normalized misogyny

It’s important that Democrats keep reminding the American public, every day for the next four years, of who’s sitting in the White House and what that means. Trump ran one of most vile presidential campaigns in American history, one based on racial and religious hatred, resentment and fear. He sought to normalize toxic misogyny. He celebrated violence. He mainstreamed white supremacy. His election has spurred a wave of racist intimidation and hate crimes, as bigots across the country have become emboldened by his victory to act out their most despicable impulses. He’s a demagogue and a dangerous fool, and while Democrats aren’t going to question the legitimacy of his presidency the way Republicans did with Obama, he shouldn’t ever be treated like an ordinary president with whom Democrats just have some substantive disagreements.

Taylor Swift’s silence on Trump speaks volumes

Taylor Swift remains to this day one of the only major A-list celebrities who has not weighed in on the election. A carefully chosen word of warning about the effect a successful Trump bid on normalizing misogyny or discrimination would have made for a natural extension of Swift’s past desires to increase the level of public discourse around feminism. But of course, it all comes down to money.

Minorities. I Have A Message.

I fear for us. No matter if you are an ethnic, religious, gender, sexual orientation or any other minority, you have the right to be afraid, but not defeated depending on next week’s outcome.

I’m not worried about the policies that Trump will put in place to restrict our freedoms as much as I am the hate. Trump normalizes racism, bigotry, misogyny, etc. The next thing you know, your neighbor steps up and states his/her opinion against you, out of the blue, with a voice/action full of hate.

My word of advice to you is: don’t let their words/actions take you down. Stand up for yourself while still being the better person. Educate and let them know that who you are is not wrong.

Respect is earned, but common decency toward others, is a given. You are all loved.

Please get out and vote!

I’ve come to believe that the standard Anti-SJ response to Feminist accusations of sexism in media is fundamentally wrongheaded.

Feminists say “The media is saturated with messages designed to destroy women’s self-respect through normalizing subtle misogyny

Anti-SJs say “There are no implicit messages in media, surface-level interpretation is objectively correct, and even if there were implicit messages you should resist them through sheer force of will.”

But I think the truth is closer to “The media is saturated with messages designed to destroy EVERYONE through normalizing EVERY IDEOHAZARD THE POWERS THAT BE CAN COME UP WITH”

The Feminists aren’t wrong because they’re too paranoid, they’re wrong because they’re not paranoid enough.

It’s the psychological equivalent of “Nobody consciously wants to make you obese, but everyone knows that unhealthy foods sell well, and everyone wants to make money, so “The System” implicitly wants to make you obese”

The System implicitly wants to make you a neurotic wreck with no trace of capital-W Wisdom.