He looked to the message once more, giving it another quick read.

From: Unknown

>Dude hi, look, i knw we ain’t that close or anythin but i rly rly RLY need u to call me and pretend ur my bf rn

Hunk sighed and scrolled down, reading the next chain of messages.

From: Unknown

>this creepy dude is hittin on me and idk how to tell him to back off so cmon pls call me n pretend ur my bf u don’t even have to talk or anythin

From: Unkown

>im gonna owe u like 100000 coffees cMON

It was a do-or-die moment, Hunk knew that.

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Have ur parents ever gotten really mad at u and totally lost it? This is random, but I'd like 2 know.

It was almost a year ago, right after Uncle Luke came to visit us.

While Luke was here, Mom forbade me from saying anything about Darth Vader or the Empire, because she didn’t want me to embarrass our family. I complied, if a little begrudgingly.

But I got sick of having to bite my tongue all the time. I thought it was unfair of my mom to shut me down every time I began to approach controversy. Once Luke left, I almost just wanted to disagree for the sake of disagreeing.

…It all culminated in me telling my mother I was glad Alderaan was destroyed.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I have a request for Iwachan, Daichi and Tsukki? These babies finally gather up their courage to confess to their crush (their teammate are spying cuz they made a bet) yet their crush look at them, confused, and said "I'd like you date too but I won't"---and her reason is----"Aren't you dating Oikawa san/Sugawara Sempai/Yamaguchi Kun? It's not good cheating on your boyfriend..."----How would the boys do? I believe Oi/Matsun/Makki&Suga (Noya&Ryu too?) are laughing real loud LOL.

i’m laughing because in The Real Word™ everyone wouldn’t think that guys who are close could be a couple (aka “just guys bein dudes!”/compulsory heterosexuality) but in this case, you’re like “um yeah they probably are together???” bless your heart

instead of having the whole team bet, i changed it to a few of the boys for each. some really aren’t the betting type (*coughs* asahi) and some really probably wouldn’t care a whole lot (tsukki in daichi’s case, kageyama in tsukki’s case, and definitely kunimi in iwa’s)


  • Matsukawa and Hanamaki are the only ones betting, the former betting that Iwaizumi chickens out and never confesses and the latter betting on him doing so. Winner only gets the satisfaction of having won. For a while, it’s a lot of them giving Iwa conflicting advice about what to do.
    • They decide NOT to let Oikawa in on it, because he would absolutely blab somehow to Iwaizumi about it and ruin the fun. However, Oikawa does get annoyed at Matsun and Makki’s constant verbal tug-o-war on the matter when they all hang out.
      • Oikawa’s actually the one to convince Iwaizumi to go for it: “Just rip the band-aid off and ask ___ out already!”
        • After this MatsuHana decide to modify the bet: Matsukawa bets that you’ll say no and Hanamaki thinks you’ll accept. In addition to the original prize, winner also gets bragging rights.
          • Oikawa’s not in on this one either, mostly because they know that he’ll bet that you say yes and maybe try something to swing the game in his (and Makki’s, by default) favor, even if his intentions beyond the bet are for Iwaizumi’s sake. Also, that’s no fun!
  • Iwaizumi almost can’t believe his ears when you say “I’d like to date you too”.  His heart practically beats out of his chest. If only your mouth hadn’t kept moving after that with the rest of your train of thought…
  • He’s honestly so embarrassed by this that he can’t even stutter out a proper denial that he’s dating Oikawa of all people.
    • It gets even worse when you start wondering aloud if maybe they have an open relationship, and that’s why he’s asking so indiscreetly and also why Oikawa’s had girlfriends at points you were sure the two were an item.
    • Especially because he can hear Matsun and Makki snickering and Oikawa stifling his screaming from their spot behind a tree.
  • BUT YOU ALSO SAID YES TECHNICALLY, so once he’s managed to explain that you’ve got it all wrong, that realization hits him and he’s a red-faced mess all over again as he repeats his initial question.
  • Hanamaki wins the bet and proudly announces it after your first date with Iwa. He jokes that knew Iwaizumi could do it the whole time and he’s a real pal for thinking so. Iwaizumi’s ticked because they went and made a dman bet out of the situation. Oikawa promptly whines that he wasn’t included in the game.


  • Daichi keeps procrastinating on confessing to you and Suga definitely mocks his constant excuses as to why he hasn’t done so yet.
    • Finally, Daichi takes the initiative to ask you out and lets Suga know (mostly so he can stop being so sassy about it). Tanaka and Nishinoya happen to be in the vicinity when Daichi explains this to Suga, and once the captain is out of ear shot, the three get to talking. Suga comes up with the idea for the bet.
      • Suga and Noya gamble that you’ll say no. Tanaka, having faith in his captain, thinks you’ll say yes. Winner(s) is/are guaranteed a window seat on the bus seat on their next trip to Tokyo and the loser(s) has/have to secure said seat(s).
      • The two second-years can’t be normal about the situation and just wait until after the fact to find out the outcome. Poor Suga is dragged into some hiding spot and the three of them listen in on it.
  • After he confesses and you give your spiel, Daichi’s in denial for about five seconds, which is long enough for him to let out a “I’m so glad you feel the sa—wait, what!?” He can practically feel the blood drain from his face when reiterate what you said.
    • Tanaka’s basically turned to stone because what the hell is happening and Nishinoya’s struggling not to scream out, “Daichi, fight!” to keep the other boy motivated (even though he bet against Daichi, he can’t help but want to cheer him on).
  • Suga’s struggling to not burst out laughing because where did you get that impression from?
    • Needless to say, all three are preoccupied and don’t actually hear Daichi clear up the misunderstanding and you accepting to go out with him. To them, it’s stuck in limbo: yes because you returned his feelings, but also no because you refused to go out with him.
  • The whole betting and spying situation gets resolved when Daichi mentions that the first date went well, leaving a very confused Suga at first. Daichi’s confused about Suga being confused, the latter slipping up about knowing what you said.
  • Tanaka and Nishinoya, overhearing just the tail end of the conversation, also question the outcome. Tanaka cheers about winning, backpedaling (poorly) only when an irked Daichi questions him about it.


  • Hinata accidentally eavesdrops on Yamaguchi giving his friend some encouraging words before he goes to ask you out.
    • Hinata, snarky about it, bets that you’ll reject “Stingyshima” sometime after Tsukishima has already left. Yamaguchi has total faith in his best friend so he naturally airs his support.
      • While Yamaguchi just thinks that he means “bet” as in “think”, Hinata thinks they’re actually gambling on the outcome. Loser has to buy the winner(s) meat buns.
        • Hinata tries to get Kageyama in on it too, but the boy cannot be bothered with anything to do with Tsukishima.
  • They don’t actually mean to spy on Tsukishima asking you out (they were just going to wait until after) but while the three are on the way home, they happen to spot the two of you in the distance right before the confession plays out. Yamaguchi drags the other two to hide behind a building, but still pokes his head out from around the wall to watch.
  • Naturally, Tsukishima is very cool and collected when he asks you on a date but he thinks your follow-up to his question is a terrible joke, actually.
    • After reassuring him that you’re not joking, and accuse him of also telling some sort of bad joke himself, he starts to internally question where exactly you got the idea that he was dating Yamaguchi from.
      • Before he can verbalize this, he’s cut off by someone screaming “Yamaguchi don’t die!!!” in the distance.
      • Yamaguchi’s soul has completely left his body at this point; it ascended to some other world. Hinata—the one screaming—tries to shake him back to reality and snap Yamaguchi from his unfortunate stupor. Kageyama snaps at Hinata to stop screaming because they’ll get caught.
        • Tsukishima is PISSED because they just had to be there to not only witness this, but turn it into a shit show.
  • Of course, you hear the commotion and promptly tell Tsukishima to knock off this bad joke because now his poor boyfriend is heartbroken.
    • Finally, he huffs that he’s definitely not dating Yamaguchi and he doesn’t know how or why you were under the impression that he was.
      • You’re so embarrassed by the whole misconception, admitting that you’d understand if he doesn’t want to date you anymore after this. Thankfully, his offer still stands.
  • Even though he lost the bet, Hinata likes that he now has some fodder to make fun of Tsukishima with. Yamaguchi’s just glad that everything worked out in the end.

anonymous asked:

i'd like to know your thoughts on the recent kyoto arc... and file 1004 that shinran bomb... what do you think is?

Oh dear Anon, @detectivegeekshin and I were literally just talking about this!!!! 

There is certainly a lot to handle in this new arc, so allow me a long explanation. First of all, what do I think of this new arc? 

Detectivegeekshin and I have unofficially labeled it The Development Arc™ because what I expect from this arc is, first and foremost, a shit ton of development. There are a hell of a lot of characters being introduced –and, subsequently, a hell of a lot of relationships to be explored– for there not to be development. This means, of course, shit needs to happen between Shinichi and Ran (here’s where file 1004 comes into play, but more on that later). I have to say, so far, I’m pleased with the protagonism ShinRan has been receiving in this arc. I expected Ran to fall behind in importance as soon as the case happened, but that hasn’t been the case. We’ve been blessed with ShinRan (NORMAL TEENAGERS) scenes even after the case, which is a very promising situation to be in if you’re a Conan and ShinRan fan (as you can tell from analyzing other chapters). But ShinRan isn’t the only thing that has to be developed. I’m talking all-time brotp HeiShin things happening. I want Heiji teasing Shinichi about London (we got that already, sort of), but I want Shinichi teasing Heiji about Ebisu Bridge MERCILESSLY. And of course I want endless deducing shenanigans happening with them (as always) but also with Sera. And speaking of Sera… Sera and Momiji? Anyone? Cause I’M GAME. 
The promised introduction of Kazuha later brings me to the much needed HeiKazu development with the help of ShinRan (this works viceversa as well, seeing as they all ship each other). Momiji will probably help push that forward somehow, as will Okita with ShinRan. And within all of this, allow me to beg for Kazuha x Ran x Sonoko brot3 exploration. Like on Movie 7. 

The case is interesting enough, and it has, so far, all the ingredients for a great Conan mystery: seemingly impossible crimes, a dash of Japanese Culture And Traditions™, Heiji and Shinichi full on investigating, and Ayanokouji with a squirrel, which we can always appreciate. Oh, and no Detective Boys around (yet) which is always a matter of celebration for me. We’ll see whether Haibara appears or not (I’m rooting for yes, oddly enough). 

NOW, the most promising thing about all of this is where this Arc can lead us. Can it delve into an Aptx. 4869 further investigation? Will Shinichi’s involvement in the case make it to the papers and alert the Black Organization? Will this end up converging with a HeiKazu chapter? Or –as many of us hope– will it tie nicely with a new Ran suspicion arc? 

Which brings me to the hoped for and hyped-up (always a dangerous thing, hype) CHAPTER 1004 and the promised “ShinRan bomb” Aoyama is ready to drop on us. Because of his Japanese Honest-But-Often-A-Troll nature, whenever Aoyama promises ShinRan development, he gives it to us one way or another (the London Arc began with him saying it was a “must-read for ShinRan and Conan fans in general, and we got a confession). So we can trust him on that. But one can never be sure what “big development” truly means for Aoyama. Things that have been said lately by him clue us towards Ran confessing to Shinichi (he mentioned we had to wait until file 1000 to see Ran’s answer), so we can definitely look forward to that. But we’re not sure if that’s all it’s going to be, or if it will prompt something else. HINT: I AM THIRSTING FOR A SHINRAN KISS LIKE I’VE NEVER THIRSTED FOR ANYTHING BEFORE IN MY LIFE. 

Whether this will be prompted by Okita and how jealous Shinichi is of him (my money is on this a little bit, and I do hope it is so, otherwise why introduce him into the story?) or not, we can be sure that’s happening. We can also be sure it will somehow dynamite ShinRan into some change (minimum as it can be on Conan). We can also be pretty sure that the development will be positive, since Aoyama ships ShinRan almost more than I do (and that’s difficult) and has often promised us a happy ending for them. Hopefully the development (confession, kiss, hopefully not hug but maybe) will also help push Heiji and Kazuha together. So, essentially, what we’re looking at is a mixture between the brilliant Desperate Revival Arc (still the best one he’s ever written, in my honest opinion) and the Shinigami Case (good, but could be better). 

Overall, this Arc seems to be a dream: all (or most) of our favorite characters together, with a mystery worth the read, and a promising development in many senses. Who thought this day would come before the Final Arc, right? Certainly not me. But then again, I never expected the confession to happen way before the end. And I never expected this to last for 1002 (and counting) chapters. So who knows. 

I still have questions, of course. What is the significance of Haibara’s stance when she gives Conan the pill (Aoyama mentioned it was important)? Why introduce Momiji if not for a HeiKazu development (likewise with Okita)? How will Kazuha come into play? Will Shinichi set the case a little bit aside (as he’s been doing as of lately whenever Ran is involved) in order to spend more time with her/be with her/anything of the likes? Will the antidote cause problems like in London? How will this tie in with a Ran suspicion arc, if it does? 

And what happens after, when all is said and done, when the ShinRan bomb hits us and leaves us trembling in fear or in happiness or both? 

What happens when Shinichi goes back to being Conan, and Kyoto still hangs over them, like London has been for the past few years? 

there's a room where the light won't find you

fandom: glee
pairing: blaine/sebastian
words: 1307
summary: Blaine finds himself calling Sebastian after his presidential win.
Seblaine Week 2017
- Day 4: Politics/Running for Office

AO3 link

Hey, this is Kurt-”

Blaine hangs up. He’s heard Kurt’s voicemail message so many times now he has it memorized; not just the words but the intonations as well, every little detail to the point where there wasn’t even any comfort in hearing Kurt’s voice anymore. It’s just a machine.

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